Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 800

Chapter 800 The Abnormal Zhang Tianyi

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Right on the second day Nalan Chu left, news came from the holy hall.

The quotas for entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley this time increased from three to six!

The moment this news came out, it immediately blew up.

According to the holy hall’s news, the holy sons and the quasi-holy sons would each pick three people to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley.

This meant that one just had to enter the top three in the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition and they could enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley!

One spot was indeed too difficult for these geniuses. Unless their strength reached Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu’s level, otherwise, don’t even think about it at all.

Three quotas, it was clearly providing a chance for Han Feng, Wu Jiantong, these second-tier geniuses.

On the 15th day, these geniuses were all acting as if being injected with stimulants, desperately attacking their opponents frenziedly on the stages for the sake of obtaining victory.

Especially those geniuses in the top five. Apart from Zhang Tianyi who had yet to taste defeat, most of the others lost two to three matches.

Therefore, the battles between them appeared especially important.

( Box novel.c om )   As luck would have it, during the competition on the 15th day, Wu Jiantong ran into Ye Yuan.

On the arena, Wu Jiantong’s expression was incomparably ugly but kept delaying and dare not make a move.

“Yii? Why aren’t you making a move yet? I remember that you seemed to have said not to let me bump into you on the stage. Or else, you’ll make me die very horribly. Now that we met, why are you not making a move instead?” Ye Yuan said derided.

Up until now, Wu Jiantong lost a total of two matches. One match was lost to Nalan Chu, and the other was lost to Zhang Tianyi.

This battle result was still not bad. The ranking was also very close to the front.

But if he lost this match to Ye Yuan again, his situation would be very bad.

But having witnessed Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu’s great battle, how could Wu Jiantong still dare to make a move?

He did not wish to give Ye Yuan a chance to humiliate himself!

Gritting his teeth, Wu Jiantong said, “I admit defeat!”

Ye Yuan did not reveal a surprised expression and said with a smile, “Very wise choice. Otherwise, you might not be able to go down the stage standing.”

Wu Jiantong gave a cold snort and went down the platform directly.

Conceding this match, he would have to put up a desperate fight with Han Feng later.

Apart from Ye Yuan and Zhang Tianyi, the ones with the greatest hope of entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley were Han Feng and Wu Jiantong.

Although Han Feng comprehended a supreme true intent, his cultivation realm was a little low; it was only at the Seventh Level Intent Boundless Realm.

If not for so, Wu Jiantong could withdraw straight away.

The Li Zongtao whose performance was very eye-catching previously lost battle after battle repeatedly later on and already basically withdrew from the Crimson Afterglow Valley contending fights.

After Nalan Chu withdrew, all of the focus right now were on Ye Yuan and Zhang Tianyi.

This Zhang Tianyi was very abnormal. He clearly did not comprehend a supreme true intent, but his strength was unexpectedly formidable. Up until now, he had yet to taste a single defeat.

The genius martial artists who fought with him before all felt somewhat baffled after losing and actually did not know what happened, then they were defeated.

Even someone as powerful as Han Feng also suffered a great deal under Zhang Tianyi’s hands.

Of course, this was also that Zhang Tianyi’s luck was good and did not bump into Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu until now.

( Box novel.c om )    With Nalan Chu withdrawing, these two people’s battle naturally became the struggle for first place.

Finally, Ye Yuan and Zhang Tianyi met on the 18th day.

“Ye Yuan, I know that your concepts comprehension is very high. But in front of me, it’s also useless no matter how high your concepts comprehension is! Nalan Chu’s withdrawal is also considered him keeping his face. Otherwise, he’ll definitely be someone who is defeated at my hands!”

Ye Yuan’s strength was already universally acknowledged terrifying. Yet, Zhang Tianyi seemed to pay no attention to it.

Facing such a provocation, Ye Yuan had always chosen to disregard it.

It was also useless no matter how fiercely one bragged. There was only the showcasing of one’s true abilities.

A guy who did not even comprehend a supreme true intent, Ye Yuan did not feel that he posed any threat to him.

“Talk this sort of big talk again after beating me.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Heh, as you wish!”

Zhang Tianyi gave a cold laugh, wielded his sword, and advanced forward. His speed seemed slow but was fast in reality, arriving in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

But this sort of speed had not the slightest bit of threat to Ye Yuan at all.

Two swords intersecting, intense metal clashing sounds burst out.

Zhang Tianyi’s attack was indeed not bad. But to talk about power, it seemed like it was still a little weaker than Han Feng’s.

But right at this time, a stream of bizarre power crept up from the sword body, surging straight for Ye Yuan’s divine soul!

This kind of offensive power was not strong. It seemingly did not have a great effect on the divine soul too.

But being attacked by this bizarre power, Ye Yuan’s movements involuntarily paused.

And right at this time, Zhang Tianyi suddenly switched moves, swinging away Ye Yuan’s Xuanying Sword, and headed straight for his abdomen!

Regarding Zhang Tianyi’s series of offensive tricks, Ye Yuan had long heard of it to some extent.

He would never compete in big moves with others. Once the competition began, he would immediately entangle his opponents and not give his opponent the opportunity to launch a big move at all.

And once being tangled up with him, the other party would not have the chance to use an ultimate move anymore.

In the end, they would not even know how they lost.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan also fell into this strange circle with this.

Ye Yuan’s leaned sideways and barely avoided Zhang Tianyi’s sword.

But the next instant, Zhang Tianyi’s sword light arrived again, akin to a bone infesting maggot.

Ye Yuan’s Xuanying Sword swung, and he blocked Zhang Tianyi’s sword once more.

Right at that instant, the two swords intersected, there was another stream of strange attack which attacked towards Ye Yuan’s divine soul.

Starting from the first sword, Zhang Tianyi’s sword did not leave Ye Yuan’s surroundings one foot, virtually making people unable to catch their breaths.

Furthermore, his sword art was incomparably exquisite, seemingly a martial technique specialized in close combat. No matter how Ye Yuan shook it off, he could not get rid of it either.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people all had their jaws drop.

“It’s here again! Could it be that even Ye Yuan can’t break Zhang Tianyi’s curse as well?”

“Even though Zhang Tianyi did not comprehend a sword intent, his sword move is indeed incomparably exquisite. Unless one has extremely powerful close combat martial techniques, otherwise, they won’t be his match at all. Ye Yuan is already being utterly suppressed by him now. If there are no accidents, the die is cast.”

“I really didn’t expect this! Ye Yuan even defeated Nalan Chu and actually can’t win against Zhang Tianyi! This Zhang Tianyi, completely can’t feel where he’s strong at. Yet, everyone can’t beat him. Really sinister.”

Speaking of which, Zhang Tianyi’s way of winning made people very unwilling to concede.

Each time he won others, it was not like Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu they all; his battle was neat and direct. Unless it was those kind whose strength were slightly weaker, otherwise, it was fighting up to a hundred rounds every time, even several hundred rounds before barely defeating his opponent.

Therefore, those who fought with Zhang Tianyi and were defeated all felt very unconvinced when they thought about it afterward, feeling that their strength should not be weaker than his.

But in the end, why were they the ones who lost?

This selection competition was already approaching the end. But until now, everyone did not figure out how Zhang Tianyi could win battle after battle repeatedly.

When Zhang Tianyi saw Ye Yuan teetering on his feet, an appearance of almost could not hold on anymore, he was very proud of himself in his heart.

So what if it was supreme true intent?

Can’t use moves, what did it matter no matter how strong their concepts?

Zhang Tianyi was currently being pleased with himself when a surge of true dragon aura abruptly erupted!


Ye Yuan actually forsook the sword and used his fist to forcefully receive this sword of Zhang Tianyi’s, blasting away his longsword.