Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Large Footprint

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“Blind reckless fool!”

Peng Yan’s fury was thoroughly ignited by Ye Yuan. A long-saber appeared in his hand.

Essence energy surged. The essence energy in this small field of activity around the entire arena was taken control by him very quickly.

He actually wanted to plunder the essence energy around Ye Yuan completely!

This was the powerful aspect of Boundless Realm martial artists. They could take control of the essence energy within a small area and put it to their own use.

Speaking from a certain degree, the battle between Boundless Realm martial artists was the battle of plundering heaven and earth essence energy!

Whoever’s control ability was stronger, whoever could lead the entire battle situation.

Very clearly, in this area, Divine Traversing Realm martial artists were too disadvantaged.

“This is completely a battle without suspense. This move of Peng Yan’s is vicious enough. That brat probably even has the thought of wanting to cry now, right?”

“Divine Traversing Realm facing Boundless Realm, it’s virtually an irresolvable situation. Without heaven and earth essence energy available for use, one can’t unleash the power no matter how powerful the martial technique too.”

“Unless this boy’s concepts comprehension flings Peng Yan several streets behind and is able to rely on the powerful undulation of the concept to breach Peng Yan’s control. But how is this possible? Peng Yan’s saber intent is probably already not far away from comprehending the elementary form of a supreme true intent, right?”

That horrifying saber intent of Peng Yan’s made the martial artists beneath the stage all feel a chill run down their spines. The might of his saber intent could be seen.

To want to fling Peng Yan several streets behind in concepts, this was something completely impossible!

Even Yang Wenmiao could not do it too!

If Yang Wenmiao was only Seventh Level Divine Traversing, it was absolutely impossible for him to be Peng Yan’s match.

Even if his concepts comprehension was much stronger than Peng Yan’s.

“Without heaven and earth essence energy to use, I want to see just where your confidence to dare be so wildly arrogant lies! Sunset Crazed Saber!”

Toward Ye Yuan, Peng Yan did not drop his guard.

Although those few kicks earlier were rather unexpected, it was also sufficient to prove that Ye Yuan was not an ordinary Divine Traversing Realm martial artist. His strength was sufficient to compete with Boundless Realms.

Otherwise, even if a puny little Divine Traversing Realm took him by surprise, it was also not possible to make him admit defeat.

But so what?

His, Peng Yan’s goal, was never at this puny little Ye City!

A little known Divine Traversing Realm boy, no matter how formidable his strength was, how could it be possible to be his match?

The powerful saber intent swept over towards Ye Yuan while blotting out the skies and covering the earth.

“Ye Yuan, be careful!” beneath the stage, Xiang Hao clenched his fists tightly and cried out in shock.

Only when he saw this blade did Xiang Hao know just how great his disparity from Peng Yan was!

The disparity between the two of them was absolutely not just a minor cultivation realm. The gap in concepts was even bigger!

Even the Yang Wenmiao who was as destitute as snow on the stage all along opened both eyes at this time too, looking over towards that platform.

Very clearly, this blade of Peng Yan’s made him slightly taken aback.

However, his gaze was locked onto that figure which appeared slightly thin.

What he wanted to see even more was just how powerful Ye Yuan was.

He wanted to affirm that his feeling was not wrong!

Ye Yuan’s Sword Dao attainments should be very formidable!

However, Ye Yuan disappointed him.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s aura rose to the peak. Violent true dragon power shot straight to the skies!

At the same time, a heat wave instantly burst out. Two kinds of powerful to the extreme auras blended together under everyone’s gaze.

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

A fire dragon burst out violently, galloping over towards that saber intent savagely.

Everyone’s faces all changed. They were unable to imagine that a Seventh Level Divine Traversing was actually able to unleash such a powerful attack, and clash head-on with the Seventh Level Boundless Peng Yan!

The control ability of Boundless Realm was an utter joke in front of this Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!

Regardless whether was it true dragon power or the Scorching True Intent, it all could easily destroy this kind of control power!


Peng Yan received a tremendous impact, his figure falling back continuously.

“Oh …”

A wave of exclamation suddenly burst out from within the crowd. Because Peng Yan already fell back to the borders of the platform. A little bit more to the back and he would fall down the platform.

The isolating array formation on this platform permitted exit and forbade entry.

The people outside could not come in, but for the people inside to fall outside, they were not affected.

If Peng Yan dropped down directly, then he would lose!

Peng Yan gritted his teeth, forcefully mustering up the disorderly essence energy within his body. His body suddenly sunk downwards, finally barely keeping his feet steady at the peripherals of the platform.

“Huuuu …”

Peng Yan spat out a mouthful of turbid air heavily, but he secretly heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

If he were to really drop down, that would be disgraceful.

“Oh …”

Another wave of exclamation erupted in the crowd. Peng Yan had yet to figure out what happened when suddenly, there was darkness in front of his eyes. A large foot directly appeared before his eyes, getting increasingly bigger!


Peng Yan’s figure flew out backward once more, falling down the platform immediately, rolling out far away.

Ye Yuan actually already arrived in front of Peng Yan since goodness knows when, and gave him a good one to his face, kicking him down the arena directly.

“Puu huuu …”

A wave of guffaws erupted in the crowd.

Especially Xiang Hao, it was so vented in his heart!

Kicking his face down the platform. These were the words Peng Yan humiliated him with previously.

But now, Peng Yan himself was kicked down by Ye Yuan with his face.

It was really instant karma!

Ye Yuan this fellow really accomplished what he said. When he went up to the stage, he said to help him get back justice. Now, he really claimed it back!

He really did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually this formidable. To think that he even looked down on Ye Yuan previously, thinking that Ye Yuan was bragging.

Looking at it now, he was completely disdainful to explain!

A martial artist’s might was never preened out, but fought out with fists and kicks!

“Hahaha! Ye Yuan did well! Truly venting! Whatsisname there, didn’t you like to step on other people’s face? Why were you trampled yourself? Hahaha …” Pei Wenqiang said with a loud laugh.

Pei Wenqiang had already been repressed for a very long time too. In the wake of Ye Yuan’s kick, he thoroughly released it.

Wu Jianqing’s expression was incomparably ugly. He never would have thought that Peng Yan actually only lasted one round on the arena!

It was fine if he was eliminated in one round. He was even kicked down by a Divine Traversing Realm boy using his feet to his face.

This kick was not just Peng Yan’s face, it was even his, Wu Jianqing’s, face!

However, Wu Jianqing was also rather frightened by Ye Yuan’s might.

A Seventh Level Divine Traversing boy was actually able to contend head-on with a Seventh Level Boundless. This was simply unimaginable.

Moreover, without any doubt, that head-on clash previously, it was actually still Ye Yuan who slightly took the upper-hand. Otherwise, how could he possibly stabilize his figure before Peng Yan, and then he kicked Peng Yan down with one leg?

Pei Wenqiang that guy, where did he find such a freak?

Peng Yan scurried up from the floor with a whoosh. But his face had an additional very distinct large footprint, looking extremely comical.

When everyone saw his face, they roared with laughter again.

Those nine prints earlier only looked somewhat ugly. But it actually did not have much effect on Peng Yan.

But this leg, Ye Yuan stepped solidly. That large footprint was completely formed from a contusion.

“Boy, you wait! Today’s humiliation, I’ll definitely return twofold tomorrow!” Peng Yan said in a towering rage.