Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 79

Chapter 79: You Dont Have the Heart of a Powerhouse!

"What a joke! In the Dan Wu Academy, nobody has ever dared to harp on about killing someone. I think you must be f*cking ballsy!" 1

Everyone found it extremely comical to see Ye Yuan behave so arrogantly.

One could fight in the Dan Wu Academy and could also arrange for a deathmatch. But nobody had ever dared to talk about killing someone in such a dignified manner.

The way they saw it, Ye Yuan was obviously posturing and wanted to use this sort of threat to force them back.

Ye Yuan adjusted his sword in a showy manner and said coldly, "Since that's the case, then there's nothing to talk about. I'll just have to beat up the guard dogs before going to beat the owner."

With those words, Ye Yuan did not hesitate and then charged into the group with his sword.

Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was executed, and his entire being became a series of afterimages as he passed through these people.

These student managers were all at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Apart from Heaven Rank students and a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm like Lin Tiancheng, they were virtually undefeatable existences in the Dan Wu Academy.

But at this moment, they made a woeful discovery. They could not even touch the corner of Ye Yuan's sleeves.

Ye Yuan's body moved elegantly like countless falling petals, completely traceless.

These student managers were after all Ninth Level Essence Qi Realms, three minor cultivation realms above Ye Yuan. Wanting to defeat them was not so simple.

Ye Yuan could naturally use brute force to deal with these people. But he did not wish to reveal his trump card too early.

In the entire academy, apart from Feng Ruoqing who saw him use the Eight Layer Wave to kill Zhang Heng just now, nobody was aware that he could use the Eight Layer Wave.

Lin Tiancheng was ultimately a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. There was almost a major cultivation realm between him and Ye Yuan. It would not be a good thing if he got to know of his trump card beforehand.

Using the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword to deal with the enemies could conserve essence energy and also numb his opponent. So why not?

Even though Ye Yuan's flames of fury was soaring to the sky right now, he did not lose his reason.

If he did not even have this shrewdness after living two lifetimes, then it was all wasted.

The Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was created by imitating falling flowers. It paid particular attention to flowing with the wind naturally and elegantly, very economical on the usage of essence energy.

Of course, the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was not without weaknesses. The drawback was insufficient attack power.

But in this sort of situation, Ye Yuan did not require much attack power.

He made use of the elegant and nimble movements to give these students some injuries every now and then. As time passed, their combat power dropped drastically.

"Aiyo! My arm!"

"Ah! My leg!"

The curdling screams carried on incessantly. Unwittingly, many injuries had appeared on these student managers' bodies.

"Just what kind of a freak is this guy? Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm and he is this powerful!"

"Stop! Stop! We admit defeat!"

"That's right! Quickly stop! We surrender!"

One person was the first to speak, and everyone else's spirit immediately collapsed. Everyone quickly laid down their arms and surrendered.

After breaking through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, it would be tough for Ye Yuan to find an opponent in the Essence Qi Realm anymore.

Ye Yuan obviously would not slaughter everyone in a frenzy. Seeing that these people had the intention to back away, he threw down the sword in his hand indifferently and headed inside to the inner court.

Grabbing a student doing chores in the inner court and forcing him to lead the way, Ye Yuan went to where Lin Tiancheng was.

Ye Yuan kicked the door wide open with a leg, but the room was already empty, and Lin Tiancheng could not be seen anywhere.

The back window was opened. Clearly, Lin Tiancheng escaped from here.

Ye Yuan laughed coldly and took out a stick of Soul Guiding Incense. He came to the table and casually took up a book to burn. The Soul Guiding Incense became a wisp of green smoke and went with the wind.

A martial artist's divine soul was powerful and would leave behind the scent of their soul in places where they frequently stopped by. The Soul Guiding Incense could differentiate these soul scents and track him down.

When powerful martial artists were fleeing, they would conceal the scent of their soul. Hence, the use of the Soul Guiding Incense was not great. In his past life, Ye Yuan only found it fun, so he researched it a bit.

But Lin Tiancheng evidently did not know how to hide the scent of his soul. It was useless no matter where he fled to.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan's performance truly astonished Lin Tiancheng. Seven to eight Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists were defeated just like chopping vegetables.

Although he did not believe Ye Yuan could really defeat him, at the very least, Ye Yuan already possessed the power to fight with him!

Lin Tiancheng was one of those typical examples of people who bullied the weak but feared the strong. So he chose to run away.

Ye Yuan had already wholly overturned the General Affairs Department. As long as the instructors found out about this matter, he would definitely be expelled. Hence, he had no need to fight it out with Ye Yuan.

Right now, he was going to the back of the mountain to tattle to the instructor!

"What a brainless fellow! So what if he's a genius? Isn't he still screwed over by me, Lin Tiancheng?" Being pleased with himself, the smile on Lin Tiancheng's face could not be concealed no matter what.

Lin Tiancheng who was gloating did not notice that a wisp of green smoke spun a few rounds above his head, which then disappeared.

The next moment, Lin Tiancheng's smile froze on his face. That was because his path ahead was blocked by someone. And that someone blocking him was precisely that hateful Ye Yuan.

How was this possible?

How did he know that I was here?

Ye Yuan just stood in front of him coldly without even hiding his killing intent.

Unknowingly, fear started to take place in Lin Tiancheng's heart as he looked at Ye Yuan's expression.

"Ye Yuan, don't push me too far! Do you really think that I'm scared of you?" Lin Tiancheng was livid, trying to use this to cover up his guilt.

"Aren't you the one who forced me? Congratulations. You've succeeded in infuriating me. And the price for that is your life!" Ye Yuan spoke slowly without any trace of emotion.

"Haha! You really don't know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! Don't tell me that you forgot what this place is? The Dan Wu Academy has never tolerated students killing students. Violators are sentenced to death! Do you wish to go against the academy's rules with your own strength?" Lin Tiancheng guffawed.

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed as he said, "You're really the same as that guy in the medicine garden, treating the academy's rules as your protective talisman! It's because something like the academy's rules that you guys dared to touch my people, right?"

Hearing Ye Yuan's sigh, Lin Tiancheng suddenly felt a chill arise from the bottom of his heart, and the ominous feeling in his heart would not go away.

"W-what did you do to Zhang Heng?"

"Don't you know the answer already?" Ye Yuan replied calmly as if he did something not even worth mentioning.

Lin Tiancheng was like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and cried out in shock, "Y-you really killed Zhang Heng? You really dare to kill people?! Are you insane? You'll be put to death! Hahaha! You are dead, Ye Yuan!"

Ye Yuan let out another sigh and said, "So weak. All you talk about is the academy's rules. No wonder you kept failing the Earth Rank Advancement test. It's because . . . you don't have the heart of a powerhouse!"

Lin Tiancheng trembled. Ye Yuan's words directly struck his trauma and exposed his weakest area!

"You think that you're very exalted being the head student of the General Affairs Department. In reality, it's displaying your weakness! How many of the students who passed the Earth Rank Advancement test came out of there? I came to kill you, but you made your subordinates become your fodders. Finally, you flee without fighting. You don't even dare to fight once. You want to tell the instructor that I'm causing a commotion at the general affairs, right? You are basically a coward! Someone like you would never become a true powerhouse!"

Ye Yuan's words were like a heavy hammer, striking Lin Tiancheng's spirit one blow after another, leaving him short on breath.

  1. In the raw it says "Ate the heart of a bear, and the gall of a leopard."