Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Two Consecutive Wins

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At the holy land camp’s side, Wu Jiantong and another genius were currently whispering to each other.

“Wu Xi, you’re facing Ye Yuan in your third match today. Deal a vicious blow for me and punish this brat properly! Although the competition forbids killing, crippling him and making him withdraw from the competition of his own accord are not a problem!” Wu Jiantong said coldly.

This Wu Xi was another contestant on the holy land’s side. Similarly Ninth Level Boundless, he was the closest with Wu Jiantong.

Speaking of this, iit was coincidental too; a total of three rounds of competition was held today, and Ye Yuan’s opponent in the third round was this Wu Xi.

So Wu Jiantong went to find him before the competition even started.

The six contestants taking part in the competition on the holy land’s side were all Ninth Level Boundless. Their strength swept away the other division competition zones.

Ye City’s side, in contrast, the line up looked rather pitiful.

Yang Wenmiao, who had the highest cultivation realm, was also merely just Eighth Level Boundless. As for Ye Yuan, he was just Eighth Level Divine Traversing.

This kind of strength was completely too inferior to show in public in many people’s view.

Wu Xi’s eyebrows jumped, and he laughed in spite of himself as he said, “That Divine Traversing Realm brat? You passed by that Starmoon Sword by a narrow margin all thanks to that brat, right? Huhu, this boy also doesn’t have any eyesight, to actually dare offend Brother Jiantong.”

Wu Jiantong’s face turned black, and he said, “Stop talking about such useless stuff. Are you helping this favor or not? After the deed is done, I’ll gift you a Spirit Enlightening Pill!”

Wu Xi was stunned, then was immediately pleasantly surprised as he said, “Brother Jiantong is putting in blood capital this time! Alright then, since Brother Jiantong already said it like this, I’ll naturally accept deferentially than to decline courteously!”

Boundless Realm breaking through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm was likewise an extremely hard to cross threshold.

This was a kind of qualitative leap from the Middle Three Realms to the Upper Three Realms.

The Upper Three Realms focused more on comprehension towards the Dao. It had exceedingly high requirements towards a martial artist’s own talent.

After reaching the Upper Three Realms, each step that a martial artist advanced would also become even harder to stride forward.

This Spirit Enlightening Pill was precisely a miracle panacea to help martial artists break through the Middle Three Realms bottleneck and reach the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

This Spirit Enlightening Pill’s benefit was somewhat different from the other medicinal pills.

Martial artists lacking in talent could break through the threshold of Heaven Enlightenment Realm through consuming Spirit Enlightening Pills many times to comprehend the Heavenly Dao.

But this Spirit Enlightening Pill, even to the holy land’s various major families, it was an extremely rare item too, and not obtainable at will.

Even though it was only a Tier 6 medicinal pill, the degree of its scarcity was not much lower than the Flying Crane Profound Torrential Pill which Pei Wenqiang obtained previously.

Therefore, in order to thorough cripple Ye Yuan this time, Wu Jiantong had indeed poured in blood capital.

The competition commenced. The opponent for Ye Yuan’s first match was an Eighth Level Boundless hailing from the mapleforest competition zone.

Running into a Divine Traversing Realm like Ye Yuan in the first match, that Eighth Level Boundless was naturally thrilled in his heart.

“Looks like the competition this time, my luck is pretty good running into you, the sole Divine Traversing Realm in the first match, giving me an auspicious start!” after going up to the stage, that Eighth Level Boundless said with a loud laugh.

Ye Yuan looked at his opponent with a smile that wasn’t a smile, and then he said to the Starmoon Sword in his embrace, “Old partner, let’s go!”

A Myriad Rain Sword Blades was unleashed. The opponent’s expression changed abruptly!

Not just the opponent, the audience spectating beneath the stage were all struck dumb with amazement.

“T-T-That is a supreme true intent! Oh my God, that is a supreme true intent! This Divine Traversing Realm actually comprehended a supreme true intent!”

“No wonder a Divine Traversing Realm can charge into the grand finals! Turns out that he comprehended a supreme true intent!”

“Also, that sword in his hand, that is a holy artifact, as if it was born inherently for his sword intent! Under the cooperation of the two, the might of this move is more than a level stronger!”

Beneath the stage was full of exclamations. A Divine Traversing Realm who comprehended a supreme true intent was sufficient to cause a sensation.

The most pitiful one was Ye Yuan’s opponent. He completely did not foresee the power of Ye Yuan’s move. Caught unprepared, he was blasted down the arena directly by Ye Yuan’s one sword.

It was also that his cultivation realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s. Otherwise, this sword could absolutely beat him until he was full of holes.

But wielding the Starmoon Sword in his hand, it had indeed played a huge augmenting effect on Ye Yuan’s supreme true intent.

If it were using the Xuanying Sword to display this move, it absolutely would not cause such a threat to the other party.

One move finished off the opponent neat and tidily.

“Ye Yuan wins!”

The judge announced the results immediately.

On the high platform, First Elder’s expression also became extremely fascinating.

“Hahaha, I truly didn’t expect that apart from Nalan Chu, there is still someone able to comprehend a supreme true intent! Furthermore, it looks like the time he comprehended the supreme true intent is already not that short. This Divine Traversing Realm boy, interesting! Interesting!”

After Ye Yuan descended the stage, Pei Wenqiang looked at him with a bitter smile on his face as he grumbled, “You, this punk, hid the truth from me so bitterly! I really didn’t think that you actually already comprehended a supreme true intent! No wonder you dared to utter that sort of big talk!”

Yang Sen was also endlessly surprised and bewildered at the side. When Ye Yuan was at the Ye City division zone, he actually concealed his strength the entire time!

And Pei Wenqiang knew Ye Yuan for such a long time and really had not seen Ye Yuan display a supreme true intent before.

Ye Yuan’s sword immediately aroused substantial attention.

Before this, he might be the least favored among all of the contestants. But the power of this one sword let everyone see his might clearly.

Right then, the voice of the judges sounded out on the platforms from time to time.

“Nalan Chu wins!”

“Wu Jiantong wins!”

“Wu Xi wins!”

Nalan Chu these people’s strengths belonged to the first-tier. As long as the opponent’s strength was not too powerful, finishing off the opponent was also something effortless.

But compared to Ye Yuan, their speed was still slightly slower by a bit.

When they heard that the sole Divine Traversing Realm contestant this time actually knew a supreme true intent, their expressions became fascinating one by one.

Wu Xi suddenly discovered that this Spirit Enlightening Pill did not seem to be too easy to get!

His concepts comprehension was very high. But it was still a little off from comprehending a supreme true intent.

And just this ‘a little,’ was a nigh-insurmountable chasm!

Among them, only Nalan Chu alone crossed over this chasm.

“Scared of what? Even if he comprehended a supreme true intent, he’s also merely just a Divine Traversing Realm! With your strength, you’re absolutely able to defeat him. My promise from before still stands!” Wu Jiantong said to Wu Xi in a low voice.

After Wu Xi mused for a moment, he nodded his head and said, “Okay!”

The reason why he agreed to Wu Jiantong was that he was jealous!

In order to comprehend a supreme true intent, Wu Xu expended a huge price. But until now, he kept failing to comprehend as well.

Forget about comprehending, his concepts comprehension was even a little worse compared to Wu Jiantong.

But a measly little Divine Traversing Realm martial artist? What right did he have to comprehend a supreme true intent?

“This punk, I must cripple him!” Wu Xu said secretly.

After all the matches in the first round were done, they rested for two hours, then started the second round of matches.

Ye Yuan’s opponent this time was still an Eighth Level Boundless!

Without the least bit of suspense, Ye Yuan blasted his opponent down the platform neat and tidily once more with a Myriad Rain Sword Blades.

Two consecutive wins!