Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 782

Chapter 782 Crimson Afterglow Holy Land

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Ye Yuan did not think that Yang Sen would speak up and ask him. He replied with a smile, “Rather than worry about this, may as well make the best use of this one month’s time to cultivate a bit more. Everyone’s strength is roughly similar. Every increase in strength is naturally an increase in chances of victory.”

Yang Sen was stunned. He did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually say such words.

Thinking carefully, it seemed like it really was that case.

If the strength difference was too great, a month’s time naturally did not have much use.

But these 60 people’s strength clearly did not have a great disparity. Whoever won or lost, either was possible.

Under such circumstances, a month’s time, one could do many things.

Ye Yuan’s words made the other five people’s state of mind relax considerably. But the sense of urgency rose.

If not for Yang Sen being present, they wished that they could go and enter a retreat right away.

Yang Sen looked at Ye Yuan rather surprisedly. This youth seemed to have a level-headedness that was disproportionate to his age.

“Ye Yuan, I saw that when you were defending the arena previously, seemed like you still had some strength to spare. I wonder if you have any goal entering the grand finals this time?” Yang Sen asked.

Ye Yuan smiled but did not speak. But Pei Wenqiang interjected when he saw the situation, “I know a little about this. Ye Yuan’s goal is that spot to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley!”

“Hiss …”

Everyone all sucked in a cold breath. Wasn’t this goal a little too big?

Hearing it, it just sounded somewhat inconceivable.

But Yang Sen shook his head and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Young people having strength, having goals, are a good thing. But reaching beyond one’s grasp, one will probably return in disappointment in the end!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Your Excellency, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first to cultivate.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan ignored the dumbfounded looking people, turned right around, and went out.

“Stop right there! You actually dare to be disrespectful toward Lord Yang! I think that you’re tired of living!” Wu Jianqing finally seized the opportunity to explode.

Ye Yuan said in surprise, “Our Lord Yang says that I’m reaching beyond my reach, so I’m cultivating a while more in a down-to-earth manner. How did it become disrespect towards Lord Yang?”

“You! Twisting logic! With the likes of your bit of strength and you also dare to dream about entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley, simply daydreaming in broad daylight!”

“Heh, whatever you say. This little lord is still in a hurry to cultivate, see you later!”

Ye Yuan really left the City Lord Manor after he finished talking.

Yang Wenmiao and the rest actually could hardly wait long ago already. Seeing Ye Yuan leave, Yang Wenmiao clasped his hands towards Yang Sen and said, “Father, this child has to cultivate too. I’ll take my leave first.”

Yang Sen hesitated slightly for a bit, but he still nodded and said, “I see that you guys can’t seem to stay anymore either. Go on then.”

Yang Wenmiao and the rest were like receiving amnesty, immediately going back to enter closed-seclusion.

After everyone left, Yang Sen stopped Pei Wenqiang and asked, “Ye Yuan really has this strength?”

Pei Wenqiang thought for a while and said, “Actually, before coming here, I also thought that he was joking. But now, I’m somewhat having hopes for him. Perhaps the strength he explodes with during the competition will give us a great shock!”

Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was established on top of a spirit vein. The essence energy was extremely abundant.

Even though the present Crimson Afterglow Holy Land already declined, this place was an extremely flourishing land too.

People came and went, endless streams of horses and carriages; it was a dignified large-scale city.

The population in the holy land was not as many as a large city such as Ye City. But the scale was quite a bit larger. Moreover, the martial artists’ strengths were also not what those large cities were able to compare too.

A month’s time passed in a twinkle. Ye Yuan’s group of six who advanced followed Yang Sen into the holy land.

Ye Yuan was born in a super holy land and did not have much feeling towards this kind of small-scale holy lands.

Rather, other than Yang Sen, it was the others’ first time entering the holy land. They were filled with curiosity towards this place.

The holy land’s reserve strength was mostly Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists. They actually did not place much importance on Boundless Realms.

Organizing this Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time was an unprecedented occasion.

“The holy land’s factions are complex and intricate. This period of time, you all better be a little more careful. Don’t offend people, and try to have self-awareness. Of course, as long as you guys are able to enter the top ten, you’d have the qualifications to enter the holy temple. At that time, these forces naturally won’t dare to offend you all,” Yang Sen voiced out to remind when he saw everyone’s curious baby looks.

Yang Sen was born in the holy land and had witnessed before countless geniuses. He naturally knew that these young men were arrogant at heart and haughty in manner. There would even be an inclination towards attacking at a word of disagreement.

However, with the backgrounds of these people before his eyes, they could not afford to offend some of the holy land’s major factions at all.

One had to know that although the holy land’s Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists were not as many as the hair on an ox, hundreds definitely existed.

And behind these people, mostly all were Phaseless Realm powerhouses.

Phaseless Realm powerhouses, they were the holy land’s mid-level pillars!

If one offended Phaseless Realm martial artists, the city lords behind these few people could not help them.

Of course, Yang Sen himself was a Phaseless Realm powerhouse too. It was just that the factions inside this holy land, there were many he could not afford to offend.

The group was walking when two people came from in front.

“Younger Brother Yang Sen! How have you been?”

The one in front was an elderly man who greeted Yang Sen immediately, but his eyes glanced towards Ye Yuan.

But the other person was Ye Yuan’s old acquaintance. It was precisely Zhao Qian.

Yang Sen was clearly very surprised by the old man’s arrival and hurriedly saluted as he said, “I’ve seen, Chairman Jiao!”

Chairman Jiao chuckled and said, “Haha, I heard that Younger Brother Yang acquired several fine talents this time. This Jiao specially came to take a look. The genius martial artists your Ye City’s division competition zone selected this time should be these few people, right? Haha, indeed fine men with striking appearances!”

He said that it was to come to take a look at all the martial artists. But when Yang Sen saw Chairman Jiao’s eyes, how could he still not know that he was here specifically for Ye Yuan?

Except, he was a little alarmed inwardly. A puny little Divine Traversing Realm boy could actually trouble the Meteor Trading Company’s Crimson Afterglow Branch’s Lord Chairman to personally come out and welcome.

Looks like this Ye Yuan’s identity was indeed not that simple!

Although the Meteor Trading Company’s strength declined somewhat in these recent few years, it was a true-blue Rank One Holy Land; it was absolutely not what their kind of small holy land could contend with.

A random Second Level Dao Profound powerhouse that they send out could destroy the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Of course, the holy lands where trading firms were located at always had harmony as a virtue. Unless there were no other choices, they would not easily go to war.

Doing business, reputation was the most important.

Exterminating people’s holy land at the drop of a hat was completely a thing that harmed others without benefits.

This Chairman Jiao was the Meteor Trading Company’s person in charge of the Crimson Afterglow Branch. To actually come personally to welcome, this was absolutely a very odd matter.

He heard that this Ye Yuan was just an ascender. How was it possible to become associated with such a major figure?

But shock was shock, face still had to be given to Chairman Jiao.

“Chairman Jiao is too kind!” Yang Sen said.

Chairman Jiao said smilingly, “Younger Brother Yang, Our Meteor Trading Company has some business dealings with this Little Brother Ye Yuan. Just nice then; our Crimson Afterglow Branch is looking for him to discuss some things, so we dropped by. I hope that Younger Brother Yang won’t take offense.”

Yang Sen thought to himself that it was indeed so. He said verbally, “Dare not, dare not!”