Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Heavens Secret Tower

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“Some intel?”

Zhao Qian’s brows furrowed slightly, and she gave Jiao Ting a look, signaling for him to withdraw.

Although Jiao Ting’s cultivation realm was high, at present, there was clearly no right for him to speak already.

One had to know that even if Ye Yuan just sold one pill formula, that was absolutely a sky-high price too.

But Ye Yuan did not want anything and just wanted to buy some intel. It could be seen how valuable they were!

A Rank One Holy Land force like the Meteor Trading Company, their branches could be found all over the Divine Realm. Information was naturally something they were very well-informed of.

Therefore, the scope they operated was not just things like medicinal pills and weapons, but it also included intel.

And these intel, according to the difficulty of acquiring, the prices were naturally not the same either.

Ye Yuan would rather not take the reward and inquire about information. It was definitely extremely valuable information.

“That’s right. Furthermore, you have to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath to absolutely not divulge the matter of me inquiring about intel from you today!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Zhao Qian’s expression was slightly apprehensive and knew that this medicinal pill was not easy to get.

But Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills were too important to the Meteor Trading Company. She did not hesitate much and swore a Heavenly Dao Oath very quickly. She then said to Ye Yuan, “Ask away. If it’s information I know, I can answer you right now. If I don’t know, you’ll probably have to wait for a few days.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and asked, “I want information about the Medicine King Hall. The more detailed, the better!”

Zhao Qian’s gaze sharpened and she could not help re-sizing Ye Yuan up. “What’s your relationship with the Medicine King Hall?”

“We’re undergoing a transaction right now. It’s me asking you questions, not you asking me! According to your rules, only answer questions, and not raise questions!”

Mentioning the Medicine King Hall, Ye Yuan’s entire being became cold. Zhao Qian by the side actually felt a chill somewhat run down her spine.

The Medicine King Hall was already a taboo in the Divine Realm. Ordinary people all kept a respectful distance away.

Now, a puny little Divine Traversing Realm was actually interested in the Medicine King Hall’s information. This inevitably made Zhao Qian produce conjectures about Ye Yuan’s identity.

But Ye Yuan’s words reminded Zhao Qian that no matter how curious she was, she should not ask this kind of questions either.

This violated a great taboo!

If it were another person, they might even turn hostile on the spot, then propagate everywhere that the Meteor Trading Company did not adhere to the rules of the business.

Zhao Qian recollected her thoughts and sucked in a deep breath, saying slowly, “The Medicine King Hall had a dramatic change take place over ten years ago. The Ji father and son both perished. Ji Zhengyang’s eldest disciple inherited the Medicine King Hall and became the new Hall Lord. Ever since then, the Medicine King Hall sealed off all information and chased all of the outside forces out of the holy land, practically sealing off themselves completely from the outside world.”

Ye Yuan frowned when he heard that and said, “Which is also to say that your Meteor Trading Company doesn’t know about the Medicine King Hall’s intel at all?”

Zhao Qian shook her head and said, “You’re also aware, the Meteor Trading Company is just a Rank One Holy Land. It’s on an entirely different level from the Medicine King Hall. Such a colossal titan sealing off all information, we have no way of infiltrating inside at all. If you really wish to inquire about the Medicine King Hall’s information, probably only the Heaven’s Secret Tower has this ability. Now, in the entire Divine Realm, apart from the Heaven’s Secret Tower, probably the Medicine King Hall is the most mysterious. Of course, regarding some side news about the Meteor Trading Company, we’re still aware of them.”

Ye Yuan fell silent. Regarding these information that Zhao Qian told him, it was within his expectations. But it was also outside of his expectations.

The thing within expectations was that the Meteor Trading Company was likely unable to inquire about some core information.

The thing outside of expectations was that he did not know why Ji Canglan wanted to seal off all information about the holy land.

Ji Canglan successfully usurping the throne should be precisely the time he was illustrious, free and unfettered. But he lived a life isolated from the world. What medicine was he selling in his gourd?

“Talk about it,” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

Zhao Qian said, “The Medicine King Hall’s predecessor Hall Lord, Ji Zhengyang, and his son, Ji Qingyun, were both the pinnacle-most peak Alchemy Emperor powerhouses in the current age. Quite a number of Divine King experts in the Divine Realm all received their grace before. Among them included quite a number among the Ten Great Divine Kings! After their father and son pair passed away, there were quite a number of Divine King experts who all paid a visit, wanting an explanation before. Legend has it that the Spirit Bristle Divine King personally went to find the new hall lord, Ji Canglan, but he turned back halfway. As for specific reasons, it was unknown.”

“Second, after the Ji father and son passed away, Ji Canglan did not exterminate everyone ruthlessly, but he let out a batch of people. It was said that these people were all people with close ties to the father and son pair. But after these people came out, they also vanished. Our trading company later attempted to find these people, but we did not find a single one. Of course, this is also because our Meteor Trading Company’s strength is too weak. I believe if it’s the Heaven’s Secret Tower, they should be able to find.”

“Third, eight years ago, the Medicine King Hall once took action and annihilated several major factions. Naturally, the one thing which shocked the Divine Realm most of all was that they made a move and destroyed a quasi-super holy land, the Bloodrain Holy Land, slaughtering the Bloodrain Holy Land’s Divine King powerhouses clean, astounding the Divine Realm! After exterminating these major forces, the Medicine King Hall lowered their banners and muffled their drums, and they did not take action anymore again either. As for the reason they took action, the Medicine King Hall never had mentioned it. Nobody dared to ask either.”

Ye Yuan’s face revealed a solemn expression!

Annihilating a quasi-super holy land with a wave of a hand, the Medicine King Hall’s strength post-Ji Zhengyang’s era did not decrease, but it had increased instead!

Ye Yuan truly could not imagine how Ji Canglan did this.

Looks like wanting to kill Ji Canglan was even harder than imagined!

“Then do you know what strength Ji Canglan is at right now?” Ye Yuan asked.

Zhao Qian shook her head and said, “People who have seen him take action before are all dead! But it can be certain that his present strength is definitely much stronger than in the past! Now, in the Divine Realm, there’s a guess that Ji Canglan’s current strength is likely not beneath the Ten Great Divine Kings already!”

Ten Great Divine Kings was the Divine Realm’s benchmark quality figure.

These Ten Great Divine Kings were not self-proclaimed but given out by the Divine Realm’s most mysterious power, the Heaven’s Secret Tower.

Back then, when they gave out this Ten Great Divine Kings title, the Divine Realm was filled with outrage and questioning voices.

Many divine kings were unconvinced and went to find these Ten Great Divine Kings to fight one-on-one.

But the final result also affirmed the might of the Heaven’s Secret Tower’s information system!

The positions of the Ten Great Divine Kings, no one was able to shake them!

Regardless of how formidable the opponents’ strength was!

They used countless victories to affirm the might of their own strength, and also verified the Heaven’s Secret Tower’s might!

Not only did the Heaven’s Secret Tower give out these Ten Great Divine Kings titles, they even issued the Ten Great Divine Kings power ranking.

Of course, just who was strong or weak among these Ten Great Divine Kings, nobody knew at all.

They had never competed openly among themselves before, and there was also nobody who expressed refusal to concede to this ranking.

Over the course of time, the reputation of the Ten Great Divine Kings was gradually accepted by everyone in the Divine Realm.

If Ji Canglan’s strength was already comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings, that was absolutely a very troublesome matter.

This level of a powerhouse was on completely different levels from ordinary divine kings.

Unless Ye Yuan could break through to the Divine King Realm, wanting to kill Ji Canglan was absolutely out of the question!