Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Heavens Destiny Auction

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Due to there being no Deity Realm powerhouses, Divine King experts were virtually the Divine Realm’s apex existences.

It was just that between divine kings and divine kings, there was similarly a huge disparity.

Take the Spirit Bristle Divine King for example, his strength was sufficient to instantly kill four or five ordinary divine kings.

Even if he was besieged by numerous divine kings, he also had sufficient assurance to escape alive.

Wanting to kill the Ten Great Divine Kings was virtually a mission impossible to complete.

If Ji Canglan’s strength were really able to reach that sort of degree, the difficulty of Ye Yuan wanting to kill him would be too great.

Ji Canglan was not just his strength alone being formidable; behind him even stood the entire Medicine King Hall.

To be able to lock down the Medicine King Hall’s news so thoroughly, Ji Canglan’s control over the Medicine King Hall had definitely reached a degree unimaginable by the average person already.

After getting a second life, Ye Yuan had always been pleased with the progress of his own strength.

But looking at it now, this vengeance did not seem to be easy to avenge.

Putting aside other things, just talking about strength reaching the level of the Ten Great Divine Kings, it was an extremely difficult thing.

One had to know that these Ten Great Divine Kings, each one of them grasped several supreme true intents.

While Ye Yuan only grasped one supreme true intent right now.

The disparity in-between this was not just a tiny bit!

Talking about supreme true intent was easy. To really comprehend was too difficult, too difficult.

The Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time, those gathered were all one-in-ten-thousand geniuses. But among them, apart from Ye Yuan, who else was able to comprehend a supreme true intent?

“Fine. If your Meteor Trading Company still have other information related to the Medicine King Hall, send them over to me. Additionally, help me keep an eye on the Medicine King Hall. Once there are any signs of disturbance, immediately notify me. I’ll decide when to give you the other pill formulas according to your information. This is the Tier 5 Essence Restoring Pill’s pill formula. On it has the method to refine this medicinal pill. Take it,” said Ye Yuan and casually threw Zhao Qian a jade slip.

Logically speaking, to be able to obtain Ye Yuan’s other medicinal pills’ formulas, this should be something deserving to be happy about. But now, Zhao Qian felt that these pill formulas were somewhat scalding to the touch.

“If Mister Ye wants to obtain the Medicine King Hall’s accurate information, probably only finding the Heaven’s Secret Tower will work. You also know that with our Meteor Trading Company’s strength, it’s impossible to inquire very in-depth information,” Zhao Qian said with a frown.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Heh heh, the Heaven’s Secret Tower’s origins were unclear to begin with. Furthermore, their strength is unfathomable. God knows if they have any relation with Ji Canglan. If I really went to find them, I might be sold and not even know it! Zhao Xingchen’s daughter … I can still trust!”

In the past, the Medicine King Hall had collaborations with the various major trading companies. Ye Yuan still quite trusted Zhao Xingchen’s character.

If he had to find a force to inquire for information, the Meteor Trading Company was clearly the most suitable.

This was also the reason why he would find the Meteor Trading Company to collaborate.

Zhao Qian listening to a snot-nosed brat calling Zhao Xingchen over and over again, no matter what, it somewhat had the taste of behaving like a senior.

Hesitating slightly for a bit, Zhao Qian still could not refrain from asking, “I wonder, what kind of relationship … Mister Ye and Father has?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “When the time comes, you’ll naturally know. But I didn’t expect that Zhao Xingchen actually went missing. Looks like the Divine Realm has really entered a period of trouble!”

The current Zhao Qian was surprised and bewildered in her heart.

She felt that the Ye Yuan in front of her seemingly became another person.

But this Ye Yuan gave her tremendous pressure.

Zhao Qian faintly felt like she grasped a little something, but it was just missing that tiny bit, that bit keep on slipping through her fingers.

This sort of feeling made her go crazy.

Ye Yuan returned to the residence, but the chambers were all deserted long ago already. Pei Wenqiang had returned to the Pei Family to report the completion of his task. He would only come back tomorrow morning.

The others had a youth’s temperament in the end, strolling around the holy land’s various places. There were only Tang Fan and Mu Yun, these two people, seemingly waiting for Ye Yuan to come back.

Tang Fan obtaining Ye Yuan’s guidance, just in this one month, his strength already soared by leaps and bounds.

In between this, he even went to Ye Yuan to compete several times. But each time, it was an utter defeat.

Tang Fan’s sword art had become faster, but it was still unable to touch Ye Yuan.

The faster his sword art, the faster Ye Yuan’s movement technique, seemingly forever without limits.

In this one month, the two people had a good teacher-student relationship.

Of course, Mu Yun being able to enter the grand finals was entirely thanks to Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill. His attitude towards Ye Yuan naturally went without saying too.

Among these six people, the three of them walked the closest.

“Ye Yuan, you finally came back. We’ve waited a long time for you!” Mu Yun grumbled.

Ye Yuan said curiously, “Waiting for me for what?”

Mu Yun said rather excitedly, “We heard that the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company wants to hold an auction tonight. I heard that there are quite a few good stuff. Tang Fan and I plan to go take a look. Since there’s nothing tonight, why don’t you join in too!”

An auction organized by the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Crimson Afterglow Branch, the level was naturally not what those cities at the lower levels could compare to. Having some good stuff during the auction was also normal.

But with Ye Yuan’s horizons, things able to make him interested were really not many.

However, he looked at Tang Fan’s and Mu Yun’s anticipating expression. He felt bad about denying them invitation, so he agreed.

“Alright, go experience it then. However, going to an auction, did you guys brought enough earth essence crystals on you?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Hey, you’re also looking down on the two of us too much! Although we aren’t as wealthy as you, we’re absolutely not paupers either!” Mu Yun said with a laugh.

It was already late right now. By the time Ye Yuan trio arrived at the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, there was already not much time remaining from the start of the auction.

Arriving at the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, only then did Ye Yuan suddenly recall something and could not help asking the two people. He said, “You guys dragged me to this auction, but we don’t have the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s invitation. How do we go in?”

The things being auctioned at the auction were normally all valued extremely highly. Without sufficient wealth, going in would only bend their backs.

Those able to enter the auction were either wealthy or noble. It was naturally impossible for some random tom, dick, or harry to go in.

Tang Fan pulled out three jade plaques like pulling a magic trick, saying smugly, “Without adequate preparations, wouldn’t coming over be losing face?”

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised too. It looked like these two brats had some skill. The holy land level was completely not what cities could compete with. They actually used just one afternoon’s time to get three jade plaques.

When the three people entered the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s auction venue, inside was already filled with people.

Only now did Ye Yuan know that the jade plaques the three of them had could only sit at the most remote corner, and could not help being speechless.

“Yo, isn’t that the great genius Ye? You guys actually came to the Heaven’s Destiny Auction too! Why is a great genius like you sitting in this out-of-the-way corner? Isn’t it a loss of dignity?”

Ye Yuan trio had yet to take their seats when an extremely piercing voice sounded out at the side.

Turning around to take a look, it was Wu Jianqing and Peng Yan.

While beside Wu Jianqing, there was still a young man.