Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Dark Horse

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“Ye Yuan, win! Consecutive win count, 11 matches!” Ye City’s judge directly announced the results.

Ye Yuan defeated Peng Yan and won half of his victory count immediately.

Although Peng Yan failed, he still had the opportunity to challenge tomorrow.

Looking at him, seemed like he still wished to challenge Ye Yuan tomorrow.

Ye Yuan’s prodigious kick thoroughly sowed the discord between the two people.

“What he used just now should be the Scorching True Intent, right? The other one … could it be true dragon strength? This Ye Yuan has such heaven-defying encounters, to actually be able to obtain true dragon strength! What’s even more terrifying is that he’s actually able to fuse these two types of extreme power together! Tsk tsk, leaping a major cultivation realm to battle. That brat actually really accomplished it!” Yang Wenmiao was secretly blown away inwardly.

Although taken aback, Yang Wenmiao did not feel that he was worse than Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s methods were heaven-defying, but Yang Wenmiao also had immense confidence in his own methods.

But without any doubt, Ye Yuan’s strength was already sufficient to rank among the powerhouses and had the strength to assault that advancement quota.

Just as Yang Wenmiao was ruminating, a wave exclamations suddenly sounded out again beneath the platform.

Yang Wenmiao was slightly stunned but saw a young man actually standing onto the platform he was on.

Somebody wanted to challenge him?

Only to see that young man clasp his hands and said, “I’ve long heard that Brother Yang is Ye City’s number one person. Younger Brother, Nanwu City’s Tang Fan, wish to challenge Brother Yang!”

Yang Wenmiao could not help sizing up this young man called Tang Fan. He did not seem to have any extraordinary aspects.

What made Yang Wenmiao slightly astonished was that Tang Fan was actually only Fifth Level Boundless.

Since young, the targets Yang Wenmiao challenged were always higher cultivation realms than him. This sort of situation today, it was still his first time encountering.

But Tang Fan’s actions caused an uproar among Yang Wenmiao’s defenders.

“Who the hell is that brat? To actually dare challenge Wenmiao! Just that level of his, wouldn’t going up be making a spectacle of himself?”

“That’s right, that’s right! This fellow is really overestimating his own ability, to actually dare challenge Wenmiao! This guy is definitely trying to impress people by doing something shocking!”

“Wenmiao, pummel him!”

In everyone’s thinking, Yang Wenmiao should have no one challenge for two days straight, then directly obtaining the qualifications to advance from there.

But now, there was actually someone who shattered this thing which everyone firmly believed. Therefore, the reactions were especially huge.

Even Ye Yuan was very surprised by Tang Fan’s actions too.

After Yang Wenmiao was slightly dazed, he nodded his head nonchalantly and said, “Make a move then!”

“Here I come!”

The moment Tang Fan made a move, Yang Wenmiao’s expression became solemn.

This Tang Fan’s strength was actually not an ordinary kind of strong!

Tang Fan was also a sword-practicing expert, but his sword seemed to be only particular about one word, and that was ‘fast’!

His sword art was unbelievably fast, virtually not giving his opponent the slightest bit of chance to make a move at all.

Myriad Sword Daos, every person’s pursuit was different.

Some people pursued the sword’s awe-inspiring righteousness. Some people pursued the sword’s level-headedness and composure, while what Ye Yuan pursued were nimbleness and sharpness!

What this Tang Fan pursued was agility!

Attacking thousands of times instantaneously, how could his opponent react in time?

Tang Fan’s sword made all the skeptical voices from before all quieten down.

These geniuses’ horizons were all very high. They were able to tell that if the one who stood on the platform were not Yang Wenmiao, they would have long been defeated already!

Seventh Level Boundless Realms, even if it was that Peng Yan, he was probably not this Tang Fan’s match too!

This Tang Fan was too strong!

Tang Fan’s movements were too fast, swift until his figure pervaded everywhere on the platform.

That was not a cloning technique like Peng Yan. They were purely afterimages left behind from speed being too fast!

Yang Wenmiao actually only had the strength to ward off blows for a time under Tang Fan’s attacks.

These Yang Wenmiao’s supporters were also silent already at this time. Each and every one of them clenched their fists tightly, secretly cheering Yang Wenmiao on.

“S-So strong! Could it be that this Tang Fan is actually going to drag Yang Wenmiao down from the altar?” Xiang Hao swallowed hard and said in shock.

This competition, he had really witnessed too many monstrous geniuses.

As one of Ancient Opulence City’s top geniuses, only now did Xiang Hao know that turned out he was a frog at the bottom of a well!

One Ye City had so many formidable foes already. Then what about the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land?

Mu Yun nodded and said, “Indeed very strong. But I feel that it’s probably still quite difficult for him to want to beat Yang Wenmiao.”

“En? Yang Wenmiao is already being suppressed by him until he doesn’t have the slightest strength to retaliate. Is it possible that there is still a chance to turn defeat into victory?” Xiang Hao said in surprise.

“Tang Fan’s fighting method is impressive but exhausts essence energy immensely. If he can’t take down his opponent in a short period of time, he will be in a bad situation,” Mu Yan evaluated.

Right then, Ye Yuan also sighed slightly on the platform.

This Tang Fan still lost in the end.

Indeed, Yang Wenmiao aura suddenly swept out, sending Tang Fan flying out.

Tang Fan seemed to be unresigned to being defeated like this and even wanted to struggle for a moment in the air. But Yang Wenmiao’s sword qi did not give him the least bit of opportunity to catch his breath, blasting him down the platform immediately.

There were no voices mocking Tang Fan at all. To be able to force Yang Wenmiao to such an extent, Tang Fan could be said to be the first person!

His strength won everybody’s respect!

Yang Wenmiao stood while carrying his sword and said to the Tang Fan beneath the stage, “You’re very strong! Looking forward to the next time I fight with you!”

Tang Fan struggled to his feet and said stubbornly, “Next time, I definitely can defeat you!”

Yang Wenmiao smiled but did not say anything else.

He already deeply sensed this Tang Fan’s threat.

One had to know that Tang Fan was only Fifth Level Boundless; he was three minor cultivation realms lower than Yang Wenmiao, but he was able to force the latter into such a plight.

This Tang Fan’s potential was absolutely very strong!

At this time, Yang Wenmiao’s gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan once more. This person’s threat seemed to be even greater than Tang Fan’s!

Yang Wenmiao never expected that he would actually encounter so many rising stars this competition, making him feel pressure deeply.

But in his heart, a soaring fighting intent was also ablaze.

Before the competition, no one would have thought that the second day of the competition would already progress to a white-hot stage too.

The originally obscure Ye Yuan and Tang Fan displayed their talents, becoming everyone’s focal point.

Although Tang Fan was defeated, he did not lose the opportunity to advance. Without any doubt, there was no problem at all with him obtaining an advancement quota.

While Ye Yuan, after he defeated four Seventh Level Boundless Realms in a row neat and tidily, nobody else dared to go up and challenge him.

With this, there were two of the six platforms which became very deserted.

One was Yang Wenmiao’s, the other was Ye Yuan’s.

After Yang Wenmiao defeated Tang Fan, everyone reckoned that no one would go and challenge him anymore.

While at this time, there was already no one who dared to doubt Ye Yuan’s strength as well.

This advancement quota, Ye Yuan nailed it!

But what made everyone surprised was that after Tang Fan was defeated at Yang Wenmiao’s side, he did not choose to occupy a platform on the third day’s competition. Tang Fan directly challenged Ye Yuan!