Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Unfair Treatment

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Consecutively instant-killing two Eighth Level Boundless Realms, Ye Yuan’s strength was already indisputable.

Previously, those people who thought that Ye Yuan was trying his luck all shut their mouths up sensibly at this time.

Just based on these two battles, Ye Yuan entered the ranks of the first-group well-deservingly.

After two matches, Ye Yuan’s third match was particularly in the limelight.

Wu Xi was a well-worthy strong foe of the first group. Facing Ye Yuan, this dark horse, just who would win and who would lose became the third round’s focal battle.

Wu Xi was a top 10 strong contender. If Ye Yuan beat Wu Xi, he would become this competition’s greatest dark horse and absolutely had the strength to charge into the top 10.

If Ye Yuan was defeated, that his strength could only wander between the first-group and second-group. He would probably not draw much attention in the competition afterward either.

“Brother Ye, after you obtained the Starmoon Sword, it’s simply adding wings to a tiger! In my view, there’s no problem at all with you defeating Wu Xi!” Mu Yun said with vicissitudes of emotion.

The first two rounds, Mu Yun won one and lost one. The opening was also considered barely satisfactory.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

To Mu Yun, this battle result was still considered passable. Facing a bunch of Seventh and Eighth Level Boundless Realm experts, he, a Sixth Level Boundless could win one and lose one was already very not easy.

Rather, it was Tang Fan’s prior two battle results that were not bad, likewise obtaining a battle result of two consecutive wins.

His quick-sword, other people really could not adapt to it in a short time.

Furthermore, under Ye Yuan’s guidance, his quick-sword improved by leaps and bounds. This also became one of his capital to keep a foothold.

“Ye Yuan, this third match, you got to be a little careful. This Wu Xi’s relationship is the closest to Wu Jiantong. They might come up with some schemes,” Pei Wenqiang warned.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “I won’t offend people unless I’m offended. If I’m offended, I definitely won’t let people off!”

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of offending people. But the moment he went up to the stage, he sensed that faintly discernible killing intent coming from Wu Xi there.

“I heard that you actually comprehended a supreme true intent at your young age. You really broadened this Wu’s horizons! Today, let this Wu have a taste of the prowess of a supreme true intent. However, fists and kicks are mute. You have to be careful,” Wu Xi said with a gleeful smile.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Like this, huh? Then you have to be careful. My sword intent, I can’t even control it myself at times!”

Wu Xi’s face turned black when he heard that. This punk actually dared to threaten him!

“Is that so? Then I want to see just how formidable your sword intent is!”

Wu Xi’s tone became cold, resting his hand on his sword, and pouncing forward!

He specifically researched Ye Yuan’s previous two matches before and still had some understanding towards Ye Yuan’s moves.

The might of Myriad Rain Sword Blades was indeed very powerful. Therefore, Wu Xi did not plan to give Ye Yuan the chance to unleash this move.

He planned to use his cultivation realm to forcefully exhaust Ye Yuan completely!

Yet, the moment both parties came into contact, Wu Xi’s heart plummeted.

Ye Yuan’s movement technique was extremely bizarre. He clearly only had a Divine Traversing Realm strength, but his speed was actually even half a level faster than him!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s Starmoon Sword was very sharp. Just exchanging blows two to three times and the profound artifact longsword in Wu Xi’s hands actually had a feeling of being unable to withstand it!

This was still under the support of his thick essence energy. If it were swapped to a strength similar to Ye Yuan’s, the profound artifact longsword in his hand would likely be chopped in half already at this time.

How could he know that even though the Starmoon Sword was only a low-grade holy artifact right now, the material quality of the Starmoon Sword was a top-tier holy artifact’s material quality?

Even if the inscribed array formations were already destroyed, Starmoon Sword’s sharpness was far from what a profound artifact could compare to.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

The audience beneath the stage was really unable to imagine that an Eighth Level Divine Traversing martial artist was actually overpowering a Ninth Level Boundless genius and pummeling him!

Originally, everyone thought that it was a battle well-matched in strength. At this time, a one-sided situation actually emerged.

Wu Xi’s thick essence energy actually did not have the least bit of use in front of Ye Yuan. Every move and stance was overpowered by Ye Yuan. It was really aggrieving.


A clear and distinct sound. The longsword in Wu Xi’s hand actually snapped into two!

Without a weapon in his hand, Wu Xi’s declining momentum immediately became even more evident.

Ye Yuan naturally would not let go of this chance, immediately displaying the Thousand Flowing Petals!

If talking about which move among Ye Yuan’s sword moves acquired the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword’s true essence most of all, it was undoubtedly this move, the Thousand Flowing Petals.

Coupled with the Starmoon Sword to execute it, the might of this move doubled!

In such an arena battle, the Thousand Flowing Petals made it all the more nowhere for people to run!

The violent floating petals continuously eroded Wu Xi’s defensive ring. Finally, the floating petals breached Wu Xi’s protective essence energy and the piercingly cold sword intent sliced him until he was covered with wounds all over his body.

“Ye Yuan wins!”

Wu Xi’s strength was very formidable. This battle, Ye Yuan expended quite a bit of energy and time. After Wu Jiantong defeated his opponent, he had long come to this platform side, wanting to watch the appearance of Ye Yuan being crippled.

But sadly, what he saw was the Wu Xi covered in wounds all over.

“Elder Qin, this battle is unfair! The weapon in Ye Yuan’s hand is a holy artifact! Wu Xi is unable to unleash his proper strength at all! Him using a holy artifact against his opponents is not fair to everybody!” Wu Jiantong suddenly said to that judge.

This Elder Qin was a Phaseless Realm expert. The battle earlier, he naturally took it into his sights.

Ye Yuan being able to obtain victory, a very large extent was taking advantage of his weapon. Wu Jiantong’s words did not seem to be wrong, either.

For a moment, Elder Qin actually became hesitant.

Holy artifacts to those major family clans were not some rare items. But to these young geniuses, it was very hard to come by.

Other than Ye Yuan, there was no one qualified to use holy artifacts to face their opponents in this competition at all.

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan was the special one among these people!

But the problem was, there was no relevant rule prior to this competition, saying that contestants could not use holy artifacts.

Right then, First Elder’s stately voice suddenly came from above the high platform, “The holy land organizing the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time, the objective is for the sake of selecting young geniuses with potential. Using holy artifacts indeed infringes upon this original intention. It does make it unfair. Hence, from the next match onwards, Ye Yuan is not to employ the holy artifact against his opponents.”

The moment these words were uttered, Ye Yuan’s expression could not help changing slightly.

This sort of provisional rule, the targeting was too obvious.

Actually, not just Ye Yuan, the faces of everyone spectating all revealed looks of sympathy.

Actually, everyone all knew that even though holy artifacts were powerful, it needed the martial artist to unleash its power too.

A Divine Traversing Realm martial artist being able to utilize a holy artifact to this sort of extent in itself was extremely seldom-seen.

If it were another person, even if he were given the Starmoon Sword, he still would not be able to unleash one-tenth of Ye Yuan’s ability.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm in itself was lower than all the contestants. Therefore, this rule actually made many people’s hearts uncomfortable.

But these words were personally said by the holy land’s First Elder. Who would dare to refute?

The First Elder’s position in the holy land was extremely high. It could be said to be the number one person under the Holy Lord.

The grand meet this time, he was entirely in charge of it.

Even though this sort of provisional rule was inappropriate, no one dared to say anything as well. Who asked the selection competition this time to be organized by them?