Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 788

Chapter 788 Black Metal Lump

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It looked bustling, but everyone actually had a score in their hearts.

Everyone coming over tonight, quite a number of them was aiming at that finale holy artifact.

Organizing an auction, the Heavens Destiny Trading Company would naturally leak out some news.

The auctioning of a holy artifact would naturally draw many people to surround and spectate.

Therefore, the final great battle tonight was still concerning that holy artifact.

As long as that holy artifact was not some trash good, the final auction article would definitely be an intense seizing battle.

These auction goods previously were at most considered appetizers before the meal.

All the way until the eighth auction article ended, Ye Yuan did not even make a move to bid for a single item.

But Mu Yun took fancy on an item. Under Ye Yuans guidance, he finally succeeded in the bidding.

What Mu Yun took fancy upon was a Quasi-Tier 9 martial technique. This was also considered pretty good stuff in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

It was just that this Quasi-Tier 9 martial technique was something that was not indispensable to the holy lands major family clans. Therefore, the bidding was naturally not that intense too.

Under Ye Yuans guidance, Mu Yun finally closed the deal with 10 million earth essence crystals as the price.

And when announcing the closing of the deal, some helplessness was concealed in the depths of Cai Yues eyes. Clearly, she was very unhappy with this price.

"Next, were starting the bidding for tonights ninth auction item. Talking about this auction item, truthfully speaking, our Heavens Destiny Trading Company actually doesnt know its usage too. But we invited many appraisal masters who all ascertained before that this black metal lump is absolutely no commonplace good. For this black metal lump, weve specially invited Master Mu Yuanfei to appraise before. The final verdict he gave was that it was very likely to be a kind of very high-ranking artifact refining material. Of course, as for how the specifics functions are, it will probably be up to everybody to fumble yourselves. This black metal lumps base auction price is one million. Each price increase is not to be lesser than 100 thousand. Auction starts."

Cai Yue finished introducing. Quite a number of people already lost interest in this shiny black metal chunk.

Even the Heavens Destiny Trading Company could not figure out this metal lumps use, let alone other people.

As for saying that it was an artifact refining material, god knows if it could really be of use or not. Therefore, when Cai Yues voice faded, it actually became somewhat silent for a moment.

Cai Yue swept a glance around the venue and could not help revealing a hint of a disappointed expression.

Looks like this auction item would likely have to be passed on. But this was also something within expectations. This black metal chunk, they tested many methods, but could not figure out its use.

"1.1 million!"

Just as everyone all felt that it was going to be passed over, suddenly, someone shouted a price. Everyone followed the voice and looked over. It was actually a Divine Traversing Realm youth. Who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

Even Tang Fan and Mu Yun were both rather surprised. Ye Yuan showed no interest the entire night but actually became interested in an unknown item.

Cai Yue revealed an unexpected look of joy. She clearly did not think that there was really someone who offered a price.

"This little brother offers 1.1 million. Is there still any higher than him?"

Cai Yue surveyed the surroundings, hoping for another contender to appear.

"2 million!"

Right at this time, a shout actually came from upstairs. It was precisely the Sky Character No. 2 Rooms Wu Jiantong who increased the price.

Furthermore, this increase raised it by 900 thousand! "The Sky Character No. 2 Rooms guest offers 2 million! Is there still any higher than him?" Cai Yue was faintly quite excited.

"2.1 million!" Ye Yuan faintly shot a glance upstairs, his eyes not even blinking as he added the price.

That fellow upstairs was absolutely here to make trouble. No need to guess and he also knew who that Sky Character No. 2 Rooms sucker was.

The privacy upstairs was very good. The people downstairs were not aware of who was upstairs. But the guests upstairs could see the situation below clearly.

When Wu Jiantong saw that it was actually Ye Yuan yelling out the price, he could not resist playing a prank.

"3 million!" Wu Jianton yelled.

"Hahaha,that guy is definitely a penniless pauper! Saw a cheap item and want to pick up a bargain. I deliberately wont it go according to his wishes!" yelling out the price, Wu Jiantong said to Wu Jianqing duo smugly.

"Huhu,the prices of the goods at the front were all frighteningly high. Just this one is a little cheap. Looks like he really wanted to pick something up at a low price. Brother Wu is truly brilliant!" Peng Yan gave a thumbs up and said.

"3.1 million!" Ye Yuan still yelled calmly.

"4 million!"

"9.1 million."

"10 million!"

Every time Wu Jiantong increased the price, Ye Yuan would add 100 thousand nonchalantly; it was as if an old well without ripples.

But this time, Ye Yuan stopped.

Everyone was stunned. They did not expect that a chunk of scrap metal actually reached 10 million earth essence crystals!

Very clearly, that one upstairs was intentionally raising prices to repulse Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan had an indifferent look prior to this. Everyone even thought that he was a sucker.

But he suddenly stopped, pushing that one upstairs to the edge of the cliff.

"This guy wouldnt have guessed something and deliberately raised prices with us, right?" Wu Jianqing said with a frown.

Wu Jiantong did not speak, but his expression was not too good either.

He was just deliberately baiting Ye Yuan and did not think about buying this lousy thing before at all.

Who knew that he didnt get to bait Ye Yuan; he was baited himself.

"10 million once!"

Cai Yue saw that Ye Yuan did not react the entire time and could not help being a little disappointed.

"10 million twice!"

Wu Jiantongs expression was incomparably ugly. His primary goal this time was also the holy artifact. But in order to buy the Three-Lives Stone previously, the expenditure was somewhat over-budget.

A figure of 10 million was not considered much to him. But buying a chunk of scrap metal back, people would die of laughter.

Furthermore, an amount of 10 million might be able to play a critical role in the final wresting battle.

Although Wu Jiantongs status was high, the credit he could utilize was limited too. It was not possible to draw credit limitless.

"10 million th "

"10.1 million!"

At the final juncture, Ye Yuans voice actually sounded out once more.

This time, his voice was clearly somewhat hesitant.

"Hahaha!Like I said, this penniless pauper cant even take out 10 million, and he actually dares to come to an auction like this!"

Wu Jiantong let out a burst of laughter. On the one hand, it was discerning Ye Yuans limit. On the other hand, it was to cover up his awkwardness from before.

"Jiantong, our goal today is that holy artifact. Better dont stir up unnecessary trouble anymore." Wu Jianqing reminded.

Wu Jiantong nodded his head and also backed down along with that.

Based on his estimation, Ye Yuans limits was also just this much.

Raise the price anymore, and that lump of scrap metal would probably be his.

"10.1 million once! 10.1 million twice! 10.1 million thrice! Deal! Congratulations to this little brother for obtaining the ninth auction item!"

Cai Yues voice carried some pleasant surprise too. She completely never thought that this thing that had concerns about being passed over previously would actually be offered a high price of 10 million. This was truly an unexpected surprise.

Ye Yuan was naturally slightly depressed in his heart too. He originally thought that he could spend a million to pick up a good thing cheap. He didnt expect Wu Jiantong that fellow to actually cut in rudely, making him spend nine million more for no reason.