Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Rank Five

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“So, on that night, the Sky Character No. 1 Room guest was you,” Ye Yuan said rather surprisedly.

Nalan Chu smiled and said, “That’s right! I originally thought that you were just intentionally causing trouble. I didn’t expect that you actually offered a high price of one billion in the end! I’ve given you a chance. You’re really not using the Starmoon Sword?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m giving you a chance, so I won’t use it.”

“Huhu, I’ve grown so old, but it’s still my first time that somebody dared to speak to me like this,” Nalan Chu did not get angry but said with a laugh instead.

Ye Yuan laughed too and said, “That’s because you never met a true genius!”

Nalan Chu’s expression turned cold but knew that what Ye Yuan said was right.

The holy land’s number one genius sounded impressive, but the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was merely a Rank Nine Holy Land.

In the Divine Realm, Rank Nine Holy Lands could be found everywhere. Which was also to say that geniuses like him could be found everywhere.

Then what about Rank Eight Holy Lands, Rank Seven Holy Lands, even Rank One Holy Lands?

In these holy lands, how many geniuses more formidable than he was were there?

Disregarding others, just this Ye Yuan in front of him was already much stronger than him.

“A true genius is it … I need to have a look today at just what kind of strength you, this true genius, have! Ye Yuan, I’ll only unleash one move. This move will be my strongest move! We’ll determine the victor with one move, how’s that?” Nalan Chu said with a slightly somber look.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “I precisely had this intention.”

After the small talk, the atmosphere on the stage immediately became delicate.

All of a sudden, a large space within the boundaries of the entire platform suddenly dimmed.

“Apart from members of my family clan, there has yet to be any outsiders who have seen before this move of mine. Within the confines of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, no one has the qualifications to make me use this move too. Losing under this move, you should be plenty proud!”

A wheel disc suddenly appeared in Nalan Chu’s hand. This wheel disc was shockingly a high-grade profound artifact.

“This … What happened? Just what kind of move is this? To actually be able to make day and night reverse!”

“Could it be that this is the supreme true intent Nalan Chu comprehended? The entire holy land is aware that Nalan Chu comprehended a supreme true intent. But up until now, it seems like nobody has witnessed his supreme true intent before at all.”

“No way, right? What supreme true intent is this? It’s too bizarre!”

Seeing the color of the sky suddenly become dark, everyone was taken aback from shock. They had never seen before such a strange sight. It was clearly broad daylight. All of a sudden, it became night!

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised too as he said, “You actually comprehended the Light Supreme True Intent! No wonder your strength is so formidable!”

Nalan Chu smiled and said, “Looks like not only is your comprehension ability abnormally high, your knowledge is also extraordinary! The Light Supreme True Intent, there aren’t many able to recognize it! Receive this move well then. I said that I gave you a chance before. You didn’t cherish it yourself! Hope that after you receive finish this move, you can still stand on the stage. Lumen … Star … Brilliance!”

Nalan Chu raised the wheel disc. Above this dark space, the sky was suddenly studded with stars!

From above these array of stars, it suddenly rained down countless rays of light!

And the target of these countless rays of light was shockingly precisely Ye Yuan!

The Light Supreme True Intent was a type of very seldom-seen concept. Martial artists let light become their weapon for battle through comprehending light!

The power of light was boundless. It was a type of extremely powerful supreme true intent. Once comprehended to perfection, it could even dim the sun and moon. Its power was not beneath the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s Blazing Flame Burning Heaven.

It was just that the Light Supreme True Intent was extremely hard to comprehend. Ordinary people could not find the correct approach at all. Therefore, very few were able to comprehend the Light Supreme True Intent.

And the vast majority of martial artists did not know that there was such a type of supreme true intent at all. Hence, that was why they were so shocked.

Ye Yuan also did not expect that what this Nalan Chu comprehended was actually this type of supreme true intent.

Furthermore, Nalan Chu was a Ninth Level Boundless expert. Regarding control of this area of heaven and earth, it was far above Ye Yuan’s.

This move, Lumen Star Brilliance, practically seized all of the heaven and earth essence energy in this stretch of space. If Ye Yuan were unable to break this sort of deadlock, he would definitely lose without a doubt!

Originally thought that Ye Yuan would feel despair, didn’t expect that he actually smiled faintly and said, “It’s too bad, you only comprehended to the second-stage!”

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s aura abruptly erupted.

Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!

Under Fiery’s assistance, Ye Yuan’s essence energy instantly skyrocketed and actually reached half-step Boundless Realm all at once.

At the same time, a streak of sword intent surged towards the skies. Ye Yuan’s sword intent was released without holding anything back!

Nalan Chu’s expression changed, and he said in disbelief, “Fifth-stage! This … How is this possible?”

Nalan Hong beneath the stage stood up abruptly. On his face was similarly a look of disbelief!

This was Ye Yuan’s first time showing all of his strength in front of everybody; it was a fifth-stage supreme true intent!

Including that time dealing with Han Feng previously, Ye Yuan merely used second-stage supreme true intent.

One had to acknowledge that Nalan Chu was very powerful!

The second-stage Light Supreme True Intent, this power level could absolutely show disdain for those in the same generation.

But it was a pity that who he ran into was Ye Yuan.

But to be able to force out Ye Yuan’s full strength, he could be sufficiently proud too.

Before this, Ye Yuan was not planning on exposing his full strength. According to his plan, using third-stage strength should be adequate to deal with Nalan Chu.

But he did not expect that the supreme true intent Nalan Chu comprehended was actually this powerful. Even he also had no choice but to bring out his full strength.

Even though Ye Yuan used Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, he was still a major boundary lower than Nalan Chu in terms of cultivation realm.

“Rending the Sky!”

Sword intent surged to the skies and charged over towards the specks of starlight.

Sword chopping stars!

One sword descending, the darkness in this stretch of space instantly vanished without a trace. Light returned to the world once more.

The crowd was flabbergasted!

Many people could not discern the rank disparity between supreme true intents. But this did not hinder Ye Yuan giving them a shock.

A supreme true intent that was able to invert day and night; there was no need to think deeply about it, and one could already tell the person was an extremely powerful existence.

Furthermore, this was even Nalan Chu’s first time displaying his supreme true intent in front of the public. Didn’t think that it actually ended in defeat.

Ye Yuan’s might did not require explaining at all.

“Fifth-stage supreme true intent! It’s actually a fifth-stage supreme true intent! Hahaha, this Ye Yuan really broadened this old man’s horizons!” First Elder was incredibly agitated.

He estimated previously that Ye Yuan’s supreme true intent was very likely at the third-stage; the possibility of being at the fourth-stage was very low.

Matching up against Nalan Chu, it should be more likely a defeat than victory.

Nalan Chu’s light concept, he was aware of it. The power was naturally extraordinary.

But First Elder never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually comprehended a fifth-stage supreme true intent!

A genius like this absolutely lit the world on fire!

“This boy, just how did he cultivate? At his age, how is it possible to comprehend a fifth-stage supreme true intent? This … This is too preposterous!” The elder at the side was speechless. He was thoroughly stunned by Ye Yuan.

“What preposterous? It happened right in front of you. Can it still be fake?” First Elder said unhappily.

“No, I didn’t mean that. It just … just feels too inconceivable!” the elder explained.