Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Actually Im Just An Alchemist

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"What a powerful physical body, to actually forcefully shake a profound artifact bare-handedly!"

"Is this guy human or not? Concepts comprehension is so high, even his physical body is so powerful too. Simply freakish!"

"Ye Yuan seemed to have refined the dragon races bloodline, thats why his fleshy body is so strong! Not only is this guys comprehension abilities abnormally high, but this fortuitous encounter also makes people envious too!"

Zhang Tianyis sword was a profound artifact too. A profound artifacts sharpness went without saying.

Ye Yuan actually used his fist to knock away Zhang Tianyis longsword. It could be seen how powerful his physical body was.

What Zhang Tianyi was shocked by was not that Ye Yuans physical body was powerful. What he was shocked by was that Ye Yuan could actually counter-attack!

"So, its a soul martial artist. No wonder," Ye Yuan said coolly.

Zhang Tianyis expression changed, not expecting Ye Yuan to say out his identity flatly.

Even in the Divine Realm, soul martial artists were extremely rare too. After all, cultivating martial arts and cultivating the soul at the same time would expend tremendous amounts of energy, with losses outweighing the gains.

Those like Zhang Tianyi, having such cultivation at a young age, were indeed extremely rare geniuses.

"Soul martial artist! Zhang Tianyi is actually a soul martial artist! No wonder his attacks are so bizarre, making it impossible to guard against!" Someone exclaimed under the stage.

The attack methods of soul martial artists were extremely odd. Ordinary people could not guard against at all.

And Zhang Tianyis divine soul attack measure belonged to those type of constant dripping to wear away. Once or twice could not feel it at all, making it even hard to guard against.

Therefore, those martial artists who fought with Zhang Tianyi previously all lost bafflingly.

"Humph!Even if you know that Im a soul martial artist, so what? The one who loses, in the end, is still you!" Zhang Tianyis face fell, and he pounced once more.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and actually wielded his sword and went forward again, entangling together with Zhang Tianyi!

Zhang Tianyi was overjoyed when he saw the situation. He was afraid that Ye Yuan would play hide-and-seek with him and not clash head-on with him, then look for an opportunity to release a big move.

The martial technique when Ye Yuan and Nalan Chu were battling that day, it was still vivid in his mind. Once Ye Yuan had the chance to use that move, he would lose for sure.

Now, Ye Yuan actually continued to fight in close combat with him. What was this if not courting death?

But the moment both parties longswords intersected, Zhang Tianyi suddenly felt his own divine soul quiver and actually had a split-second of absent-mindedness!

But Zhang Tianyi was deserving of being called a soul martial artist. He reacted to it virtually right away and hurriedly jumped aside, avoiding Ye Yuans next attack.

"Youre actually a soul martial artist too! This This is impossible!" Zhang Tianyi cried out in shock.

"What?! Ye Yuan is a soul martial artist too? This How is this possible?"

"What kind of joke is this? Having a fifth-stage supreme true intent, fleshy body comparable to a profound artifact, and is even a soul martial artist. This Is there really such a freak in this world?"

"Soul martial artists are extremely rare. Today, two popped out all at once. What in the world is happening?"

Zhang Tianyis panic cry immediately caused a wave of commotion.

They all did not think that not only was Ye Yuans comprehension abilities abnormally high, but he was also actually even a soul martial artist of the legends!

Adding on that freakish fleshy body, such a person simply had no weakness to exploit!

No wonder Ye Yuan leaped realms to battle like eating and drinking. Who could be even more freakish than him?

"Soul martial artist is it?Uh Actually, Im just an alchemist," Ye Yuan said coolly.

"Hahaha!This boy is really aggravating! But you just cant do anything about it, because hes really just an alchemist," Pei Wenqiang burst into laughter beneath the stage and said.

Actually, before the competition this time, Pei Wenqiang only knew that Ye Yuan was a very formidable alchemist, and completely did not know that he was even a martial artist at all.

Who could have thought that not only was Ye Yuans attainments in the divine soul exceedingly high, he even had such ridiculous accomplishments along the Martial Path?

These words that Ye Yuan said, Pei Wenqiang was the most profoundly affected by it.

"A-Alchemist?" Zhang Tianyi was speechless.

Since when did alchemists have such formidable combat strength?

Just that bit earlier, Zhang Tianyi already sensed that Ye Yuans divine soul attainments were actually even above his!

This guy simply had no chinks in his armor!

Such an opponent, how to defeat?

"Thats right, I opened a medicinal shop in Ancient Opulence City. If you need medicinal pills, you can come and find me," Ye Yuan said smilingly.

"I I admit defeat!" Zhang Tianyi said extremely unwillingly.

But facing a perverse fellow like Ye Yuan, what could he do if he did not concede?

Divine soul attack could not beat the other party. He could not win the other party in martial arts. Apart from admitting defeat, there was nothing else that Zhang Tianyi could do at all.

"Hahaha,I really didnt expect it, didnt expect it! A member of my Ancient Opulence City actually won the championship of the competition this time!" Pei Wenqiang was simply thrilled.

Back then, he only gave this spot to Ye Yuan in order to repay his life-saving grace. Who knew that Ye Yuan directly took back the first place for him.

When he heard Ye Yuan saying that he wanted to take first place for the first time, he even reproved Ye Yuan. Who knew that Ye Yuan finished off Nalan Chu first, and disposed of Zhang Tianyi as well, utterly locking down the position of first place.

This was unparalleled glory!

Giving a plum in return for a peach. This plum that Ye Yuan gave him was truly a little too big.

Yang Sen had a delighted look too. Ye Yuan seizing the championship, he naturally felt a glow on his face too.

At night, in the holy hall, First Elder Chen Qin was currently telling Tu You about this afternoons competition with dancing eyebrows and a look of exultation.

While talking, Chen Qin was not stingy with praises of Ye Yuan in the slightest.

A genius like Ye Yuan was extremely popular when placed in any holy land, let alone a declined holy land like the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land?

Tu Yous face was quite calm as if he had long known about Ye Yuans freakishness.

After Chen Qin said finish, Tu You asked, "This Ye Yuan is really just an ascender who came from the Lower Realms?"

"Absolutely true! Ive already investigated personally before and also made people ask the Pei Family before. This Ye Yuan is indeed just an ascender. Furthermore, his age is merely just past 20! This level of genius, even when placed in a Rank Three or Rank Four Holy Land, he would also be extremely popular. Let alone that hes even a very incredible alchemist!" Chen Qin said agitatedly.

At the Crimson Afterglow Holy Lands most difficult time, such a peerless genius like this appearing was absolutely something that boosted peoples morale.

Tu Yous eyes glinted. It was also unknown what he was thinking about.

Winning against Zhang Tianyi, there were many people being happy. But Ye Yuan did not care at all.

To him, this kind of victory was utterly meaningless.

If not for the sake of entering the Crimson Afterglow Valley, he would not even be bothered to take part in this sort of lame selection competition.

Late at night, Ye Yuan was the same as usual; he was still comprehending the golden characters.

Through these few days comprehension, Ye Yuans divine soul was still strengthening unceasingly. These dozen over days, Ye Yuans divine soul strengthened a full 40%!

This sort of augmentation could already be classified as terrifying.

Ye Yuan did not know whether or not he could reach the Alchemy Ancestor level under the circumstances where he did not transcend the soul tribulation if he continued to comprehend like this.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuans mind stirred, and he came out from the Vast Heaven Pagoda and showed himself.

Ye Yuan laid down an array formation at the residence. Just earlier, the array formation was triggered by someone.

Ye Yuan sensed something and immediately showed himself.