Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Evenly Matched Showdown

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“Hiss …”

Ye Yuan drew a cold breath in pain. The agony of the divine soul tearing was clearly awful.

“Looks like the breakthrough just now already reached the limits. Forcefully reciting this syllable anymore, and the divine soul will be at risk of ripping because of strengthening too quickly. Looks like wanting to shout out this syllable once more, I must consolidate my divine soul a little.”

Ye Yuan understood the divine soul very well and discovered the issue behind it very quickly.

The divine soul strengthening too quickly was like being ripped apart by a powerful force. There would naturally be this kind of agonizing feeling.

As long as Ye Yuan consolidated the divine soul well, he could continue strengthening the divine soul through this syllable.

Knowing the details in it, Ye Yuan naturally did not dare to behave recklessly anymore. After swallowing several divine soul nourishing medicinal pills, he started consolidating the divine soul.

The following few days, Ye Yuan continued to advance triumphantly and had yet to taste any defeat.

After 13 days, the ones on the ranking list still maintaining undefeated were only left with Nalan Chu, Ye Yuan, as well as this Zhang Tianyi.

Zhang Tianyu’s strength was truly incomparably daunting. During the several times he ran into opponents with powerful strength, he would bring the other party down.

Among them were Wu Jiantong who was known as second only to Nalan Chu in strength.

Looking at it now, this title was simply a joke.

Forget about Zhang Tianyi, even Han Feng’s strength was also much greater than his.

But to Ye Yuan, the fervor the competitions provided for him clearly could not compare to the growth in divine soul.

In 13 days, Ye Yuan’s divine soul was close to 20% stronger than the perfection state previously!

Ye Yuan had never known that a martial artist’s divine soul could still be enhanced to such a level under the state of perfection.

With the growth in divine soul, Ye Yuan’s essence energy was also rising along with it. In fact, during the 10th day, Ye Yuan broke through to the Ninth Level Divine Traversing in one shot!

Ye Yuan discovered that the divine soul’s additional growth made his comprehension towards concepts increased considerably.

Similarly, at the Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm, Ye Yuan’s understanding based on his previous life was entirely different.

The Dao belonging to the Divine Traversing Realm became even clearer in Ye Yuan’s mind.

Following the deepening of comprehension, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm actually reached peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm unconsciously. It was only one last step away from breaking through to the Boundless Realm.

Ye Yuan concentrated on cultivating. In a blink of an eye, a night had passed.

Today, Ye Yuan was going to face the strongest opponent in this competition: Nalan Chu.

Before Ye Yuan appeared, Nalan Chu was virtually the unofficial number one.

Since the selection competition was underway until now, there were quite a number of experts who attempted to challenge Nalan Chu’s throne, but they all failed without exception.

Now, a situation of tripartite confrontation, the ones with the greatest hope of challenging Nalan Chu’s throne were Ye Yuan and Zhang Tianyi.

Today’s match, in many people’s hearts, should decide to whom the number one belonged to in the competition this time, and it was also to decide the quota ownerships for entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley.

Although Zhang Tianyi’s strength was formidable, he did not comprehend a supreme true intent after all. If he really matched up against these two, he was probably going to lose.

“In one night, Ye Yuan actually broke through! With this, Ye Yuan is even more confident.”

“What use does one minor boundary have? Unless he can break through to the Boundless Realm, otherwise, he is still a major cultivation realm away from Nalan Chu. Likewise, comprehending a supreme true intent, this sort of disparity is hard to make up for!”

“Heh, so what? Han Feng comprehended a supreme true intent, but didn’t he still lose at Ye Yuan’s hands?”

“Make no mistake; up until now, Nalan Chu hasn’t even brought out his true strength and already made a clean sweep of his opponents. Ye Yuan’s strength is very strong, but to want to beat Nalan Chu, it’s likely still a little lacking.”

Regarding who would win and who would lose between Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu, the battle had yet to begun, and it already kicked off intense discussions.

But when Ye Yuan finished off his opponent neat and tidily in the first match, everyone also discovered that his cultivation realm actually rose substantially overnight.

Beyond sighs of admirations, the majority of the people were actually still not very optimistic about Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan leaping realms to battle was indeed very impressive, but Nalan Chu’s strength absolutely could not be placed in the same category as the others.

Han Feng admitted before that even if he comprehended a supreme true intent, he was also not Nalan Chu’s match.

Nalan Chu’s strength could be seen at a glance.

Even though the debates were endless outside the arenas, the parties involved both seemed to be very calm.


Nalan Chu only used one move, and he blasted his opponent down the platform. A wave of cheering shouted out beneath the stage.

Returning to the rest area, Nalan Chu sat beside a young man.

This young man was slightly taller than Nalan Chu. People who knew him were all aware that this was one of the seven holy sons, Nalan Hong; he was also Nalan Chu’s older cousin.

“You seem to be exceptionally enthusiastic today! Looks like that youth called Ye Yuan brought you quite a bit of pressure,” the moment Nalan Chu sat down, Nalan Hong said with a smile.

Nalan Chu smiled slightly and said, “It’s been so long since I’ve encountered an opponent which makes my blood boil like so!”

“Even though he comprehended a supreme true intent, he’s just a Divine Traversing Realm after all. Could it be that with your strength, you don’t even have confidence in dealing with a Divine Traversing Realm?”

“I’m very aware of Han Feng’s strength. He even forced out 50% of my strength! This Ye Yuan being able to guide him to comprehend a supreme true intent, he has at least third-stage strength too. How can such an opponent not make me excited?”

Even though this Nalan Chu was very calm on the surface, Nalan Hong could clearly sense the turmoil in the depths of his heart.

Nalan Hong was slightly astonished. The talent of this cousin of his was even above his. Seemed like there had never been any opponent who was able to make him so excited.

This Ye Yuan made Nalan Hong take a huge interest in him.

But Nalan Chu’s words made Nalan Hong unbelievably shocked.

Third-stage supreme true intent, this was very remarkable.

In the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, there had never a genius who comprehended the third-stage of a supreme true intent appear before.

Nalan Chu’s talent swept away the current generation, and only just comprehended the second-stage too.

Time ticked away. The peak battle that everyone had their focus on finally started!

Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu went up to the stage. Beneath the stage rang out waves of screams.

But the two parties involved turned a deaf ear to it.

“Use the Starmoon Sword. I wish to battle with you in your strongest state!”

Exceeding Ye Yuan’s expectations, the moment Nalan Chu went up to the stage, he actually raised such a request.

Ye Yuan was stunned, and then immediately shook his head and said with a smile, “Using the Starmoon Sword, you can’t win me.”

This time, it was Nalan Chu’s turn to be stunned. This was still the first time he met someone being so wildly arrogant in front of him.

But Nalan Chu could sense that Ye Yuan did not have the intention of making a pretense in front of him, but he really had this confidence.

Ye Yuan was seemingly just stating a fact and not intentionally showing off in front of him.

Ye Yuan was indeed stating a fact. No one could understand what the Starmoon Sword signified to him.

The Starmoon Sword’s amplification of Ye Yuan’s strength was absolutely not as simple as one plus one.

Nalan Chu furrowed his brows a little and said, “No wonder you didn’t stint to spend one billion and also had to get the Starmoon Sword. Looks like the Starmoon Sword really has extraordinary significance to you.”