Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Fulfilling

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“First Elder, didn’t you say that you think very highly of this Ye Yuan? Why …”

First Elder smiled and said, “It’s precisely because I think highly of Ye Yuan that I forbid him from using a holy artifact. Didn’t you notice that after Ye Yuan used a holy artifact, his strength is already a great deal stronger compared to those so-called geniuses? Moreover, this boy didn’t bring out his full strength at all! I banned him from using a holy artifact because I wanted to take a look at his true strength!”

That elder could not help being stunned. Already powerful to such an extent and he actually had not brought out all of his strength yet?

Just what were this Ye Yuan’s limits?

“First Elder, since it’s forbidden to use holy artifacts, then should Ye Yuan’s previous battle results be nullified or not?”

When Wu Jiantong saw the First Elder actually personally made a move to restrict Ye Yuan, not mentioning how excited he was, he immediately climbed up along the pole, wanting to annul Ye Yuan’s previous battle results.

“Previously was the holy land’s issue. Therefore, Ye Yuan’s battle results are valid. This rule will start implementation from the next match!” First Elder’s voice sounded out once more.

Actually, not that the holy land did not consider about the matter of using holy artifacts. But Boundless Realm martial artists were completely unable to unleash the might of a holy artifact.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

Even if they used holy artifacts, the augmentation towards their strength was also very limited.

Take Wu Jiantong for example, even if he used the Wu Family’s holy artifact, it was also not possible to beat Nalan Chu. Hence, that was why the holy land did not target holy artifacts and implement restrictions.

But Ye Yuan’s appearance completely shattered this kind of situation. This also forced First Elder to change the rules impromptu.

Facing this kind of unfair treatment, Yang Sen’s and Pei Wenqiang’s faces both revealed looks of refusal to comply.

But First Elder’s position was too high. They totally did not dare to refute and also dared to feel indignant but did not dare to speak up.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan himself who appeared quite calm.

He looked at those few vague and insubstantial figures on the high platform and said coolly, “Whatever makes you happy.”

Finished talking, he put away the Starmoon Sword and directly left the competition venue.

Ye Yuan’s battles on the first day ended with complete victories for the three matches like this.

Ye Yuan domineeringly charging into the first-group was also out of everyone’s expectations.

The first day’s three rounds of competition all ended. But the contestants who won all three matches were scanty few; there were only five people!

The rest, the vast majority all had wins and losses. It could be seen that everyone’s strength were all very close.

Beside the competition venue, there was a light screen formed using an array formation. After each round, everyone’s battle results would be displayed on the light screen.

Nalan Chu’s name was impressively ranked at first place.

Right after Nalan Chu were respectively Li Zongtao, Wu Jiantong, Zhang Tianyi, as well as Ye Yuan.

These five people all won the three matches on the first day fully and were tied at first place.

It was just that Ye Yuan expended too much time in the third battle, so he was ranked in the last place.

Of course, the first day’s ranking list did not have much significance. Along with the passing of time, this ranking list would undergo tremendous changes.

Ye Yuan did not have the spare time to worry about these. After returning to his residence, Ye Yuan entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda immediately and continued refining the black metal lump.

Being able to pry into the mysteries of the golden characters, Ye Yuan was filled with vigor right now.

Ye Yuan’s rate of progress in refining the black metal lump today seemed to be much faster than before. Even though it was only one night, he actually refined one-tenth too.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

At the rate of this progress, Ye Yuan still needed five day’s time to be able to thoroughly refine it completely.

Ye Yuan very much wanted to see what kind of transformation would happen to the golden characters at that time.

The competition in the following few days did not pose much of a challenge to Ye Yuan. Three consecutive days, Ye Yuan won all three matches completely.

After three days, Ye Yuan continued to firmly occupy the position in the first group on the ranking list with the battle result of nine complete victories.

While at this time, the contestants that had complete victories on the ranking list were only left with four people.

Li Zongtao ran into a powerful foe, Nalan Chu, on the third day’s battle. In the midst of fighting bitterly for over a hundred rounds, he was defeated in the end.

But to be able to force Nalan Chu to such a plight, Li Zongtao’s strength also obtained everyone’s affirmation.

Of course, apart from Ye Yuan, the one receiving the most attention was still Zhang Tianyi!

This Zhang Tianyi was the same as Ye Yuan; he was also from other division competition zone.

During these three days of matches, Zhang Tianyi repeatedly defeated powerful adversaries and kept on maintaining complete victories. His fame even overshadowed Ye Yuan.

Even though Ye Yuan also maintained complete victories, he did not run into any genuinely formidable foe in these three days.

But the fourth day’s competition, Ye Yuan encountered the most tenacious obstacle since the start of the competition.

The first battle on the fourth day, Ye Yuan ran into a genius called Han Feng!

He, Zhang Tianyi, and Ye Yuan were the same; there were similarly from other division competition zones. But unfortunately, he ran into Nalan Chu on the first day. Hence, that was why he was not tied in the first place.

Even though he lost in the end, he and Nalan Chu battled for 200 rounds; even more formidable than Li Zongtao!

“Ye Yuan, hope that you won’t disappoint me! I want to use you to sharpen the saber in my hand!” Right when he saw Ye Yuan, Han Feng released a powerful fighting intent.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I won’t let you down!”

When the fight started, Ye Yuan felt that power coming from head-on.

This Han Feng’s strength was indeed absurdly daunting.

This Han Feng’s comprehension towards saber intent infinitely approached supreme true intent.

“This Han Feng seems to be even stronger than when fighting Nalan Chu! This time, Ye Yuan ran into a tough character. You never know, his momentum of consecutive wins might come to an end here!”

“Terrifying fellow. This blade after blade, the imposing momentum is overwhelming! Ye Yuan being able to receive such a berserk saber intent is also really not easy! He’s only Divine Traversing Realm. Wait until he breaks through to Boundless Realm, he’ll likely be invincible in the same rank. Even Nalan Chu might not be his match.”

“Yeah. This Ye Yuan was born at the wrong time. If I give him another one or two year’s time, he’ll absolutely have the strength to have a showdown with Nalan Chu. Sadly, his present cultivation realm is too low.”

“En? No, wait! You guys, look! Han Feng … seems to have broken through! He … He comprehended the elementary form of a supreme true intent!”

All of a sudden, someone exclaimed.

Han Feng’s saber momentum was more fearsome than the last. The final blade, Han Feng actually broke through the fetters and achieved a supreme true intent!

One saber out, and there was an aura of cleaving the world into two halves.

Ye Yuan seemed to have long expected this. Facing this move with an irresistible force, Ye Yuan’s longsword pointed. Immediately, the lands changed color!

An intangible sword intent flooded the entire platform as if the world was all sword intent!

The audience surrounding and watching beneath the stage, their expression changed again and again.

This battle was truly one wave higher than the former!

They originally thought that Ye Yuan lost for sure, but did not expect that Ye Yuan still had an even stronger move!

“Rending the Sky!”

Ye Yuan’s sword being released, it immediately utterly obliterated the supreme saber intent which Han Feng condensed and formed.

The whole audience was dead silent, all waiting for Han Feng’s counteroffensive to regain lost ground once more.

But no one could have expected for Han Feng to suddenly cup his fists at Ye Yuan and said, “Many thanks for Brother Ye helping me achieve my aim! Han Feng concedes! With Brother Ye’s strength, even if you don’t borrow the power of a holy artifact, it’s also sufficient to have a showdown with Nalan Chu!”

Everyone was taken aback from shock. Could it be that Ye Yuan intentionally guided Han Feng previously, and his action assisted Han Feng’s comprehension of a supreme true intent?