Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 777

Chapter 777 He Rubs Me The Wrong Way

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“Quickly look! Somebody couldn’t carry on watching and went up to the platform!”

“This guy is a moron, right? The platforms all have array formations isolating. Not opening them up, how will he enter?”

“It’s even a Divine Traversing Realm rookie. Isn’t this going to meet with a serious rebuff?”

Ye Yuan’s figure landed in everyone’s eyes. It was all faces full of sneering looks.

These people did not feel anything inappropriate about the action of Peng Yan humiliating Xiang Hao.

Peng Yan had absolute strength. Even if he humiliated Xiang Hao, other people did not dare to easily challenge him as well.

Furthermore, Xiang Hao looked for trouble himself. Previously, he still had a manner like a vile person intoxicated by success. Many people were all pissed with him.

The martial artist world was like so. In everyone’s notion, the strong bullying the weak, that was how it ought to be.

Who asked your strength to be lacking!

If you have the capabilities, go and cultivate properly, then trample back. Otherwise, shut your mouth obediently and wait for others to humiliate.

However, the mockery on everyone’ faces became astonishment very soon!

Ye Yuan actually passed right through the isolating array formation under everyone’s gaze, and he entered the arena!

Peng Yan naturally discovered Ye Yuan right away. But he was the same as the others; all of them waiting to see Ye Yuan’s make a fool. His face even revealed a mocking smile.

But that moment when Ye Yuan passed through the array formation, his smile froze on his faze.

“Heh, so what if passed through the array formation? Can a Divine Traversing Realm boy still overturn the heaven? Dragon Claw Hand!”

Peng Yan reacted very quickly, making a move with a cold smile.

It was only to see his fingers formed a claw. Essence energy immediately condensed to form a dragon claw, grabbing towards Ye Yuan!

The power of this claw was even enough to deal with Sixth Level Boundless Realms. A mere Divine Traversing Realm martial artist was naturally nothing difficult.

But right then, there was a blur in front of Peng Yan’s eyes. Ye Yuan’s figure instantly transformed to become nine in the air!

His Dragon Claw Hand actually missed!

“Humph! Displaying slight skill before an expert!”

Peng Yan snorted coldly. Flexing his hand-claw, that Dragon Claw Hand actually divided into nine, grabbing towards nine Ye Yuans!


In front of Peng Yan was a blur again. Nine Ye Yuans suddenly increased speed and were actually as nimble as hares escaping!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One foot, two, three… nine; each foot all trampled on Peng Yan’s face.

The strength was not heavy but left behind nine clear and distinguishable shoe prints on Peng Yan’s face.

“Puu huuu …”

When everyone saw those nine shoe prints, they all could not resist laughing.

“Punk, you’re courting death!” Peng Yan squeezed out these few words from between his teeth.

Ye Yuan casually waved a hand and fired out a strand of essence energy, bringing away the Xiang Hao who was trampled until his face was full of blood.

“Concede. This debt, I’ll claim for you,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xiang Hao’s face looked very wretched at this time. But while it was miserable, it could not compare to how ridiculous those nine shoe prints on Peng Yan’s face looked.

Xiang Hao looked at Ye Yuan rather surprisedly. He never expected that when he was being humiliated by people, the one who came to rescue him was actually the Ye Yuan he was very disdainful of all along previously.

Shouldn’t Ye Yuan be making fun of his incompetence at one side at this time?

He actually came forward and said to help him get back justice.

In an instant, Xiang Hao’s tears actually welled up in his eyes.

Ye Yuan stepping forward courageously at this time, returning good for evil, how could it not move him?

“You … Why did you help me?” Xiang Hao choked sobbingly.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Very simple, he rubs me the wrong way!”

A scholar prefers death to humiliation.

The strong had the dignity of the strong. The weak had the self-respect of the weak too. Being stronger than others did not mean that one could trample on other people’s dignity!

Ye Yuan had experienced before the might of showing disdain on all life under the heavens and also experienced before the helplessness when his strength was lacking.

Peng Yan’s actions made him unwittingly think of Zhao Tianyin.

Powerful strength did not mean that one could humiliate others.

Therefore, Ye Yuan was pissed at him!

No matter what, Xiang Hao was Pei Wenqiang’s men. Following him was also considered being in the same entrenchment.

Peng Yan humiliating Peng Yan like so was equivalent to sweeping away the faces of everyone on their side.

“M-Many thanks!” Xiang Hao’s heart shivered. All of the views about Ye Yuan previously immediately vanished without a trace.

Currently, in Xiang Hao’s heart, it was all gratitude towards Ye Yuan.

“Rather than thanking me, why not cultivate more diligently yourself. Want to not let this scene today ever happen again, you got to let yourself become even stronger!” Ye Yuan said.

Xiang Hao’s heart shuddered when he heard that. His gaze gradually became determined. That was the intense desire towards becoming strong!

He turned around and clasped his hands towards Peng Yan, and said, “Your esteemed self’s skills were impressive. This Xiang admits defeat! However, there will come the day that this Xiang seeks guidance from your esteemed self again!”

Peng Yan said disdainfully, “Don’t know what you’re talking about! The disparity in strength cannot be compensated with rage! The disparity between us will only get greater and greater!”

Xiang Hao did not dispute with Peng Yan, turning right around and went down the arena.

One could tell that Ye Yuan’s words really stimulated him.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Rage indeed can’t compensate disparity, but diligence can! An army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win! Once people have a driving force, they will erupt with unimaginable potential.”

Peng Yan looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “You better not worry about others anymore. Best be worried about yourself! Brat, your actions just now successfully incurred this Young Master’s fury! Therefore, your outcome will be even more miserable than his!”

Ye Yuan looked at Peng Yan and smiled. Then, he raised his hand beckoned. The action of disdain was displayed plainly.

Seeing this scene, the Wu Jianqing beneath the stage could not help sneering coldly as he said, “This fool. To actually dare provoke Peng Yan like this. He wouldn’t really think that by relying on his Divine Traversing Realm strength, he can do anything to Peng Yan, right? Just now, Peng Yan was just momentarily careless and didn’t even use 30% of his strength. Stirring up Peng Yan’s fury, I very much want to see what his outcome will be.”

“Haha, that Divine Traversing Realm really knows how to pretend! To actually dare provoke his opponent like this! Although his strength is indeed not bad, the other party should only be careless just now.”

“This Divine Traversing Realm is indeed rather unexpected. To actually be able to directly pass through the isolating array formation. But most likely, that Peng Yan did not think that too. Hence, that’s why he would fall victim to that brat in a moment of carelessness, right?”

“This Peng Yan’s strength is very strong. Even though he has not displayed all of his strength yet, he’s likely quite a bit stronger compared to ordinary Seventh Level Boundless Realms.”

Although Ye Yuan successfully left behind clear and distinct shoe prints on Peng Yan’s face, there was still no one optimistic about him. After all, the disparity between his and Peng Yan’s strength was too great!

Moreover, looking at Peng Yan’s combat strength just now, his strength was absolutely much stronger compared to ordinary Seventh Level Boundless Realms.

Because Xiang Hao’s strength was actually not weak. Even for those Seventh Level Boundless geniuses, wanting to easily beat him was absolutely not an easy thing.

But Peng Yan easily defeated him and humiliated him.

It could be seen that Peng Yan’s combat strength was definitely very strong!

Ye Yuan provoking right now was completely seeking death.

They were just rather curious what kind of method Peng Yan would use to disgrace Ye Yuan in a while.