Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Camouflage

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At a lake with a calm surface, in a tranquil mountain valley.

A party of seven to eight people appeared in this remote mountain valley.

“First Elder, could it be that this place is the Crimson Afterglow Valley? Looks like it doesn’t seem to be any different from an ordinary mountain valley.”

“Humph! If even you can detect the differences, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would have long been exterminated by people,” First Elder said with a cold snort.

“Hehe, makes sense!”

The one who said this was called Yang Xiao; one of the seven holy sons.

This Yang Xiao had a cheeky appearance all day long; he was rather like a big kid who liked to play. But to be able to become one of the seven holy sons, his strength naturally could not be underestimated.

After Ye Yuan defeated Zhang Tianyi, the dust settled for the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition too.

Ye Yuan obtained the first place with the battle result of a flawless victory, obtaining the qualification to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley without any qualms.

Zhang Tianyi won 59 and lost one, obtaining the qualification with the battle result of second place.

And finally, Han Feng utterly trounced Wu Jianton, catching the last bus as well.

On the seven holy sons’ side, they selected three people to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley in the end as well. They were respectively Nalan Hong, Yang Xiao, and Pei Wenqiang’s elder brother, Pei Kun.

Presumably, these people’s strength could stand out among the seven holy sons.

This early morning, First Elder brought the six people to this extremely out-of-the-way mountain valley.

This mountain valley was within the boundaries of the holy land, but it was exceptionally hard to find.

“First Elder, are we considered to have entered the Crimson Afterglow Valley here? Could it be that this lake in front of the legendary Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool?” Yang Xiao asked again.

As one of the seven holy sons, even though he had not come to the Crimson Afterglow Valley before, but what was inside this Crimson Afterglow Valley, he was perfectly aware.

First Elder shot him a glare and said crossly, “You moron! Is there any essence energy undulation in this lake? Why don’t you jump down and give it a try?”

Yang Xiao scratched his head and said perplexedly, “We didn’t enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley, and there isn’t any path to take here as well. What on earth should we do?”

First Elder was disinclined to bother with this idiot and simply turned his head over and just threw down a word, “Wait!”

Yang Xiao was baffled. Seeing First Elder ignore him, he actually turned his head over to Ye Yuan.

“Heh, Little Leaf 1 , I heard that you’re very incredible. Can you see through the little truth or deception of the situation?” Yang Xiao scooted over to Ye Yuan’s side and said.

Ye Yuan’s great name already spread throughout the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land long ago. It was naturally impossible for these holy sons like Yang Xiao they all to be utterly ignorant about Ye Yuan.

Even if these holy sons’ statuses in the holy land was extremely high, they were also struck with admiration regarding Ye Yuan’s degree of talent.

Not everyone among them might be comfortable in their hearts. But their attitudes toward Ye Yuan was absolute submission.

Along the way, Yang Xiao struck up a conversation with Ye Yuan from time to time too. Gradually, the two people became acquainted.

Towards Yang Xiao’s poser actions, Ye Yuan was naturally not averse either,

Such a person was more interesting than people who keep a straight face constantly.

Seeing Yang Xiao inquire, Ye Yuan said with a smile, “There should have been an extremely powerful camouflage set up here. If one did not reach the Dao Profound Realm strength, one would probably not see through the truth and deception at all. Furthermore, even for those in the Dao Profound Realm, wanting to crack this camouflage is probably beyond their power too.”

First Elder did not look over here, but his ears perked up high.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, First Elder was unbelievably shocked in his heart too. He did not know if Ye Yuan was guessing or could really see through the truth and deception.

But Yang Xiao was pretty on point this time and helped him ask, “Huh? You said that a Dao Profound Realm can’t see through the truth or false; then why can you, a Divine Traversing Realm, see through it?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Naturally because I’m incredible.”

Yang Xiao pursed his mouth and said, “How boring! Forget it if you’re not telling!”

Ye Yuan smiled without speaking and did not follow up on this too. He could not very well tell Yang Xiao that he was a Tier 9 Array Emperor, right?

This place’s camouflage technique was extremely profound. With the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s present standard, they absolutely could not set it up.

Ye Yuan reckoned that this should be set up long ago by a previous generation Holy Lord. It was even possible that it was set up by the first generation Holy Lord.

Wanting to forcefully crack this camouflage technique, most likely it could not be done at all without having Eighth or Ninth Level Dao Profound strength.

Even if Tu You knew the way to crack it, wanting to send them into the Crimson Afterglow Valley, he likely had to pay a considerable price as well.

From that day’s conversation, Ye Yuan could tell that Tu You’s condition was not very good.

If not for so, it was impossible for him to do this sort of entrusting thing.

Under the situation where his condition was very bad, he was even planning on cracking this camouflage technique a second time. It could be seen that his sincerity was indeed sufficient.

That day, Ye Yuan ultimately still did not promise Tu You. He only said he will consider it.

But at this time, Ye Yuan became somewhat moved.

Right then, the earth quaked, and the mountains swayed within the mountain valley. It was as if an earthquake occured.

The corners of First Elder’s mouth twitched, and his eyes actually became somewhat moist.

Holy Lord’s lifespan originally did not have much left. With this, it was adding one disaster after another.

Especially sending six people in this time all at once, the burden on Tu You was even greater.

When the thought reached here, Chen Qin was incredibly upset in his heart.


Under everyone’s astonished gazes, the lake in front of them actually parted into two, like it was forcefully cleaved into two halves by someone using a blade.

Between the two halves of the lake water, a gorgeous light emitted out.

“The few of you, go in from between this lake water! Remember, you all only have five day’s time. After five days, no matter how much you gained, you have to come out. Otherwise, you all can only come out again after 300 years.” Chen Qin warned.

Of course, Chen Qin knew that Tu You had the ability to forcefully crack this grand array. But that price expended was too great.

After Tu You cast the skill, he would die without a doubt!

This sort of method, Chen Qin naturally would not say out, and would not agree to Tu You casting the skill either.

“Yes, First Elder!”

The six people received the order and leaped into the brilliant light, then vanished from sight.

After Ye Yuan’s group of six disappeared, a light flashed, revealing that hoary and aged silhouette of Tu You’s.

The current Tu You looked even older than before at a glance.

Seeing Tu You, Chen Qin’s expression changed, “Holy Lord, you …”

Around Tu You was a strand of faintly discernible black qi circling around. Martial artists all knew that this vague black qi was precisely death qi!

Once this sort of aura appeared around a martial artist, they were not far from exhausting their lifespans.

Tu You waved a hand and said, “Opening the array formation this time, the essence energy expended was a little too great. It’s fine. My body, I have a score in my heart. Hanging on for three years shouldn’t be an issue. I just hope that these children can grow up faster.”

Chen Qin’s years ran down his old face as he said, “Holy Lord, it’s all Chen Qin who is incompetent, to not even have the ability to open up the Crimson Afterglow Valley’s array formation!”

Tu You smiled and said, “The Crimson Afterglow Valley has always been personally opened up by the Holy Lord. When was it your turn?”

If Tu You was still in his peak state, opening the Crimson Afterglow Valley naturally would not be too much of an issue and would not expend longevity either.

But the current Tu You could not endure such tremendous expenditure at all. Each time he used essence energy, his lifespan would be lost even faster!