Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 796

Chapter 796 Divine Souls Strange Transformation

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“This Ye Yuan is simply too strong!”

“Him comprehending a supreme true intent is absolutely not one or two days already. His comprehension in the supreme true intent is much stronger compared to Nalan Chu!”

“Nalan Chu, Ye Yuan, and Han Feng. This competition this time, there are actually already three genius youths who comprehended a supreme true intent!”

“My God, how can there be a monster like this? He, a Divine Traversing Realm, actually guided others to comprehend a supreme true intent!”

When everyone regained their senses, waves of marveling that feat erupted.

If Ye Yuan used Rending the Sky early on, he could have defeated Han Feng long ago.

But Ye Yuan saw through that Han Feng was just a step away from comprehending a supreme true intent. Hence, he willingly served as Han Feng’s sharpening stone, guiding skillfully and patiently in the battle, letting the other party stride out this most critical step!

What made everyone speechless was that after Han Feng comprehended the supreme true intent, he was actually still defeated by Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s might could be seen at a glance.

Previously, everyone all thought that Ye Yuan was taking advantage of his weapon. But now, they finally knew just how formidable Ye Yuan’s strength was.

Just using the Xuanying Sword, Ye Yuan similarly could sit firmly in the first group.

“Hahaha, what did I say, this brat indeed concealed his strength! Tsk tsk, looking at it, his supreme true intent has probably reached the third-stage of supreme true intent already, maybe even fourth-stage! By the time his cultivation realm reaches the Dao Profound Realm, he can absolutely become a Divine King powerhouse!” on the high platform, First Elder said with a roaring laugh.

“First Elder’s discerning eyes are akin to burning torches! This Ye Yuan is indeed a peerless genius hard to encounter in a thousand years! It’s just …” that elder said rather hesitantly.

“It’s just what?” First Elder said curiously.

“It’s just that a genius like this, can our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land accommodate him? Furthermore … previously, in order to make him exhibit his true strength, you already offended him!”

“This …” First Elder was stunned and was actually at somewhat of a loss on what to do.

After comprehending the elementary form of a supreme true intent, it was only taking the first step to comprehending a supreme true intent, which was also the first-stage.

Supreme true intents were likewise divided from rank one to rank nine based on the degree of comprehension.

A rank nine supreme true intent was also called a perfect supreme true intent!

Once comprehension succeeded, the day of being known as a Divine King powerhouse was right around the corner.

If one comprehended the first-stage, they would have very high hopes of breaking through to the Dao Profound Realm!

About Ye Yuan’s Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword, although he only created four stances of sword moves, he actually already comprehended to the fifth-stage of supreme true intent.

First Elder’s evaluation of Ye Yuan was still a little conservative.

After this battle, Ye Yuan’s strength also obtained everybody’s recognition.

He was regarded as a monster even more freakish than Nalan Chu. He was a peerless genius with the capital to rival Nalan Chu at the Divine Traversing Realm.

Starting from this day, Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu’s showdown also became a highly-anticipated fight.

On the fourth day, Ye Yuan still won three battles completely. With the flawless victory battle results of twelve wins, he continued to be tied at first place with Nalan Chu and the rest.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s refinement of the black metal lump also reached the final juncture!

After the fifth day’s competition, Ye Yuan carried out the final refinement.

Finally, when the black metal lump was completely refined finish, the gold mark on the black metal lump finally revealed its original look!

Ye Yuan mind buzzed. The golden characters in his sea of consciousness formed an intense resonance with the black metal lump!

Ye Yuan discovered that on this black metal lump actually only had three characters. And out of these three characters, there were two characters among the golden characters.

The other one, Ye Yuan searched among the golden characters, but he did not find it.

Ye Yuan had already visualized these golden characters for a number of years. But these few years, his understanding of these golden characters, the progress was extremely slow.

These golden characters, each one contained extremely profound maxims of Great Dao. Ye Yuan kept failing to find the correct approach.

After refining the black metal lump this time, Ye Yuan actually sensed a trace of the lingering charm of the Dao from this intense resonance!

Even though it was just a tiny bit, it was very clear!

This sort of feeling could not be expressed using words. But Ye Yuan’s understanding towards these two characters deepened that tiny trace.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s mind became more agile as luck hit, a feeling of needing to get it out of his chest.

“Mou …”

Ye Yuan used all the strength in his body and spat out a syllable.

The moment the syllable came out, the essence energy sea within Ye Yuan’s body was instantly drained, his entire person falling into an exhausted state.

And right at this time, Ye Yuan could clearly sense that his divine soul was actually continuously strengthening!

Although it was not too obvious, it was indeed truly becoming stronger!

“This … What’s going on?”

Ye Yuan did not care about his body’s exhaustion at all, his entire person in a kind of immense shock state.

He was already at the Eighth Level Divine Traversing Realm at present, and his divine soul had long reached the boundary of Alchemy Sovereign perfection and had no way of breaking through anymore.

For him to want to have some sort of breakthrough in the divine soul, he had to break through to the Boundless Realm first.

But now, his divine soul was actually strengthening once more. This was simply something beyond comprehension!

Ye Yuan did not sense the arrival of soul tribulation, which was also to say that his divine soul did not break through to the Alchemy Ancestor level.

He was truly unable to imagine that his divine soul was actually able to become even stronger on the foundation of perfection!

Ye Yuan sensed his own divine soul and was shocked to his core. He only shouted a syllable, and his divine soul actually broke through the Alchemy Sovereign perfection level and advanced once more.

Then if he shouted again, would his divine soul be able to improve a step further or not?

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, clearly recalling something, as he muttered to himself, “Father said before at that time, his divine soul already surpassed Alchemy Emperor, but he did not break through to the Deity Realm. Could it be that my current situation is the exact same as his back then? If the divine soul can still have some advancement, even if I don’t use some powerful alchemy technique, I can also leap realms to refine Tier 6 medicinal pills! These golden characters were definitely words written by a Deity Realm powerhouse! Deity Realm experts’ means are simply inconceivable, to actually be able to use words to describe the Heavenly Dao and strengthen the divine soul, breaking through the shackles!”

The more it was so, the more intense Ye Yuan’s desire toward the Deity Realm was!

When Ji Zhengyang obtained this Medicine God’s Soul Canon back then, he was already at the peak Alchemy Emperor Realm. Even if he only understood a little bit, it also let him refine out a half-step divine pill.

Ye Yuan was currently still at the Divine Traversing Realm. By the time he cultivated to the peak Alchemy Emperor anew, how powerful would his divine soul be?

At that time, could he refine out a genuine divine pill or not?

The previous life, Ye Yuan’s lifetime aspiration was to refine a divine pill. But even if he was hailed as the genius most likely to reach the Deity Realm, this step was still remotely far.

But this life, he really had hope!

Once this thought popped up, Ye Yuan wanted to shout out that syllable once more without delay.

He swallowed an essence energy restoring medicinal pill in one mouthful and started to recuperate. Very soon, he recovered to his peak state.

“Mou …”

Ye Yuan shouted out this syllable once more. As expected, his divine soul strengthened a tiny bit once more. But this time, his divine soul actually had a tearing pain.