Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Verifying Capital

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“Although Lord Qingyun Zi was not adept at martial strength, his equipped sword is naturally not an ordinary item too. This Starmoon Sword had once accompanied by Lord Qingyun Zi’s side. Lord Qingyun Zi exceptionally liked it too. At present, although it’s severely damaged, it’s still a sharp weapon. If one can invite a top-tier artifact refining master, he should be able to let this sword recover to its peak state,” Cai Yue introduced slowly.

One could tell that Cai Yue worshiped Qingyun Zi greatly.

In truth, Ji Qingyun had countless fans in the Divine Realm. Yang Wenmiao’s level of support was not worth mentioning at all in front of Ji Qingyun.

His accomplishments back then had indeed stunned an era.

“Alright, not saying anymore. I believe that ‘Qingyun Zi’ this name is already sufficient to illustrate everything! This Starmoon Sword’s base price is 300 million. Each increase in price is not to be lower than 10 million. Auctioning starts now!” Cai Yue said.

The moment the words were uttered, the group of guests all drew a cold breath.

Although the price of a low-grade holy artifact was high, 300 million earth essence crystals was truly a little preposterous.

Normal low-grade holy artifacts, the price was between 100 to 300 million.

But for this Starmoon Sword, 300 million was merely just the base price. Once it drove up, it at least, at least had to increase another 100 million too.

This base price already surpassed the mental expectations of many people.

“310 million!”

The moment Cai Yue’s voice faded, there was immediately someone who shouted a price.

“Heh, only adding 10 million for Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi’s sword? I offer 400 million!”

The one who voiced out this time was actually the Sky Character No. 2 Room. Who could it be if not Wu Jiantong?

This increase was 90 million!

Hearing this price, everyone could not help falling silent once more. They clearly did not expect that the price would be raised so quickly.

“420 million!”

The silences did not last very long. But the one who increased the price this time was the Sky Character No .1 Room.

Ye Yuan already recollected his emotions at this time and could not help becoming rather curious about this Sky Character No. 1 Room. Just now, the hiking of price this time, it was the person in the Sky Character No. 1 Room first time speaking tonight.

“450 million!”

“460 million!”

Sky Character No. 1 Room joined in the fight. The Starmoon Sword’s price rose up very quickly, reaching 500 million very soon.

But after reaching 500 million, the two people’s price shouting speed clearly slowed down.

This price was already getting closer and closer to the two people’s psychological price level.

“510 million!” After being silent for a short while, Wu Jiantong shouted.

Wu Jiantong shouting this price, the Sky Character No. 1 Room fell silent too. Clearly, they were hesitating.

“600 million!”

Right at the moment Sky Character No.1 Room was silent, someone actually shouted out a high price of 600 million directly downstairs!

Everyone looked over where the voice came from and could not help being astonished. The one who shouted the high price of 600 million was none other than precisely that Divine Traversing Realm youth who spent 10 million to buy a metal scrap previously!

“600 million! This little brother shouted out 600 million! Is there still any higher than him?” Cai Yue said agitatedly.

“Damn it! This punk must be deliberate! After the selection competition this time, I’ll definitely make him die very horribly!”

Inside the Sky Character No. 2 Room’s compartment room, Wu Jiantong was currently in a thundering rage right now.

His psychological price level was just around 550 million. The credit limit that the family clan gave him this time was also just 650 million earth essence crystals.

Previously, he already spent 60 million. Now, Ye Yuan raising it to 600 million directly made him very hard to bear it.

With Wu Jiantong’s status, normally, he naturally could amass quite a number of earth essence crystals. But making him utilize his own private savings for one auction was clearly what he could not accept.

Wu Jianqing consoled when he saw the situation, “This Starmoon Sword is indeed above its money’s worth. There is still potential to advance. Exceeding some earth essence crystals, I believe the family clan won’t say anything.”

Wu Jiantong’s expression was livid with rage as he said, “I know, but I can’t swallow this insult! This punk must have guessed that it was me. I scammed him 9 million, he scammed me 90 million!”

Right at this time, Cai Yue’s voice sounded out, “600 million once! 600 million twice!”

“610 million!” Wu Jiantong shouted.

“610 million! Sky Character No. 2 Room’s guest offers 610 million! Is there still any higher?”

Cai Yue’s beautiful eyes were hopeful but looked at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly, but his mouth spoke coolly, “700 million!”

“700 million! This brother offers 700 million!”


Sky Character No. 2 Room, a cup was smashed into pieces.

“This punk, simply bullying others too far! Want to play, is it? I want to see when you can play until!” Wu Jiantong said with unbounded rage.

“750 million!”

“750 million! Sky Character No.2 Room offers 750 million!”

This price already far surpassed the expectations previously. Cai Yue’s excited voice was even somewhat trembling.

“Your Father will throw in all of my private savings! See if you can still afford to play or not!’ Wu Jiantong said with a cold laugh.

But his voice had yet to fade when Ye Yuan’s voice sounded out once more, just like when bidding for that black metal lump previously.

“One billion!”

The two words reverberated lightly in the auction venue. Everyone was stunned.

Same as Wu Jiantong’s thinking, everyone also thought that Ye Yuan was taking revenge this time.

But Ye Yuan raising the price to a billion all at once was something that everyone did not expect from start to end.

Cai Yue did not react for a moment and actually froze on the stage.

“O-One billion! This little brother increased it to one billion!”

Cai Yue reacted very quickly, the pitch of her voice getting increasingly higher. The last two words, she practically screamed it out.

No one would have thought that this Starmoon Sword was actually raised to a high price of one billion!

Wu Jiantong was stunned too. He did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually play so big.

“One billion? Is there still any higher? One billion once! One billion twice …”

“Wait a minute!”

Right as Cai Yue was about to bang the hammer and decide the price, someone suddenly interrupted beneath the stage.

Everyone looked over towards where the voice came from but saw Wu Jianton already came downstairs since goodness knows when.

Cai Yue clearly recognized Wu Jiantong. She smiled sweetly when she heard that and said, “I wonder what advice Young Master Wu has?”

Wu Jianton shot a glance in Ye Yuan’s direction disdainfully and said with a cold smile, “Cai Yue, a Divine Traversing Realm brat actually shouted out a high price of one billion. Don’t you all have any suspicions at all? I think that this boy simply came in to fill up the vacancies! I want to request a verification of capital! If he has a billion earth essence crystals, little lord, I, will pluck my head off for him to kick like a ball!”

Indeed, don’t look at how each and every one of them shouted gleefully in this auction venue. Those able to take out one billion earth essence crystals could absolutely be counted on one’s fingers.

Forget about a measly little Divine Traversing Realm, even Phaseless Realm martial artists might not be able to take out this many earth essence crystals either.

One billion earth essence crystals were roughly equivalent to a Phaseless Realm martial artist’s entire net worth. Furthermore, this was still a minority of Phaseless Realm martial artists.

Therefore, when it raised to 500 million previously, the vast majority of the people all lowered their banners and silenced the drums already.

Though holy artifacts were good, to throw in their entire net worth, it was somewhat not worth it.

Cai Yue was also agitated for a moment earlier and actually forgot about this. Now, hearing Wu Jiantong mention it, she involuntarily started to have suspicions too.

“Apologies, little brother. In order to guarantee everyone’s interests, we still have to verify your assets.”