Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Black Metal Lumps Transformation

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Seemingly sensing something, the Starmoon Sword on the sword rack emitted a humming, quivering sound.

The spirituality of a holy artifact was even stronger than a profound artifact. Even if Ye Yuan already changed his appearance presently, it still recognized that former owner.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly, holding the Starmoon Sword in his hand.

Meeting again, waves of melancholy suffused in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Starmoon Sword was together with him for 200 years. But compared to the Limitless Cauldron, the Starmoon Sword was neglected too much by him.

Seeing the Starmoon Sword again currently, Ye Yuan actually had an indescribable sense of familiarity. Scenes of the bygone days rolled around inside Ye Yuan’s mind as if it was yesterday.

“Old partner, let’s strive together to return to the peak, and roam the Divine Realm unobstructed!”

The dark cloud around Ye Yuan’s body was swept away cleanly. What replaced it was a resolve to press forward with an indomitable will.

The Starmoon Sword emitted waves of light humming sounds. Clearly, it was replying Ye Yuan’s heroic declaration.

Ye Yuan inspected the Starmoon Sword for a bit and discovered that it was indeed damaged severely. He did not have many accomplishments in the path of artifact refining. Wanting to let the Starmoon Sword return to its peak state, he still had to find an artifact refining grandmaster.

But even if it was damaged so seriously, the Starmoon Sword was also more than just a level higher than the Xuanying Sword.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s degree of familiarity with the Starmoon Sword was completely not what other weapons could compare to.

Falling Flower Floating Zero was created by Ye Yuan using the Starmoon Sword.

Returning to his residence, Ye Yuan chose to enter closed-seclusion right away.

The residences were all provided for by the holy land. The security was strict. Ye Yuan was not worried that there would be people casting greedy eyes on his Starmoon Sword either.

His mind stirred, and Ye Yuan entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

The black metal chunk suspended quietly in front of Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan’s divine sense swept over towards the black metal chunk. The golden characters in his sea of consciousness indeed had a reaction.

Previously, Ye Yuan just extend his divine sense casually and did not do it seriously.

Experiencing it carefully at this very moment, he discovered that the golden characters’ strange activities were not as intense as he imagined.

“Uh … There seems to be a kind of resonance. But what on earth is this sort of resonance? Apart from this, the black metal lump doesn’t seem to have any special aspect at all.”

Sensing for quite a while, Ye Yuan was rather dispirited too. Because the function of this black metal lump did not seem to be as big as imagined.

Could it be that spending these 10 million earth essence crystals were really a blunder?

Ye Yuan obviously would not be resigned to it. After such a long time, he finally had a chance to explore the profound mysteries of the golden characters. How could he be willing to let it slip by?

“Since there’s no reaction, I’ll refine you! I want to take a look at just what the hell you are!”

But the refining process was not as easy as Ye Yuan imagined.

This black metal lump was clearly not an ordinary item. Ye Yuan expended an entire day’s time and only refined one-tenth.

At the rate of this speed, he could forget about refining finish before the competition started.

But Ye Yuan did not lack patience. The second day, he refined another one-tenth. The black metal lump still did not have any reaction.

The third day, then the fourth day. When it reached the fifth day, the black metal lump finally had some transformation!

This transformation made Ye Yuan wildly ecstatic!

On the fifth day, Ye Yuan’s rate of progress already refined close to half. On the black metal lump, it actually shed off a piece, a hint of gold color emerging!

This hint of gold looked like some sort of character stroke. Ye Yuan cross-referenced this to the golden characters in his sea of consciousness for a bit and discovered that there were quite a few characters that matched that hint of character stroke.

“Could it be that recorded on this black metal lump is precisely this sort of golden characters? I didn’t notice before this, but looking at it now, this black metal lump seems rather like a cauldron’s fragment piece! Is it possible that … this is a Deity Realm powerhouse’s medicinal cauldron’s fragment piece?” Ye Yuan guessed boldly.

The sixth day, the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition was finally starting!

The qualifying system of the grand finals was very exaggerated. But it also significantly tested genuine strength.

A total of 60 contenders organized from No. 1 to No. 60. Every day, they would carry out three rounds of showdown. The opponents for each confrontation would be different, all the way until you finish facing off with all the opponents!

Which was also to say that each person would undergo a match with the other 59 contestants!

Finally, according to the number of victories, it would decide the rankings!

These grand finals would last for 20 day’s time.

This kind of qualifying system did not permit any bit of choosing the easy way. The contestants must go all out for each match before they could obtain a better rank.

When Pei Wenqiang saw Ye Yuan, the smile on his face was extremely odd.

“I heard that you made that Wu Family’s cocky brat eat a huge loss. Haha, really satisfying! That punk had long rubbed me the wrong way! The moment I recall Wu Jianqing’s horse face, I have unspeakable satisfaction in my heart! Wu Jiantong that brat doesn’t know that you have a gold token and actually even dared to doubt you. Hahaha, really killing me!”

Pei Wenqiang had seen before Ye Yuan’s hold token. At that time, he was frightened badly too.

This thing was completely not what earth essence crystals were able to measure. What was laughable was that Wu Jiantong actually even dared to doubt Ye Yuan’s ability to pay.

Served him right to eat a loss!

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “Enough nonsense. Are our numbers issued yet?”

Pei Wenqiang did not mind either, saying with a laugh, “Out already. You’re No. 7. Tang Fan is No. 23. Mu Yun is No. 51.”

This number was randomly pulled. There was no good or bad as well. Either way, no matter what, they would run into every opponent.

Furthermore, the grand finals this time, every last one of them was not mediocre. Seems like whoever the opponent was did not matter.

“No. 7, seems pretty good. During which match will I run into that Nalan Chu?” Ye Yuan asked.

“Heh, helped you take a look long ago. You will only encounter him at the 42nd match. But don’t lower your guard either. Before him, there are also quite a few formidable foes. You have to pay attention,” Pei Wenqiang seemed to have long known Ye Yuan’s thoughts and reminded him.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and was not surprised about this.

Rendezvousing with Tang Fan, Mu Yun, and the rest, this group of people gathered at the Crimson Afterglow Plaza.

The Crimson Afterglow Plaza was situated at the central zone of the holy land. The total area occupied was extremely vast.

The selection competition this time was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s unprecedented grand event and also the stage for the holy land’s various major families’ contest of strength. Therefore, the attention aroused was naturally very extensive too.

“First Elder, what significance does Holy Lord organizing this selection competition this time have? In my view, Nalan Chu is most assuredly the number one. What need is there still for such a competition?”

“Dao Profound Realm powerhouses can already peep into heaven’s secrets on the sly. How can the Holy Lord’s thoughts be what we’re able to speculate? Nalan Chu is indeed the holy land’s hard to come by in a thousand years genius. But to say that he’s definitely number one, I beg to differ. The competition this time selected quite a few interesting little fellows!”

“No way, right? Nalan Chu’s strength is fully worthy of number one in the holy land. Even Wu Jiantong is a great deal worse than him. Among the other division competition zones selected, there is actually someone who can have a showdown with him?”

“Heh heh, you just see later on!”

The competition had yet to begin, but the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s First Elder brimmed with confidence toward the competition this time.