Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Sucker

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“Three-Lives Stone! It’s actually the Three-Lives Stone of the legends!” someone suddenly exclaimed beneath the stage. Clearly, he had heard before the renown of the Three-Lives Stone.

But this Three-Lives Stone was extremely rare. Therefore, they did not recognize it either.

Cai Yue’s words stirred up the atmosphere beneath the stage all at once.

Having an additional life, this to all martial artists, was a deadly temptation.

Cai Yue smiled enchantingly and said, “Looks like someone heard of Three-Lives Stone before. But I think that the majority of the people might still be more foreign to it. Three-Lives Stone isn’t a medicinal pill, but it’s more impressive than most miracle elixirs! Martial artists only have to refine it and fuse it into their bodies. When they reach a state of impending death, it will activate on its own and can let you recover to your peak state within ten breaths of time; it is definitely a superb item to preserve one’s life!”

The moment these words came out, the crowd burst into an uproar.

This kind of function could simply be hailed as heaven-defying!

“Cai Yue, what’s the base price of this Three-Lives Stone? I must buy it!” Someone was already too anxious to wait beneath the stage.

Such a heaven-defying item naturally aroused quite a few people’s covetous eyes.

Quite a few people were already itching to give it a go, wanting to bid for this Three-Lives Stone.

Cai Yue saw that the fire was almost there before slowly opening her mouth and saying, “The first auction article, one Three-Lives Stone, the starting auction price is 10 million earth essence crystals! Each increase in price mustn’t be less than 1 million!”

“20 million earth essence crystals!”

“25 million earth essence crystals!”

“30 million earth essence crystals!”

The moment Cai Yue’s voice faded, the price of the Three-Lives Stone was directly raised by 20 million earth essence crystals.

Spending 30 million to buy a life, they felt that it was too cheap.

Except Ye Yuan, Tang Fan and Mu Yun were unbelievably moved.

“31 million earth essence crystals!” Tang Fan could not resist shouting too.

But his yell was surpassed by people very soon. An increase in price by a million seemed to be entirely too inferior to show in public at this time.

Ye Yuan could not help rolling his eyes and said, “Don’t increase the price anymore! This Three-Lives Stone is already at a premium. There’s no need to keep increasing it. Such a small piece of Three-Lives Stone, at most it’s also just worth 20 million earth essence crystals.”

Tang Fan said in surprise, “This thing can give an additional life. 30 million earth essence crystals aren’t considered a lot, right?”

Mu Yun had a curious look too. He was also very impulsive towards this Three-Lives Stone. But this price was raised a little high at all once. He could not quite endure it either.

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, he could not help becoming very curious.

Ye Yuan was just about to speak when a voice suddenly shouted out from inside an honored guest room upstairs.

“60 million earth essence crystals!”

With this shout, everyone all sucked in a cold breath. No one else opened their mouths again.

Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard this yell and immediately revealed a hint of a strange smile.

“60 million once!”

“60 million twice!”

“60 million thrice! Deal! Congratulations to the guest in the Sky Character Number 2 room for obtaining this Three-Lives Stone!”

Following Cai Yue’s moving voice sounding out, this Three-Lives Stone’s ownership was settled too.

A high price of 60 million already surpassed the mental expectations of most people.

Though this thing was good, quite a number of people had their own objectives for coming here. Spending too much money on other things, it would naturally be insufficient for what they set their minds on.

Only genuinely wealthy people would not care about this price of 60 million earth essence crystals.

But the Sky Character Room guests were basically all either wealthy or noble. Otherwise, it was also impossible to enter the distinguished guest box rooms.

Not only was this distinguished guest box room very private, but it was also very comfortable too. All sort of services was also very on point. Ordinary people could not go in at all.

“Brother Ye, looking at your appearance, seems like they suffered a loss buying these earth essence crystals?” Mu Yun said curiously.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “More than just suffered a loss, it’s suffered a huge loss! Although the Three-Lives Stone is miraculous, it’s not a heaven-defying object either. The size of a Three-Lives Stone determines the strength of its effect. This fist-sized Three-Lives Stone only has 70% effect on Boundless Realm martial artists. To Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists, the effects would be even weaker. That Cai Yue deliberately concealed some things. Clearly, she wanted to let people be deceived on account of their generosity. Either way, the effects of this thing can’t be discerned until a life-and-death juncture anyway. If a Divine Traversing Realm used it, it was still okay. If it were a Boundless Realm, it would be of little value. But it’s likely that the possibility of the people inside that Sky Character No. 2 room being Divine Traversing Realms is very small.”

This auction, there were barely any Divine Traversing Realms in the first place. Only a Divine Traversing Realm like Ye Yuan would enter here.

The others, even if they were large family clans’ juniors, they all did not have the qualifications to enter here.

Therefore, the person who spent 60 million to buy this Three-Lives Stone was definitely a sucker. Furthermore, this sucker was even somewhat foolish.

Tang Fan and Mu Yun could not help exchanging glances, and could not help being very sympathetic towards that sucker in the Sky Character No. 2 Room.

Inside the Sky Character No. 2 Room, Wu Jiantong was currently being pleased with himself.

“Heh, there’s actually such a good thing like the Three-Lives Stone. A major trading firm like the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company indeed has some skill. This young master acquiring this thing, I can act recklessly without any qualms in the future when facing enemies! These 60 million earth essence crystals are well-spent!”

“Congratulations to Brother Jiantong! Didn’t expect that this first auction article is such a heaven-defying item. Looks like tonight will have quite a number of good stuff!” Peng Yan said fawningly.

This one afternoon’s time, Peng Yan already became acquainted with Wu Jiantong from messing around and became like a little lackey.

Wu Jianqing’s pugilistic experiences were much more consummate and kept feeling that something was not right. But could not pinpoint it in a short time either.

Furthermore, Wu Jiantong’s status in the family clan was much higher than him. Therefore, it was difficult for him to comment on anything as well.

“Next, we invite the second auction article …”

Ye Yuan had been observing beneath the stage the entire time. This Cai Yue was indeed an expert. Practically each auction item, she could maximize the profits.

Three to four auction items being bid down, Ye Yuan discovered that the price of each article were all above its actual value.

Of course, auction this kind of thing, what it observed was judgment.

People without good judgment would tend to buy at a price higher than the auction item’s price in itself.

But these front few items did not have much use to Ye Yuan. Therefore, he did not have the intention of making a move either.

With Ye Yuan’s horizons, the things auctioned in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, there were really very few able to enter his arcane sights.

Hence, his primary goal of coming today was actually just to accompany Tang Fan, the two of them.

Regarding this sort of auction, Ye Yuan had participated many times during his previous life. He was basically very familiar with it.

Hiking up prices in an auction was very sagacious and not just casually shouting prices.

People who genuinely understood the business all had a psychological price towards each auction article. Once the price hiked up over too much, they would definitely give up.

Therefore, this tested the auction house’s ability.

The base price must be moderate, making the final transaction price hiked up over slightly, yet it was also not to an extent where it broke through the limits of the bidders’ psychological price. Every single thing must be precise.

One could say that the entire auction was a process of scheming and outwitting. It would depend on who grasped it more accurately.

Right now, at this auction venue, there were clearly some people who knew the business but were no match for the many local tycoons. Therefore, several auction items being bid down, there was quite a number which were at a premium by a wide margin.