Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Three Lives Stone

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“En? Elder Brother Jianqing, you know them?” the young man frowned slightly and said.

“Jiantong, didn’t you very much wanted to know who the sole Divine Traversing Realm in this competition is? It’s him!” Wu Jianqing said with a cold smile.

The young man’s eyebrows raised up, and he said disdainfully, “I was wondering if he had three heads and six arms. Turns out that it’s also merely just like this! Eighth Level Divine Traversing Realm, what can he accomplish reaching the grand finals? Looks like your Ye City’s competition zone truly has nobody! Boy, I heard that you’re very cocky. Hope that the competition this time, you and I don’t run into each other!”

This young man called Wu Jianqing as his elder brother. He was probably a member of the Wu Family.

But his appearance was very arrogant; it was a manner as if he was number one under the heaven, pissing people off.

Ye Yuan played it down and said, “Is that so? I think so too, huhu.”

Wu Jiantong’s expression fell when he heard that and said with a cold smile, “Looks like you still don’t know who this Young Master is, right? A measly little Eighth Level Divine Traversing actually dares to utter this sort of big talk. Not afraid of your teeth falling out!”

Ye Yuan did not lack resources currently. With the support of medicinal pills, his cultivation speed was very quick. One month’s time, Ye Yuan already broke through to the Eighth Level Divine Traversing.

Wu Jiantong was very arrogant, but he had the capital to be arrogant too. His age was only around twenty plus years old, yet he already reached Ninth Level Boundless!

“Don’t know, and don’t want to know either.”

Ye Yuan’s manner actually did not attach importance to Wu Jianting in the slightest.

Wu Jiantong was clearly someone arrogant at heart and haughty in manner. His temper flared up with a stroke.

“Brat, you have balls! This competition, you’ll die very horrible! Elder Brother Jianqing, let’s go to the reserved box for honored guests. Let these bumpkins squeeze in this corner!”

This place was the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s area. Wu Jiantong naturally had to give some face and could not very well get into a fight.  ( Boxno vel. co m )

After the three people left, Ye Yuan, Tang Fan, and Mu Yun took their seats. Tang Fan gave Ye Yuan a thumbs up and said, “Brother Ye is indeed impressive, to actually even think nothing of Wu Jiantong!”

Ye Yuan was curious too as he said, “Why? Is he famous?”

Mu Yun said with a smile, “More than just famous! The Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time, Wu Jiantong is a favorite contending for the championship second only to Nalan Chu! Offending him, Brother Ye will probably have to be a little careful in the competition this time. Only Brother Ye doesn’t recognize him. If it were another person, they would probably have to take a detour around.”

Ye Yuan touched his nose and said smilingly, “So impressive? Looks like I’ve offended someone I shouldn’t offend!”

Mu Yun said speechlessly, “Brother Ye’s strength is outstanding. But it’s best to be a little more careful still. The grand finals is a fierce struggle. Be slightly lacking in strength, and one will likely get eliminated. The Wu Family is powerful. If any schemes surface, it might be detrimental to Brother Ye.”

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Even if I don’t provoke him, Wu Jianqing would probably think of ways to make him come and provoke me too. This selection competition ultimately still depends on one’s own strength.”

The three people were just speaking when a coquettish madam walked up to the stage and said in a clear voice, “Appreciate everyone honoring with a visit, coming to our Heaven’s Destiny Auction. This lowly self is Cai Yue. I believe that friends who frequently come to the Heaven’s Destiny Auctions won’t be unacquainted with this lowly self. Enough talk, we’d better go into the main topic. Today’s auction items have a total of 13 articles. I believe that everyone came today for that finale holy artifact at the end. As for what that holy artifact is, allow this lowly self to keep you guessing and leave it till the end to unveil!”

This Cai Yue was clearly an auction veteran. Just a few simple words stirred up everyone’s appetites fully.

Holy artifact, this was something not often seen in Rank Nine Holy Lands!

One had to know that holy artifacts were things that Dao Profound Realm powerhouses used. Each item was worth a city.

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was also immensely wealthy, that was why they would take this sort of thing out to auction off.

“I already heard rumors when I came this time. Didn’t think that it’s really a holy artifact!”

“Big Sister Cai Yue, don’t leave us hanging. Quickly tell us just what on earth this finale holy artifact is!”

“Yeah, at most, accompany you to sleep later as compensation. Quickly tell us.”

“Haha …”

No idea who quipped such a sentence either, making a series of loud laughter emit from beneath the stage.

However, although this Cai Yue’s age looked slightly older, she maintained her looks extremely well and even had a mature appeal that young girls could not compare to. With every movement, it would have a massive charm to men. Those whose willpower were slightly weaker could not keep it under control at all.

Cai Yue did not get angry when she heard it either. She said with a coquettish smile, “If this lowly self dares to agree, I wonder if this hero dares to really sleep with this lowly self or not?”

With her smiling like this, beneath the stage actually became silent. No one dared to answer.

Ye Yuan swept over everyone and could not help being puzzled.

One had to admit that this madam was indeed extremely stirring. Why did everyone avoid her like avoiding snakes or scorpions with a jest?

“Hey, this woman’s looks aren’t bad. Why does everyone all seem to be very afraid of her?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

But after waiting a long time, those two kids did not respond.

Turning his head to look, he saw that those two brats were already in a daze. Clearly, they had their souls hooked away by this madam already.

Ye Yuan was helpless and reached his hand out to smack each of their heads. Only then did the two people startle awake.

“Ouch! Brother Ye, what did you hit me for?”

“If I did not hit you guys, your divine souls would have ran away with her!” Ye Yuan said huffily.

The two people’s face flushed red, but their eyes still kept glancing over at Cai Yue.

“Heh, the two brats are new here, right? This Cai Yue is a famous black widow who has already jinxed seven husbands to death. Who dares to be intimate with her?” suddenly, a somber voice sounded out beside.

Ye Yuan trio turned their heads over to look, they saw a black-robed man who wrapped himself up tightly.

Looking from the outside, his sex and strength could not be discerned at all.

But in an auction, this kind of people was common too. Most did not wish to expose their identities. Ye Yuan thought nothing of this too.

But hearing this person’s words, Tang Fan and Mu Yun were stricken with fear. Their gazes when looking at Cai Yue again were the same as the others.

Such a woman, wouldn’t whoever encounter her have to die?

Cai Yue could not help sighing bitterly when she saw the situation and said, “I knew that you men, not one are genuine and sincere!”

This sigh was truly dazzlingly charming, making quite a few people under the stage somewhat unable to endure.

This Heaven’s Destiny Auction being so prosperous was probably not unrelated to this Cai Yue.

Even if this woman could not be touched, having a look also made people lose their heads in ecstasy!

“Alright, alright, making me out to be a shrew. Let’s better return back to business. Everyone, come take a look at today’s first auction article!”

As she said, Cai Yue clapped her hands. A servant presented the first auction item.

Cai Yue urged with her essence energy, removing the restrictions on the auction article, but it revealed a fist-sized rock.

When Ye Yuan saw that stone, his gaze could not help turning intent. Clearly, he had already recognized the origins of this stone. But the others all had blank looks, no idea why the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would bring such a lousy stone out to auction.

Cai Yue said with a smile, “Today’s first auction article, everyone might be a little foreign. But make sure not to look down on it! This rock is called Three-Lives Stone; it is a heaven and earth miraculous item. With it, it’s practically having an additional life!”