Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 791

Chapter 791 Old Partner Long Time No See

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Cai Yue said those words very gently, but in her voice had the hint of not tolerating refusal.

Looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance, it did not seem like he could take out one billion earth essence crystals no matter what.

If Ye Yuan dared to fool the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, then his outcome would undoubtedly be very miserable.

Currently, there were already two late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists who came to Ye Yuan’s side. As long as Ye Yuan dared to say a word of refusal, they were probably going to take action.

Ye Yuan raised his head and looked at Cai Yue, saying cooperatively out of everyone’s expectations, “Alright, no problem.”

Looking at Ye Yuan enter the backstage, Wu Jiantong was very pleased with himself in his heart.

“Humph! Let you feign ignorance! Letting the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company take care of you, this fellow, saves this Little Lord the trouble!”

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Two martial artists escorted Ye Yuan into a hidden chamber, but they did not follow in.

While Cai Yue was already inside the hidden chamber since who knows when.

In the entire hidden chamber, there was only Ye Yuan and Cai Yue.

Seeing Ye Yuan enter, Cai Yue came in front of Ye Yuan swaying her slender waist. Her eyes carried a smile as she said, “Little Brother, it’s not that our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company doesn’t trust you, but you also know, it’s very hard for a cultivation realm such as yours to take out so many earth essence crystals. Us doing this is also just for the sake of ensuring that the auction runs smooth. Hope that Little Brother doesn’t mind.”

With a delicate fragrance pervading the air, a smile akin to a flower, plus a magnetic voice, Cai Yue’s seduction power absolutely made people’s blood flow speed up. Inside the entire hidden chamber was filled with a kind of ambiguous atmosphere.

Cai Yue this sort of mature madam’s lingering charm was really not what the average person could withstand.

But Ye Yuan smiled faintly when he saw the situation and said, “Elder Sister don’t have to cast this bewitching art already. Honestly telling Elder Sister, I really can’t take out so many earth essence crystals.”

The previous moment, Cai Yue was still amazed that Ye Yuan was actually able to maintain composure under her seduction. A moment later, her expression became very ugly.

Indeed let Wu Jiantong hit the mark! This brat did not have the earth essence crystals at all!

“Little Brother, do you know what kind of outcome playing tricks with my Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company will be?’

Cai Yue still had the appearance of a flower-like smile, but her tone gradually became cold.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Elder Sister Cai Yue, calm down. Truthfully speaking, encountering the Starmoon Sword is also outside of my expectations. But no matter what, I have to obtain the Starmoon Sword too. Uh … this one billion earth essence crystals, just take it as me loaning from the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.”

“Loan? Huhu, Little Brother really knows how to crack jokes. Could it be that you take our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to be a charity foundation? Since Little Brother can’t take out the earth essence crystals, then don’t blame Elder Sister for not being courteous.”

Cai Yue still had that sweet expression. But the killing intent in her words was already not concealed in the slightest.

But Ye Yuan did not care a whit. He waved his hand and said smilingly, “Elder Sister, don’t get so agitated. This thing, I wonder if it’s worth one billion or not?”

“What thing can be worth one … Gold token! You … Why would you have a gold token!”

Cai Yue had a laid back appearance. But when she saw Ye Yuan take out the gold token, her expression immediately changed.

“Oh, the last time, Ancient Opulence City’s Zuo Xin delivered it to me. I said that I don’t want it, but he made me keep it. I thought that this thing is very valuable. Turns out that that fellow was bluffing me.”

“No, no, no! He didn’t bluff you! This token is very valuable … No, no, no, the value of a gold token is simply unable to be measured using earth essence crystals!” Cai Yue said with somewhat incoherent speech.

She looked over the gold token in her hand repeated, confirming that this was genuine beyond doubt. The shock in her heart could be imagined.

The headquarters actually bypassed them and directly issued a gold token to this youth before her eyes. It could be seen how highly the headquarters regarded this youth!

“Like this huh, it’s good that elder sister says that this thing is valuable. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know what to do today. Huhu, since it’s like this, then can this Starmoon Sword belong to me already? Uh … one billion earth essence crystals, I’ll write an IOU for you,” Ye Yuan said.

Seeing Cai Yue return to the stage alone, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of Wu Jiantong’s mouth.

“Heh heh, I knew that that punk was pretending. With this, he threw himself into trouble, right? A country bumpkin who hasn’t seen the world before. He probably still doesn’t know how terrifying the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company is, right?”

By the side, Wu Jianqing and Peng Yan were also wildly elated when they saw this kind of situation.

The two of them could be said to hate Ye Yuan to the bones. This time, Ye Yuan courting death himself and offending the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, it was truly most gratifying!

Right now, Cai Yue already recovered to that charming and moving appearance, standing on the stage still took people’s breath away.

“Made everyone wait for long. Really sorry about it. Let’s continue the auction. I wonder if there is still anyone offering a higher price for this Starmoon Sword? If there isn’t, it will belong to Young Master Ye. Additionally, from today onwards, Young Master Ye will be my Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s honored guest. If any mishap happens to him in the holy land, our Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company will definitely pursue it to the end!”

Cai Yue’s words made everyone stunned.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin by causing other’s greed.!

Cai Yue words were warning those people with devious ideas to not think about killing people to seize treasures this sort of thing.

Of course, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company warning was still very fearsome.

Wu Jiantong’s expression changed, and he shouted, “Cai Yue, what’s going on here? Don’t tell me that that brat really has a billion earth essence crystals!”

Cai Yue smiled at Wu Jiantong and said, “Young Master Ye indeed has a billion earth essence crystals on his, without any problem at all! If Young Master Wu has set your mind on the Starmoon Sword, you can carry on bidding, I’ll invite Young Master Ye out again. But Young Master Ye said to me earlier that this Starmoon Sword, he’s determined to get it. Even if it’s two billion, he’ll accompany right till the end.”

Wu Jiantong’s expression became extremely ugly. His face had a fiery-hot feeling.

He thought that Ye Yuan was someone who had not seen the world. He didn’t expect that Ye Yuan was really wealthy!

Two billion!

Tsk tsk, these words were said domineeringly!

Even their family clan’s Phaseless Realm elders also did not dare say to be able to take out two billion earth essence crystals casually!

A puny little Divine Traversing Realm was actually able to take out such an astronomical figure of earth essence crystals. Too scary.

“Let’s go!”

At this auction venue, they were all people with statuses. How could Wu Jiantong still have the face to stay on?

He doubted that Ye Yuan did not have money. The result was that Ye Yuan was richer than himself.

“Hang on! Young Master Wu bought the Three-Lives Stone. Please settle the earth essence crystals before leaving,” Cai Yue said coolly.

Wu Jiantong’s figure froze, and he could only stop.

The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was not what their puny little Wu Family could afford to provoke.

It was just that due to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land being a Rank Nine Holy Land did the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company not send a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse to hold down the fort.

A distinguished Rank One Holy Land, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s Dao Profound Realm powerhouses were considerable.

Helpless, Wu Jiantong toughened his scalp and settled the bill before bringing the Three-Lives Stone and leaving.

But this Wu Family really had people who were knowledgeable about goods. When Wu Jianton took the Three-Lives Stone for the Wu Family’s Family Head to see, he was immediately hurled with a torrent of abuse on the spot.

Using 60 million earth essence crystals to buy such a gray product and he actually had the nerve to take it out!

Of course, this was the afterword.

At present, Ye Yuan was currently in the hidden chamber. The Starmoon Sword was lying quietly on the sword rack. Ye Yuan looked intently at it and was silent for a long time.

No idea how long had passed either, then Ye Yuan suddenly heaved a sigh and went forward to lightly caress the sword body, saying to the Starmoon Sword, “Old partner, long time no see. Can you still recognize me?”