Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Harsh Situation

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With Peng Yan’s strength, taking down an arena lord was naturally something effortless.

The third day of defending the platform, Peng Yan maintained his position and won 20 matches in a row.

Although Peng Yan’s strength was formidable, it was still not formidable to the extent that no one dared to challenge him.

Those Seventh Level Boundless Realms, even some Sixth Level Boundless Realms, would all go up and challenge him.

It was just that Peng Yan never would have dreamed that the first match on the fourth day, Tang Fan actually came up to challenge him immediately, and then Tang Fan blasted him down the platform cleanly.

Furthermore, through a night’s rest and rehabilitation, Tang Fan seemed to be even stronger than yesterday!

After the fourth day, Yang Wenmiao and Ye Yuan directly obtained advancement quotas because no one dared to challenge them anymore.

After Tang Fan kicked Peng Yan, likewise, no one dared to go up the stage again. Him obtaining a spot was just a matter of time.

Based on this, there were only three quotas left.

Starting from the fifth day, a series of intense scrambling battles unfolded on these three arenas.

In the end, Peng Yan still relied on his powerful strength and obtained a quota.

The fifth quota was seized by another Ye City’s Seventh Level Boundless genius in the end.

But the sixth quota was what everyone did not expect. Through three to four days of fighting, Mu Yun actually completed 100 consecutive wins, obtaining the final quota!

This made Pei Wenqiang incredibly thrilled.

These six spots, Ancient Opulence City actually occupied two. This was what he did not expect at all before coming.

He brought six people, and not a single one was at the Seventh Level Boundless Realm. This kind of strength was at the very most only able to rank in the mid-range position. Even striving for a quota was not possible.

After all, this kind of selection competition, there were too many experts.

But who knew that not only did his people obtain a quota, it was two!

This kind of unexpected harvest made him feel that happiness came too sudden.

After Mu Yun obtained the quota, Pei Wenqiang even ran in front of Wu Jianqing and showed off for a bit. Looking at that horse face of Wu Jianqing, Pei Wenqiang was incomparably exhilarated in his heart.

Following the six quotas being decided, Ye City’s division competition zone’s competition also finally wrapped up satisfactorily.

The next day, City Lord Yang Sen summoned the six people who advanced this time.

The moment Yang Sen saw Pei Wenqiang, he could not help laughing loudly as he patted his shoulders and said, “Oh, Wenqiang, I really couldn’t tell that you actually have the potential to be a good judge of talent! Your Ancient Opulence City can really be said to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat this time!”

Pei Wenqiang smiled and said, “Your Excellency is too kind. Haha, just luck, just luck!”

Yang Sen waved his hand and said, “Don’t need to be modest, Wenqiang! Ye City’s competition’s news this time, I’ve already notified the Pei Family. The Pei Family is very pleased with your performance this time. It’s said that they will bestow a Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill to you!”

The Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill was a medicinal pill to help Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists break through cultivation realms. It was very valuable in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. Without a certain status, there was no way to get it at all.

His own status was not very high, but Pei Wenqiang had an elder brother who was a holy son. Otherwise, he would also not be assigned outside to be a city lord.

This Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill was an extremely valuable medicinal pill even to Pei Kun, let alone Pei Wenqiang.

When Pei Wenqiang heard this, he said agitatedly, “Are your words true, milord?”

Yang Sen nodded and said, “If not for definite news, how would I dare to open my mouth easily? Most likely, the Pei Family’s envoy is already on their way at present. You are also aware that the holy land has numerous factions. The contest for these quotas is naturally very intense too. You were able to seize two spots all at once; it naturally helps to gain a great deal of face for the Pei Family. Other than the Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill, the merit points awarded this time definitely won’t meager too.”

Pei Wenqiang was overjoyed as he said, “Many thanks for Your Excellency’s news!”

Yang Sen waved his hand and said, “Thanking me for what? I’m only just informing you a little in advance. Obtaining this reward is you yourself discovering talents with discerning eyes; i has nothing to do with me.”

By the side, Wu Jianqing’s face was already livid, green with envy for some time inwardly.

Wu Jianqing wished to obtain a Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill even in his dreams. But this medicinal pill was in too high demand. The family clan could not possibly award it at all.

He didn’t expect that Pei Wenqiang this guy gained a new lease on life and actually obtained the Pei Family’s bestowal!

With Yang Sen’s status, saying in front of so many people, this matter was basically set in stone already. How could he, Wu Jianqing, not be envious?

No idea what bullshit luck Pei Wenqiang this guy had, to actually be able to find a freak like Ye Yuan.

After finishing the small talk with Pei Wenqiang, Yang Sen said to the six people who advanced with a stern countenance, “Since the six of you have already stood out from the masses, as Ye City’s division competition zone’s organizer, I naturally have to congratulate all of you. But what I want to warn everybody is that now is still not the time to be happy. Because the cruelty of the grand finals will surpass your imaginations! I’ve already received some news; the genius martial artists who entered the grand finals this time, just the Ninth Level Boundless and above have 20 over people! While among the six of you, the highest is merely Eighth Level Boundless. Of course, cultivation realm doesn’t completely represent strength. But you guys should be clearer than me that to be able to reach Ninth Level Boundless Realm at this age, not one of them is a mediocre person!”

Hearing Yang Sen’s words, everyone’s joy from having just advanced was immediately all gone.

Apart from Ye Yuan, the others all had very solemn expressions. Clearly, they sensed tremendous pressure. Yang Wenmiao was no exception either.

Actually, these people had long had mental preparations regarding the grand finals’ brutality.

But they absolutely never expected that the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time would actually be brutal to such a degree!

A total of 60 people, there were actually 20 over Ninth Level Boundless Realms. What kind of concept was this?

Furthermore, who could guarantee that those Eighth Level Boundless, Seventh Level Boundless, even among the Sixth Level Boundless, and Fifth Level Boundless Realms did not have freaks like Tang Fan and Ye Yuan?

It was not that no one dares not to guarantee this, but definitely there will be those freaks!

The allure of entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley was too great. Even Ye Yuan, a former Alchemy Emperor powerhouse, was moved, let alone the others?

Therefore, this time, those young geniuses who were not willing to reveal their edge all popped out all at once.

According to Yang Sen’s way of saying things, dark horses like Ye Yuan and Tang Fan were seen everywhere this time.

Many young geniuses who were unknown before this all emerged this time.

Four or five people even poured out all at once in some division competition zones. Those geniuses who were originally viewed favorably were instead eliminated one by one!

This kind of line-up seriously made them unable to be happy.

Since they entered the grand finals, no a single person did not wish to get a good ranking.

In order to attract these geniuses to enter the holy land, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land also poured in extensive capital this time, bleeding their reserve. The top ten young geniuses would obtain incomparably generous cultivation resources.

Under this kind of temptation, few would be unmoved.

These young geniuses’ strengths were all at roughly the same rank. The final battle situation would surely be very intense, even to the extent of brutal.

Under such circumstances, wanting to enter the top ten was simply even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Yang Sen stated the risks and benefits of the grand finals’ harshness and swept across the six people’s faces, but he discovered that Ye Yuan was very composed from start to finish. He could not resist asking and said, “Ye Yuan, looking at you, seems like you’re not very worried?”