Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Dao Of Fast Slow

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Tang Fan stood opposite Ye Yuan, but he had a solemn expression on his face.

“You’re very strong. But I’ll defeat you!” Tang Fan said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You’re very strong too. But you won’t have a chance to beat me.”

“Heh, how would you know without fighting?” Tang Fan said.

Without much nonsense, Tang Fan’s figure moved explosively. Countless sword images instantly besieged Ye Yuan.

Tang Fan’s quick-sword was fast until it made people feel asphyxiated.

His sword art completely gave up on technique, just for the sake of pursuing the extremities of speed.

Each sword was without any flashiness. The angle of striking with the sword, strength, everything and all of it was all in order to pursue speed.

Yet, this sword-speed of myriad swords in an instant did not even touch the corners of Ye Yuan’s sleeves!

“T-Too terrifying! This Ye Yuan’s strength is simply daunting until it makes people despair!”

“Yang Wenmiao’s sword intent is grand and boundless. But his speed can’t keep up with Tang Fan. If not for him suppressing Tang Fan on cultivation realm, how the result would be would really be hard to say. But Ye Yuan, practically can’t even sense his essence energy undulations, but Tang Fan can’t even touch the corners of his sleeves!”

“That also means that Ye Yuan is relying entirely on movement technique to avoid Tang Fan’s sword! Just how fast is that movement technique of his?”

Without any doubt, this kind of quick-swords of Tang Fan’s was very hard to crack. Even if his strength was just a bit worse, it could not be avoided by ordinary people either.

But Ye Yuan evaded each sword perfectly!

He did not even unleash a single move until now.

All of a sudden, Tang Fan withdrew his sword and stood there, his stubborn face filled with defeat.

This sense of defeat was even more intense than him losing to Yang Wenmiao yesterday.

Because Tang Fan could sense that if his cultivation realm was the same as Yang Wenmiao, he absolutely had the strength to brave it out with him.

Which was also to say that his comprehensions in sword intent was at least not inferior to Yang Wenmiao.

Yet, facing Ye Yuan’s movement technique with no weakness to exploit, he could not find any way at all.

He already strove with all his might, but still could not catch up to Ye Yuan’s figure.

In other words, he was fast, but Ye Yuan was even faster than him!

Tang Fan giving up everything was in order to pursue the word, ‘fast.’ If he lost to another person in the word, ‘fast,’ then he really lost.

“I … I lost!”

The stubbornness on Tang Fan’s face was all gone. What remained was intense unwillingness.

He cultivated the quick-sword. There had never been anyone faster than his sword before.

But today, this merely Divine Traversing Realm youth actually utterly suppressed him by a level.

Furthermore, Tang Fan could sense that Ye Yuan seemed to still have a great deal of strength leftover.

Under such circumstances, the sense of defeat was extremely intense.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Myriad things under the heaven are all Yin and Yang complementing mutually. The extreme of Yang is Yin, the extreme of fast is slow. You pursue speed blindly. Have you ever thought of letting the sword become a little slower? Maybe when you understand the Dao of Fast-Slow, it will make your quick-sword even faster!”

Tang Fan’s entire body trembled. He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually uttered such words.

Yes, cultivating until now, all of his thoughts were placed on how to make his sword faster. But he had never thought about making his sword a little slower.

Make quick-sword slow down, was that still called quick-sword?

However, Yin was born from extreme Yan, slow was born from extreme speed.

Were the extremes of speed slow or not?

Tang Fan’s comprehension towards quick-sword was extremely profound and knew that the slow Ye Yuan was talking about was not slow in its true sense, but another type of realm!

That was the realm of viewing the mountain as not a mountain, looking at water as not water!

If he were able to comprehend this realm, his quick-sword would definitely advance a step further.

Talking about it was easy, but to comprehend this ‘slow’ word, was exceedingly difficult.

But Ye Yuan’s word gave him a feeling of dispelling the clouds and seeing the bright moon. It was just like a ray of light in the dark night, pointing the direction for Tang Fan to advance!

Tang Fan suddenly clasped his hands and said, “Although Brother Ye’s age is young, your horizons are exceptionally high! The words just now, this Tang benefited endlessly. This battle, this Tang is utterly convinced by my defeat from the bottom of my heart! Today’s grace, this Tang has remembered it!”

Finished talking, Tang Fan turned right around and went down the platform, vanishing in the crowd.

When Pei Wenqiang saw this scene, he suddenly recalled what Ye Yuan said before, the words about wanting to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley.

Those words sounded very laughable to him at that time. But recalling them now, it seemed like Ye Yuan … really had that hint of chance!

Up until now, seems like apart from Yang Wenmiao, there was already no one able to beat Ye Yuan.

But even someone as powerful as Tang Fan was still unable to force out Ye Yuan’s true strength!

If comparing Ye Yuan and Yang Wenmiao, taking Tang Fan as reference in-between, seems like Ye Yuan won more easily.

Could it be that Ye Yuan’s true strength was still above Yang Wenmiao?

Pei Wenqiang drew a cold breath. Before this, he did not even dare to think about it.

But now, seemed like this guess was very likely!

If not for Peng Yan humiliating Xiang Hao like that previously, who knows if Ye Yuan would go up to challenge Yang Wenmiao or not.

However, this was already not important.

Ye Yuan’s strength would be displayed when he entered the grand finals!

On Wu Jianqing’s side, Peng Yan was long glaring like a ravening tiger already.

Previously, when he saw Tang Fan go up to challenge Ye Yuan, he was even secretly rejoicing for a bit.

He felt that with Tang Fan’s strength, Ye Yuan definitely could not win. Even if Ye Yuan really could win, he would have tremendous exhaustion too.

That way, he could completely wreck Ye Yuan if he went up to the arena.

But now that the match was over, Ye Yuan practically did not have any expenditure at all.

This kind of strength truly daunted him at the sight of it a little.

“Peng Yan, give up! This boy’s strength is likely not what you’re able to deal with! You go and challenge another person. Ensure an advancement spot. Don’t go and look for trouble anymore,” Wu Jianqing said with a solemn face.

Peng Yan was extremely unresigned when he heard that, but in the end, he nodded his head helplessly.

However, when Peng Yan was planning to go up and challenge another person, Xiang Hao ridiculed, “Yo, didn’t you talk big yesterday about wanting to teach Ye Yuan a lesson? Why, this direction that you’re heading doesn’t seem to be Ye Yuan’s platform!”

Xiang Hao kept a constant eye on the happenings at Peng Yan’s side. Therefore, Peng Yan’s behavior was taken fully into his sights.

Peng Yan’s entire body trembled, his gaze glaring fiercely at Xiang Hao, wishing to swallow Xiang Hao alive.

Xiang Hao also stared right back. Either way, fighting was forbidden at this competition area. Would Peng Yan dare to kill him?

Ye Yuan already smacked his face until such an extent. If he did not make use of it properly, how would he dispel the hatred in his heart?

“Don’t get angry. That punk is deliberately triggering you. Calm down, apart from Yang Wenmiao and Ye Yuan, there are still many strong opponents. You have to handle the situation carefully!” Wu Jianqing said.

Peng Yan sucked in a breath deeply, nodded his head, and said, “Rest assured, City Lord. This quota, I’ll definitely take it!”

“Oh wow, really don’t have guts to challenge Ye Yuan! Next time, remember, don’t have the strength, don’t talk so big! So as to avoid smacking your own face! Hahaha!”

Toward Xiang Hao’s actions, Pei Wenqiang felt very liberated too.

Of course, what made him even more pleased was still Ye Yuan obtaining a quota to advance to the grand finals!

Just as Ye Yuan said back then, making his face feel boundless honor.