Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Several Intel

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“This old man, Jiao Ting, is the Meteor Trading Company’s Crimson Afterglow Branch’s Chairman. Taking the liberty of inviting Master Ye here this time is that we have a business deal that we wish to discuss with you.”

As the person in charge of the Meteor Trading Company, Jiao Ting’s tone was surprisingly very courteous toward Ye Yuan.

If the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s people saw Jiao Ting being so polite to Ye Yuan, they would definitely receive a huge shock!

Although Jiao Ting’s strength was not as strong as the Holy Lord’s, his status was not the slightest bit inferior to the Holy Lord.

A heavyweight-class figure like this was actually so polite to a Divine Traversing Realm youth. It would make people unbelievably shocked.

Ye Yuan glanced at Jiao Ting, then looked at the Zhao Qian who was silent by the side, and said smilingly, “You guys are here for the pill formulas, right? Looks like, your Meteor Trading Company indeed has some difficulties striding forward right now!”

Jiao Ting was alarmed inwardly when he heard that and could not help looking over towards Zhao Qian in astonishment. For a moment, he actually did not know how he should answer.

He had long heard Zhao Qian say before that Ye Yuan was formidable. But this one exchange, he candidly admitted defeat straightaway.

Not only did Ye Yuan guess his intentions of coming, he actually even guessed the Meteor Trading Company’s present predicament!

Just what was this boy’s head made out of?

“I’m not hiding from Mister Ye; our Meteor Trading Company has indeed encountered an unprecedented dilemma. I know that this request is a little demanding, but your pill formulas are indeed very important to us right now!” Zhao Qian suddenly opened her mouth and said.

Finished talking, Zhao Qian looked at Ye Yuan rather nervously, seemingly awaiting his sentencing.

To Zhao Qian, this was still her first time being so obsequious to another person because of several Tier 5 pill formulas.

Zhao Qian and Ye Yuan’s collaboration was currently restricted to the Ancient Opulence City. Other places were not permitted to sell the medicinal pills Ye Yuan refined.

Therefore, even though these medicinal pills earned massive amounts, it was only specific to the Ancient Opulence City area.

To a leviathan like the Meteor Trading Company, it did not have the slightest benefit at all.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhao Qian and suddenly asked, “What’s your relationship with Zhao Xingchen?”

Zhao Qian was stunned, immediately shaking her head, saying, “Mister Ye is worrying too much. How can Qian-er possibly have any association with Lord Head Chairman?”

She said that verbally, but Zhao Qian was incomparably shocked in her heart.

How did Ye Yuan, an ascender, know the Head Chairman’s name? Could it be that Ye Yuan really had some relationship with the Meteor Trading Company?

Zhao Xingchen this name was not what the average martial artist could know.

Even a holy land’s holy lord might not have the qualifications to know this name.

What made her even more astounded was that Ye Yuan actually guessed her relationship with Zhao Xingchen!

Ye Yuan curled his mouth when he heard that and said, “Doesn’t even have a bit of sincerity. Why did you guys still come and find me to discuss what cooperation? You also know that wanting the pill formulas is somewhat demanding. Then you better save your breath!”

As he said, Ye Yuan was about to leave.

Zhao Qian panicked when she heard that and hurriedly said, “Wait a minute! I … Zhao Xingchen … is my father!”

Ye Yuan did not reveal a surprised look, saying with a smile, “Heh, the exalted Head Chairman’s daughter would actually come to such a small holy land like Crimson Afterglow personally. I’m somewhat curious; what on earth happened to your Meteor Trading Company!”

Zhao Qian bit her lips and said, “You … How do you know about my relationship with my father? Also, how did you know that our Meteor Trading Company encountered a dilemma?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Isn’t that simple? Even though you look exactly like a junior the entire time by Chairman Jiao’s side, the eyes he looks at you with are not right; he seemingly need to seek your opinion for everything. As for your predicament, a place that the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company can send out an Alchemy Saint, but you guys actually can’t even send out an Alchemy Saint. Isn’t this still obvious? Furthermore, even if my pill formulas can earn a lot of money, they are just Tier 5 pill formulas after all. To a Rank One Holy Land like you all, it’s actually not considered much. But the things that you guys showed are too disparate from your status.”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Jiao Ting was unbelievably shocked at the sides.

This boy’s mind was also meticulous, to actually perceive so many things from such little details.

But Zhao Qian heaved a sigh and said, “I knew that it can’t hide from Mister Ye!”

“Huhu, I didn’t know that Zhao Xingchen had such a pretty daughter. But with your status, why would you come to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land this sort of place?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Zhao Qian shot Ye Yuan a glare, but she still answered, “The Meteor Trading Company encountered an unprecedented crisis. With no choice, the trading company dispatched elite forces to the various regions, wanting to turn the decline around. And my mission was the White Valiant Region and the nearby few regions. I’d just arrived at the White Valiant Region not long. Going to Ancient Opulence City was only to understand the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s various cities’ situation a little, so as to find countermeasures. But I didn’t think that I would happen to run into you.”

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “Such a huge crisis actually erupted in the Meteor Trading Company? Could something have happened to Zhao Xingchen?”

In Ye Yuan’s impression, Zhao Xingchen was a very capable person.

He established the Meteor Trading Company single-handedly and developed it to become a titan of the business world comparable to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company. His methods could be imagined.

Logically speaking, the Meteor Trading Company would not have such a large-scale defeat occur. Unless some problems happened to the trading company’s upper echelons.

“Father … Father went missing!” Zhao Qian said as a crystalline teardrop fell from the corners of her eye.

“What?! Head Chairman he … he went missing?”

Zhao Qian’s words were akin to a bolt out of the blue, stunning Jiao Ting dumbfounded directly.

A Rank One Holy Land’s holy lord went missing. This implication was too great. Even if Zhao Qian had come to the White Valiant Region for a very long time already, she had never told this matter to the various trading company’s officers in charge before.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and said slowly, “So that’s how it is! Alright then, the pill formulas can be given to you. But I’ll only give you all a single type of medicinal pill’s formula. Furthermore … I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

Not getting all of the pill formulas, Zhao Qian was somewhat disappointed. But even if there was only one type of medicinal pill, it was also sufficient to make her incredibly agitated.

Releasing any one type among these medicinal pills would cause a tremendous impact to the scene of conventional medicinal pills. It could be said to be a one-time alchemy world’s revolution!

So even if it was only one type of pill formula, the profits were huge too.

Zhao Qian did not expect that Ye Yuan actually agreed so straightforwardly.

“This medicinal pill is absolutely not permitted to be sold within the boundaries of a super holy land within five years. Otherwise, I’ll likewise sell the pill formula to other trading companies. I think that they will be interested,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Although the chances of Ji Canglan recognizing was very small, Ye Yuan still had to guard against him.

Of course, along with the passing of time, this kind of medicinal pills would eventually enter Ji Canglan’s field of vision. It was just that at that time, Ye Yuan should already have sufficient strength to protect himself.

Of course, the prerequisite was that if Ji Canglan was really able to connect it to him through these few types of medicinal pills.

Zhao Qian was somewhat uncertain, but she still nodded her head and said, “Fine, I promise you! As for the price … We’ll satisfy you!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “I don’t want money. I want to buy some intel!”