Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Experts Were Desolate Like Snow

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“Oh? Who is this person? To actually live up to such a praise from you?”

Ye Yuan became somewhat curious thanks to what Pei Wenqiang said too.

Sweeping across same ranks, this was something that he, Ye Yuan, had been doing all along. If the holy land really had such a genius, he would really be a formidable foe.

“This person is already universally acknowledged to be the candidate for the next holy lord by many people in the holy land! His name is Nalan Chu!” Pei Wenqiang said.

“Nalan Chu …”

Ye Yuan silently remembered this name. Looks like wanting to obtain the slot to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley, this person was the greatest obstacle.

But if it were really as Pei Wenqiang said, the competition this time would probably not be so simple.

Those so-called Seventh Level Boundless powerhouses might not be able to laugh till the end.

After all, cultivation realm was not everything in martial artist battles.

To ordinary martial artists, Seventh Level Boundless versus Sixth Level Boundless, the former was absolutely overwhelming. This is because their cultivation did not vary to a degree sufficient to reverse the situation.

But what these young geniuses placed the greatest emphasis on was concepts comprehension.

Seventh Level Boundless versus Sixth Level Boundless, the former might not necessarily be able to win.

Putting aside others, Ye Yuan felt that Mu Yun’s strength was probably not inferior to those so-called Seventh Level Boundless geniuses.

Of course, the factors affecting battles were too many. When the fighting really began, nobody knew the answer.

Moreover, the rules of the competition this time was rather ingenious. Setting up these six arenas was in order to pick six arena lords!

The ones able to ultimately guard the platform successfully would obtain the qualifications to enter the grand finals.

This kind of selection method would make the competition between geniuses even more intense. The ones who won, in the end, would also absolutely be the ones with the greatest qualifications to advance.

Because there would already be no one able to challenge them.

According to the rules, the people under the platforms could challenge the people on the platforms. If they won, they would continue standing on the platforms and await the next challenge.

After failing, there would still be the chance to continue challenging on the second day. But everyone could only challenge at most three times.

If the three times all failed, then they would lose the chance to continue challenging.

And for the arena lord to want to obtain the advancement quota, they must win a hundred matches in a row, or have no one continue challenging!

Of course, this winning a hundred matches in a row was not that each person had to fight a full one hundred matches. As long as the challenger defeated the arena lord, they could obtain half of the other party’s match count!

Facing such rules, no one could be relaxed either. Furthermore, this was a tug-of-war battle. It could not end in three to five days at all.

One arena lord could only accept 20 challenges each day.

At this time, Ye City’s city lord, Yang Sen, slowly walked onto the high platform and gave a few encouraging words down below. Ye City’s division competition zone’s competition officially began!

However, after Yang Sen announced commencement, there was actually no one who walked up to the arenas for a moment. It was actually somewhat awkward.

These young geniuses were all not fools. They knew that going up right now would be the outcome of being sent down. In the end, they would only be cannon fodders.

Without absolute strength, who dared to go up the platforms first?

“Ye Yuan, didn’t Yang Wenmiao say that you’re very strong? What, not going up the stage to try? With your strength, winning a hundred matches in a row shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Xiang Hao derided.

“Huhu, what’s the rush for. This competition will last for half a month’s time at least,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xiang Hao said disdainfully, “Tch, no balls means no balls! Pretending for what?!”

Just as Xiang Hao was being scornful, a disturbance suddenly came from the crowd. There was actually someone who was the first to go up the platform!

“It’s Yang Wenmiao! He … He’s actually the first one to go up the stage!”

“My god. This is absolute confidence! Apart from Yang Wenmiao, who dares to go up the stage first!”

“I’m not surprised by Yang Wenmiao being the first one to go up the stage. But I want to know who dares to be the first one to go up the stage to challenge him.”

Everyone fell silent. This sentence struck the bottom of everyone’s heart.

The notion that Yang Wenmiao was the number one expert was long deeply rooted in the hearts of people already. Who dared to go up and challenge?

After Yang Wenmiao went up to the stage, he hugged his sword and stood there, slightly shutting both eyes. Yet, the group of geniuses all exchanged glances, looking at each other. There was actually not a single one who dared to go up.

Right then, a person dashed onto another platform, cupped his fists at everyone, and said, “This one is Northview City’s Li Tian! I’m willing to serve as a modest spur so that others may come forward with more valuable contributions! Who is coming up to give guidance?”

Li Tian’s actions aroused everyone’s attention.

His strength was only Sixth Level Boundless. But his intentions were very apparent, which was in order to compare notes with opponents on the stage.

In truth, many people present were all aware that they did not have a chance at all. Their goal of coming was also just for the sake of sparring with these geniuses.

These geniuses were mostly cranes standing out among chickens in the locality. There were not many opportunities to engage in combat with geniuses around the same strength at all. Therefore, the opportunity in this competition was very hard to come by.

Indeed, with Li Tian moving, there was immediately someone who responded.

Another person directly flew onto the arena and matched up against Li Tian.

With Li Tian taking the lead, the other four platforms had people go up very quickly. This great battle also officially pulled apart the curtains.

Ye Yuan was beneath the platforms, watching these martial artists face off calmly. He also had a bit of rough understanding towards Ye City division competition zone martial artists’ strength.

But these people’s strengths were completely lacking to Ye Yuan. Therefore, he did not have any interest in going to challenge either.

Very soon, someone determined the victor on the platforms.

That Li Tian indeed had some strength to dare be the first one to go up the stage. He beat his opponent down the platform directly.

Before long, another martial artist went up to challenge Li Tian. The result was that Li Tian won again.

This nobody, Li Tian, actually won two matches in a row.

Time slowly trickled by. The first day’s battles drew to an end very quickly, but it made people have somewhat of a drowsy feeling.

The first day’s challenge, the experts basically all did not go up. It was all some martial artists whose strength were slightly weaker kicking up a fuss.

One should not look at how some of them won many matches in a row. In the end, it would only benefit others.

The first day’s competition, the only thing worth watching was probably Yang Wenmiao.

He just hugged his sword like that, standing all the way from early morning till sunset. But not a single person went up to challenge.

Experts were desolate like snow, was probably talking about people like him.

The other five arenas fought until they were locked in a struggle, but his place was cold and deserted. Those geniuses did not even look him in the eye.

Ye Yuan was also rather curious if there would be people going up to challenge Yang Wenmiao or not.

After all, according to the rules, as long as no one challenged for two consecutive days, Yang Wenmiao would automatically obtain the right to enter the grand finals.

On the second day, the competition’s true climax finally arrived!

The moment it started, there was a Seventh Level Boundless genius who dashed straight onto the platform to challenge Li Tian.

This Li Tian’s strength was very formidable. On the first day, he actually won 20 matches in a row, guarding the platform all the way until now.

But the disparity between the middle-stage Boundless Realm and the late-stage Boundless Realm was a little big in the end.

This Li Tian’s strength could not be said to not be strong. But after barely withstanding for a hundred moves, he was finally defeated.

With this Seventh Level Boundless taking the lead, very soon, there were people who could not hold back. Another two Seventh Level Boundless Realms flew onto the platforms. The fights started to become intense!