Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Monstrous Genius

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Yang Wenmiao’s appearance stirred up a wave of discussion.

Without any doubt, this Yang Wenmiao already locked down one quota. No one could shake him.

While the other five spots, the competition would probably be very intense.

Like Clear Reed City and Ancient Opulence City, this kind of cities, their strength were all weaker in comparison.

In the competition this time, there were still several Seventh Level Boundless young geniuses. They were the strong competitors for the other five quotas.

Therefore, the five people traveling together with Ye Yuan were all very dispirited. It seemed as if them coming here were also just going through the formalities.

Yang Wenmiao kept on following behind Yang Sen, an appearance of impassiveness.

But when his gaze swept onto Ye Yuan’s body, it suddenly paused for a bit.

Exceeding everyone’s expectations, he actually left Yang Sen and walked over towards Ye Yuan.

Each and every action of Yang Wenmiao received great attention. The moment he moved, it immediately aroused a wave of commotion.

Yang Sen gave his son a glance rather surprisedly, then turned his head over to engage in small talk with those city lords again.

“Yang Wenmiao is heading over to our side! He What does he want to do?” Xiang Hao said rather guiltily.

Being affected by Yang Wenmiao’s aura, Xiang Hao was even stammering when he spoke.

“Relax. The competition hasn’t started yet. What can he do? I feel that he should be coming for Ye Yuan,” Mu Yun said.

Xiang Hao was stunned and actually forgot to be scared and said with a jeer, “What’s the unofficially decided number one of the competition looking for a Divine Traversing Realm boy for? In my view, he’s definitely here to look for City Lord Pei. After all, his elder brother is genuinely one of the Seven Holy Sons. Yang Wenmiao coming over to say hello is also within reason.”

Yet, Yang Wenmiao actually walked straight in front of Ye Yuan and said, “I’m called Yang Wenmiao. May I ask for Little Brother’s name?”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

No provocation, no tit-for-tat, just a simple greeting.

This Yang Wenmiao seemed to have a level-headedness disproportionate to his age.

And such an opponent was actually even harder to tangle with.

Ye Yuan said his own name with a faint smile.

Yang Wenmiao nodded his head and said, “You should be someone who practices the sword, right? You’re very strong!”

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said,“Oh?How does Brother Yang know that I’m very strong?”

Yang Wenmiao laughed too and said, “Just a kind of feeling! Your sword intent is condensed but does not radiate. If not for my Sword Dao attainments not being low, I probably can’t even perceive it! I have a kind of feeling that your comprehensions towards sword intent should still be above mine! However, we probably won’t have the opportunity to exchange blows in the arena. Truly quite regretful.”

Yang Wenmiao’s swords were actually said very arrogantly. But when other people heard it, it was not unexpected in any way at all.

His Sword Dao attainments were very strong. This point was indisputable!

Except, what made everyone astonished was that Yang Wenmiao actually said that Ye Yuan’s sword intent was even above his!

Ye Yuan said with a laugh,“Huhu,there will be the opportunity.”

Yang Wenmiao nodded his head and said, “60 formidable experts like clouds. I must go and take part in the competition this time with my peak condition. Otherwise, this Yang would certainly find Brother Ye to spar for a bout. But it’s good too. Since I know that Brother Ye is under City Lord Pei, I’ll definitely come and find you to seek guidance another day.”

Finished talking, Pei Wenqiang greeted Pei Wenqiang, and turned right around and left, leaving everyone with astounded expressions.

“Is Yang Wenmiao having a fever? He actually said that that Divine Traversing Realm boy is very strong!”

“Yeah. That boy doesn’t have any extraordinary aspects at all. I feel that I can flatten him with one hand.”

“If not for the competition forbidding fighting in private, I’d really want to go experience just how strong this boy is!”

“Heh,no rush. The selection competition will be starting tomorrow. Whether its a mule or a horse, they got to come out and take a stroll.”

Yang Wenmiao’s actions aroused the mass of geniuses’ attention. They all started sizing Ye Yuan up one after another.

However, the result of the sizing up was that Ye Yuan did not have the slightest extraordinary aspect. He looked to be an ordinary Divine Traversing Realm martial artist.

“Ye Yuan, you really stick out. There are several hundred young geniuses here, but you just happened to be eyed by Yang Wenmiao. Could it be that your strength is really that strong?” Pei Wenqiang said rather curiously.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Won’t you know tomorrow?”

On Ye City’s practicing field, six enormous arenas were set up.

The next day early morning, all of the contestants taking part in the competition all gathered at the practice field.

And at the peripherals, there were even dense crowds of meddlesome people surrounding and observing. It was just that they were blocked off by a massive array formation and were not permitted to enter.

But this distance was sufficient to let them see the situation on all the arenas clearly.

“Ah!Yang Wemiao! Go! Go! Wenmiao!”

These crowd of people spectating at the outer-peripherals, there was a large group of Yang Wenmiao’s steadfast supporters.

The competition had yet to start, and each and every one of them was like pumped with stimulants, cheering Yang Wenmiao on.

“Yang Wenmiao is really terrifying. Just these women army’s saliva can drown the opponents to death, right?” Xiang Hao stuck his tongue out and said.

“Martial artists’ world, only strength will have applause! Yang Wenmiao being so well-received is mainly still because his strength is formidable enough!” Mu Yun said.

“Yang Wenmiao’s strength is just able to crush his opponents in Ye City’s division competition area. Leaving Ye City, these defenders of his will probably be disappointed,” Pei Wenqiang said.

“Oh?This Yang Wenmiao’s strength is indeed extraordinary. Could it be that the other division competition zones are even stronger compared to Ye City?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

He was not clear about Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s power distribution. Just how strong these other division competition zones’ strength was, he had not the slightest clue.

Pei Wenqiang said, “Although the selection competition this time is dealing within the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s boundary, the strongest competition zone is actually still the holy land’s division competition zone! If there are no huge surprises, these quotas to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley, in the end, are still going to fall on the holy land’s elites!”

“Then isn’t the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land taking an unnecessary action by organizing this competition?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

Pei Wenqiang shook his head and said, “Nay! The territory that a holy land has jurisdiction over is too vast. Even though the majority of the geniuses are placed into the bag by the holy land, there is still a small minority wandering about outside. These people feel it completely beneath their dignity to join the holy land, just like Jun Tianyu. Actually, with his strength, with the holy land’s resources grooming, becoming a holy son is virtually set in stone. This competition is for the sake of making good omissions and deficiencies, drawing those geniuses wandering about outside with the Crimson Afterglow Valley’s quotas.”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “With how you say it, each division competition zone should have a batch of geniuses with extremely formidable strength emerge. Then you dare to be so certain that this number one will fall on the heads of the holy land’s elites?”

Pei Wenqiang’s expression appeared slightly solemn as he said, “I say this, naturally have my reasoning! Because among the holy land’s geniuses, an extremely monstrous genius appeared this time! His strength is probably sufficient to sweep across martial artists of the same rank! Although a batch of very formidable geniuses will emerge in the competition this time, I don’t think that among these people, there is anyone who can surpass him!”