Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Felt Like A Lifetime Had Passed

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“Brother Ye, could it be that this lousy metal lump has any extraordinary aspects? Tang Fan asked somewhat curiously.

Through of period of time of living together, they were all aware of Ye Yuan’s prudent character.

If this metal lump was really without a single redeeming feature, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Yuan to spend 10 million earth essence crystals to buy it.

Of course, to the current Ye Yuan, 10 million was actually not considered much.

These few months that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion opened for business, he already earned close to 100 million earth essence crystals. Earlier, he deliberately feigned a hesitant appearance in order to make Wu Jiantong not dare to increase prices.

10 million, this was also the price that Ye Yuan estimated before.

Too little, Wu Jiantong definitely would not fall for it.

This metal lump, Ye Yuan was determined to get it. Even though he spent 10 million earth essence crystals, Ye Yuan felt that it was very worth it.

Very worth it!

These auction articles would all release the restrictions when auctioning. Guests could use divine sense and eyes to inspect the auction goods.

Ye Yuan used divine sense to sweep over this black metal lump earlier and actually discovered that the golden characters in his sea of consciousness had strange activities!

This discovery made Ye Yuan endlessly amazed in his heart.

Ever since after Ye Yuan acquired these golden characters, he had no way of mobilizing them all along. Although he continuously attempted to comprehend these golden characters, the progress was very slow.

Like today, the golden characters automatically having strange activities appear, it was still Ye Yuan’s first time encountering.

He even thought that no one would snatch a chunk of scrap metal with him beforehand. He didn’t expect that this Wu Jiantong actually made him spend additional nine million earth essence crystals.

This debt, Ye Yuan silently noted it down too.

Seeing Tang Fan inquire, Ye Yuan just smiled faintly and said, “I’m currently collecting some materials recently. Since even Master Mu Yuanfei said that this metal lump is an excellent material, I naturally have to bid for it.”

The golden characters were of grave importance. Ye Yuan obviously would not easily divulge it. Hence, he found a reason to dodge it a little.

Fortunately, this Mu Yuanfei’s fame was too strong. His words, there were naturally very few people who would doubt.

The auction subsequently, Ye Yuan’s interest somewhat waned.

These things being auctioned were all pretty good. But he held them in complete contempt. He only wanted the auction to end as soon as possible to properly study this black metal lump.

Finally, the front 12 articles all found a buyer, entering the auction of the final finale auction article!

Everyone all perked their spirits up fully. Today’s auction also entered the final climax.

Reaching this finale auction article, Cai Yue’s entire person roused herself because of it, giving people a feeling of radiating spirit.

“I know that among all the guests, there are quite a number of people all aiming at tonight’s finale holy artifact. I, Cai Yue, can take responsibility and tell everybody and this holy artifact absolutely won’t disappoint you all! Actually, when Cai Yue got to know this holy artifact’s origins, I felt very honored to be able to host this auction tonight! Not talking anymore nonsense, let us invite the last finale auction article of tonight!”

When Cai Yue was introducing this auction item, the coquettish air on her face actually vanished without a trace. Her entire person became solemn for it, becoming like a different person from her appearance before.

This made Ye Yuan unwittingly became somewhat curious too. Just what kind of holy artifact could actually make a beautiful, coquettish madam underwent such a big transformation?

And Cai Yue’s introduction likewise whetted up everyone’s appetites fully.

The closer it approached this finale holy artifact, the more nervous everyone’s emotions became.

Under everyone’s stares, a slim and graceful longsword was presented onto the stage. Everyone sized up this longsword with curious faces. The restrictions had yet to be removed. They did not know what incredible aspects this longsword had too.

But hearing the meaning in Cai Yue’s words, this longsword seemed to be a big deal.

“Tsk tsk, although this longsword’s restrictions haven’t be removed yet, it looks very impressive!” Mu Yun said.

“Heh, Brother Ye, do you think that the power will augment or not when displaying the quick-sword art if I bid this longsword down? Brother Ye?”

Tang Fan’s words did not get Ye Yuan’s reply, and he could not help turning his head to look at Ye Yuan. He saw Ye Yuan’s gaze staring fixedly at that longsword, his entire person as if having an immobilizing spell being cast, completely still.

“Brother Ye? What’s with you?” Tang Fan nudged Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan abruptly startled awake before discovering his loss of composure and could not help forcing a smile as he said, “It’s my first time seeing a holy artifact. A little agitated, huhu.”

It was still Tang Fan and Mu Yun’s first time seeing Ye Yuan lose composure like so. Although they did not quite believe Ye Yuan’s words, it was not appropriate for them to comment much either.

Right at this time, the restrictions on the longsword was released. A powerful sword qi instantly engulfed the entire auction venue.

“What a fierce and sharp sword qi! Is this the might of a holy artifact?”

“This sword is simply too incredible! No matter how high a price I expend, I must buy it!”

“Haha, this holy artifact is indeed extraordinary. No wonder the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would regard it so highly! Nobody is deploying the longsword, and it can actually emit such a powerful sword intent on its own! Indeed impressive!”

Waves of exclamations echoed throughout the auction venue. Very clearly, the moment this longsword came onto the stage, it amazed everyone!

Each and every one of them was already itching to have a go, preparing their wallets, planning to bid for this sword.

Cai Yue smiled slightly and said, “Looks like everyone is very satisfied with this sword. But hold your horses, everybody. Allow Cai Yue to introduce this sword’s origins first!”

Cai Yue paused for a bit, extended her exquisite fingers, and lightly caressed the sword body, her eyes filled with a revering look.

“This sword’s name is called Starmoon Sword! I think that everyone is very foreign to its name. But you all should be very familiar with the name of its owner! The name of its owner is called … Qing … Yun … Zi!” Cai Yue said slowly.

“Qingyun Zi! It’s that youngest peak Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi! This … This is actually his personal sword that he had always had with him every single day! It’s his equipped sword!”

Everyone beneath the stage sucked in a cold breath. It was true that this name was too resounding in the Divine Realm.

Even in such a remote White Valiant Region, toward Qingyun Zi’s great fame, it pierced the ears like thunder too.

They never would have thought that this sword was actually Qingyun Zi’s equipped sword!

Hearing this name, Ye Yuan’s entire body could not refrain from shuddering, all sorts of emotions jumbled up in his heart. He could not say what kind of a feeling it was either.

When he saw the Starmoon Sword at first glance, that sort of familiar feeling welled up in his heart. This sort of feeling felt like a lifetime had passed.

Ye Yuan never would have dreamed that he could meet his previous life’s equipped sword here!

Although he was not proficient in martial strength, this Starmoon Sword followed him for many years. The feelings were immensely deep.

Seeing the Starmoon Sword again, how could Ye Yuan not be agitated?

“This Divine Realm, apart from him, who else dares to self-proclaim ‘Qingyun Zi’ these three words? That’s right, this Starmoon Sword was precisely Qingyun Zi’s equipped sword! This sword was formerly a top-tier holy artifact. But after Lord Qingyun Zi perished, this sword passed through several hands and already lost its initial keen edge. The top-level array formation inscribed on the Starmoon Sword is severely damaged. The sword body was also befouled. The current Starmoon Sword is already just a low-grade holy artifact,” Cai Yue said and lamented.