Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Battling Lin Tiancheng!

"Shut up! A puny Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm dares to talk crap about being a powerhouse in front of me? What a joke!"

Lin Tiancheng finally lost it and dismissed Ye Yuan's words.

"Is that so? Then what are you scared of? Quickly come and finish off me, this puny Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!" Ye Yuan words were filled with countless mocking.

"Humph! You think I can't detect such a low level goading action? Fine! I will do as you wish today, and let you witness what are a true expert is!"

Finishing, Lin Tiancheng's half-step Spirit Condensation Realm aura was released and smashed towards Ye Yuan.

Lin Tiancheng was not stupid. His biggest advantage was cultivation realm, so he obviously had to make good use of it.

A Spirit Condensation Realm could rely solely on hisrealm's pressure to make an Essence Qi Realm's essence energy slow down and become stagnant. Although his half-step Spirit Condensation Realm could not fully unleash the pressure of a Spirit Condensation Realm, it already had quite a bit of power.

Spirit Condensation Realm, was actually compressing the essence energy within the Dantian to its limits, achieving the realm where the accumulated qi becomes liquid; it was a one-time advancement of the body's essence energy.

Hence, regardless of whether in terms of quantity or quality, a Spirit Condensation Realm's essence energy greatly surpassed that of normal essence energy!

Wanting to defeat a Spirit Condensation Realm with the strength of essence energy was an extremely tough thing to do. One either required extremely powerful martial techniques to bridge the difference in cultivation realm or use heaven-defying medicinal pills to compensate for the difference in power.

But regardless of the method used, the prerequisite was that this method was able to compensate for the difference in power between an Essence Qi Realm and a Spirit Condensation Realm!

The so-called half-step Spirit Condensation Realm meant that the martial artist was in the process of liquefying their accumulated qi and already partially had the power of a Spirit Condensation Realm!

The power of a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm was already sufficient to crush any Essence Qi Realm martial artist.

Lin Tiancheng was pretty talented. He could have broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm long ago but had always suppressed his strength at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm for the Earth Rank Advancement test.

However, his comprehension was still a little lacking, so he had been unable to advance his martial technique's mastery. Hence, he had no way of jumping ranks to defeat the five black-clothed Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

After all, he was only half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. There was still a very large gap compared to a true Spirit Condensation Realm.

Seeing Lin Tiancheng used his cultivation realm's suppression to deal with him, Ye Yuan laughed coldly.

"Trying to use cultivation to suppress me? It's a shame that your cultivation realm is too low!"

If a Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm and above used this move to deal with him, it would really be troublesome. But a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm doing it was basically trying to scratch an itch through one's boots.

Ye Yuan fully released the essence energy in his body right then, and his aura soared, pushing Lin Tiancheng's aura back!

Only an instant had passed, and these two people's auras were matched with each other's. Neither of them was able to do anything to the other!

This was originally a noisy place, and now, many students gathered to gawk. When they saw that Ye Yuan's aura was evenly matched with Lin Tiancheng's aura, they were stunned speechless.

"No way. Is that Ye Yuan really only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm?"

"Absolutely! He can actually be evenly matched with Senior Apprentice Brother Lin under the suppression of cultivation realm. This is too sick!"

"Doesn't this mean that his power's no less than a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm?"

"That should be it theoretically. But doesn't that mean that even though Ye Yuan is only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, the thickness of his essence energy was already not inferior to a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm? I-isn't this too ridiculous!"

Of course, this was not a joke. The thickness of Ye Yuan's essence energy was really terrifying!

Since the start of First Level Essence Qi Realm, the essence energy that Ye Yuan consumed during cultivation was several times of others.

Under the accumulation of so many realms, the density of Ye Yuan's essence energy was already pretty impressive. That was why he could stand up to Lin Tiancheng in terms of aura.

The density of essence energy was not about having a large reserve, but rather, having the purity of essence energy, which greatly surpassed that of the same realm.

As an example, Ye Yuan and some other Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm executed the same martial technique. Other people required one unit of essence energy, while Ye Yuan only needed one-third of a unit or even a fifth!

This was why Ye Yuan was powerful!

Seeing Ye Yuan not losing in terms of aura, Lin Tiancheng's expression became extremely ugly.

Since he could not suppress Ye Yuan using cultivation realm, Lin Tiancheng could only fight directly with him!

However, Ye Yuan knew an abnormal martial technique like the Stacking Waves Layered Palm. A moment of lapse, and it would be serious injuries, possibly even death!

At this moment, Lin Tiancheng naturally would not naively believe that Ye Yuan would have any qualms about some rules.

This was a life and death match!

"Humph! So what if your aura is strong? Today, I will let you witness just what a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm is! Thunderous Fist!"

Lin Tiancheng's punch struck towards Ye Yuan. There were even traces of electricity on the fist. It was precisely a superior-grade Tier 1 martial technique which Ye Yuan saw in the Scripture Library, the Thunderous Fist!

The power of a superior-grade Tier 1 martial technique unleashed by a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm was truly terrifying.

Although this punch did not smash towards them, the surrounding students similarly felt enormous pressure, let alone Ye Yuan who was receiving it directly.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's Thunderous Fist is really scary. I'm afraid it's already trained to the great success stage."

"Yeah. Even though that punch wasn't aimed at me, I still feel short of breath now. He's really worthy of being the strongest in the Earth ranking. How frightening!"

"Ye Yuan's really straining himself! At any rate, Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. How could he be defeated so easily?"

"Listening to their conversation just now, it's actually a deathmatch. Just what kind of deep hatred do they have with each other? Even if they really killed the other party, they also can't escape the academy's punishment!"

"Why do you care so much? Since there's a show, just watch. It won't implicate you anyway."

Ye Yuan also felt the pressure coming head-on while facing Lin Tiancheng's lightning-attribute martial technique.

A Half-step Spirit Condensation Realm was indeed powerful!

Ye Yuan did not choose to clash head-on with Lin Tiancheng but decided to evade instead.

Ye Yuan's feet shifted and executed Instant Flash, vanishing in a blink of an eye, leaving behind an afterimage where he was initially at.

Lin Tiancheng's punch was halfway there when he saw this. He laughed coldly and said, "Afterimage? Humph! Paltry tricks! Seven-Star Steps!"

Lin Tiancheng also disappeared halfway.

"Low-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Seven-Star Steps! Ye Yuan's in danger!"

"That's right. Tier 2 martial technique is too much of a bully!"

The crowd exclaimed in shock.

Seven-Star Steps was a low-grade Tier 2 martial technique, while Instant Flash was only a middle-grade Tier 1 martial technique. The difference between the two was enormous!

Tier 2 martial techniques were mostly used employed with Spirit Condensation Realm's essence energy. The effects were naturally different from Tier 1 martial techniques which were activated with essence energy of the Essence Qi Realm.

Even if Ye Yuan's Instant Flash had already transcended the boundaries of Great Circle stage and reached the Breaking Illusion stage, it was still inferior to a Tier 2 martial technique. After all, the grade of Instant Flash was too low.

Ye Yuan revealed himself, and at the same time, sensed an extreme danger coming from the back.

Having no time to think, he used Instant Flash once more and vanished on the spot.

However, that sense of danger did not fade and kept latching on him like a parasitic maggot.

Only now did Ye Yuan realize that he underestimated Lin Tiancheng. The strongest among Earth Ranks was not for a laugh. His power was already bordering close to Heaven Rank and was much stronger than the average First Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Judging based on the Illusionary Spirit Tower's standards, Lin Tiancheng could most likely finish off four black-clothed martial artists with only a narrow margin away from passing the test.