Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 776

Chapter 776 Humiliation

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Following Seventh Level Boundless Realms making their moves, the battles on the platforms clearly became much more intense.

To be able to defend the arenas successfully on the first day, not one of them was not a formidable character.

But facing Seventh Level Boundless Realms, their strength was still slightly inferior in the end. Before long, they were defeated.

Right at this time, Xiang Hao finally could not resist and wanted to make a move too. Because he knew that if he did not make a move, it would have nothing to do with him anymore.

Xiang Hao going up was to challenge the last remaining arena lord from yesterday. The two people were both Sixth Level Boundless Realm. Their strengths were almost on par.

“Brother Ye, aren’t you planning on making a move yet? Clear Reed City’s companions have all already went to the arenas before,” Mu Yun said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Hasn’t Brother Mu not taken action too? Looks like Brother Mu still has some confidence in your own strength.”

“Huhu, isn’t it still all bestowed by Brother Ye? If not for the Great Sun Heavenly Yang Pill you refined, I would really not have this confidence,” Mu Yun said with a laugh.

“Oh? Then does Brother Mu have confidence in seizing a spot or not?”

Mu Yun said with a bitter smile, “How can I dare say that I have the confidence in this? I can sense that the martial artists who came to Ye City this time, there is quite a number whose strength are all uncommon. I can only give it my all to go vie for it too.”

Ye Yuan smiled, but his gaze swept over towards the Xiang Hao on the platform. “I didn’t expect that this Xiang Hao’s eyes are on top of his head, but his strength isn’t common. Looks like he has subdued this arena lord.”

Xiang Hao’s cocky manner all day long was very disliked by people. Forget about Ye Yuan, even Mu Yun did not like him very much either.

But his strength was unexpectedly strong. He already beat that arena lord until he did not have the strength to retaliate at all.

Before long, that arena lord directly chose to concede. Xiang Hao became the new arena lord and was actually rather high-spirited and enthusiastic for some time on the stage.

Pei Wenqiang pulled a long face when he saw the situation and said, “This boy acts really recklessly and blindly! Just won a match and he dares to show off like this! Without sufficient strength, this kind of occasion, the more low-profile, the better. This boy is purely drawing aggro!”

Ye Yuan, Mu Run, and the rest all could not help laughing when they heard that.

On the other side, When Wu Jianqing saw Xiang Hao’s manner, he could not resist pursing his lips and said, “This bit of strength also dare to come out and show off. Looks like Pei Wenqiang really has no one available for use anymore! Peng Yan, you go up and trash that punk down for me!”

Peng Yan was slightly stunned as he said, “Going up so early? Isn’t it … somewhat disadvantageous?”

Wu Jianqing said with a cold snort, “With your strength, winning a hundred matches in a row shouldn’t be difficult. Don’t mind those details. Place your sights a little further! Your opponents are not these trash, but those geniuses entering the grand finals! Fighting a few more matches will be beneficial to you!”

Peng Yan’s eyes lit up as he bowed and said, “Peng Yan was superficial. Many thanks for City Lord Wu’s guidance.”

Wu Jianqing nodded his head and said, “Your current strength is still a little weak when facing those geniuses entering the grand finals. Want to obtain a slightly better rank, you have to at least reach Yang Wenmiao that sort of level. Go on then, temper yourself well.”

Peng Yan’s expression became rather solemn. His gaze involuntarily looked towards the Yang Wenmiao, his eyes desolate as snow.

Yang Wenmiao’s might made people dare not have thoughts of surpassing the other party at all.

Peng Yan figure leaped, jumping onto the arena directly.

Seeing Peng Yan, Xiang Hao’s face fell.

This Peng Yan’s strength was very formidable. He was not a match at all! He originally thought that he could stand for a while more on the stage. Who knew that this fellow actually targeted him like so, directly going up the stage to challenge already.

“Are you going down yourself, or do you want me to use my feet to trample on your face down?” Peng Yan said with a scornful look.

Xiang Hao’s face turned black. This guy was so wildly arrogant. He was clearly humiliating him!

“Aren’t you just Seventh Level Boundless? To actually be so conceited to this sort of degree? Heh, if you have the capabilities, come and kick my face!” Xiang Hao said with a cold smile.

He was still very confident in his own strength. Even if he could not beat this Peng Yan, he absolutely would not lose too terribly either.

Peng Yan shook his head and said with a sigh, “I’ve really never seen before such a request. Alright then, as you wish!”

Finished talking, Peng Yan’s figure swayed, and actually became 19 Peng Yans immediately!

Xiang Hao’s expression changed. Spreading out his divine sense, he was actually unable to differentiate which was the real body!

“You don’t need to look anymore. Each clone is a corporeal body. You can’t find it. Stand properly, I’m coming to kick your face!” Peng Yang said indifferently.

His voice had yet to face when 18 figures galloped straight for Xiang Hao directly.

One Peng Yan was hard enough to deal with already, let alone 18?

Xiang Hao teetered on his feet, only to feel that it was all Peng Yan’s figure everywhere before his eyes. Very soon, he could not hold out anymore.


One of Peng Yan’s feet landed onto Xiang Hao’s face without any deviation, trampling him down on the platform directly.

“Ouch! L-let me go, I …”

Xiang Hao did not expect that this Peng Yan was actually so strong, defeating him in no time flat.

But just as he was going to admit defeat, Peng Yan stepped a foot on his face again, cutting off his words forcefully.

“En? What were you saying earlier? I didn’t hear it,” Peng Yan said with a loud laugh.

“I admit …”

Another leg. Peng Yan just refused to let Xiang Hao say out ‘admit defeat,’ these two words.

Beneath the stage, Pei Wenqiang’s face was fiery-hot, as if that foot was stepping on his face.

“Bullying people too far! Bullying people too far!”

Pei Wenqiang was livid with rage. Peng Yan’s actions were completely Wu Jianqing smacking his face!

There were so many city lords here. Everyone was all competing on the sly too.

Even losing face was not glorious, let alone being humiliated in front of so many people.

When Wu Jianqing saw the mud-like Xiang Hao, he said with a hearty laugh,“Hahaha! What are all these trash Pei Wenqiang brought! Sixth Level Boundless doesn’t even have the chance to speak at Peng Yan’s hands.”

At this time, there were quite a few city lords with pretty good relationships with Wu Jianqing coming over to congratulate him.

Peng Yan’s strength was plain for everybody to see. He was very strong enough even among Seventh Level Boundless Realms. Obtaining a quota shouldn’t have any big issues.

“City Lord Wu, congratulations! Didn’t expect that your Wenhai City actually had such a formidable young junior emerge!”

“City Lord Wu, congratulations, congratulations! This Peng Yan’s strength is probably the number one person under Yang Wenmiao. Obtaining an advancement spot this time is definitely no sweat!”

Wu Jianqing dealt with everyone’s felicitations, his face pleased with himself.

Peng Yan’s performance made his face feel extra glorious.

While at this time, Xiang Hao was still struggling under Peng Yan’s foot. Xiang Hao still could not say ‘admit defeat’ these two words.

But Peng Yan seemed to have the intention of disgracing Xiang Hao and just refused to let him say out these two words.

According to the competition’s rules, only by yelling out admit defeat or falling down the platform, could it be considered one party winning.

“This Peng Yan is truly bullying others too far! Xiang Hao is already planning on conceding, and he’s actually still humiliating like so!”

Although Mu Yun disliked Xiang Hao, regarding Peng Yan’s close to dehumanizing action, he seriously could not put up with it.

But right then, Mu Yun suddenly felt the wind moved beside his ear. Ye Yuan actually vanished on the spot immediately.