Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Entering The Pool

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Ye Yuan only felt his vision blurred, and then he appeared in a canyon.

“Such powerful essence energy! I clearly haven’t seen the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool yet, and I can actually sense its direction!” The moment Yang Xiao came in, he made an unnecessary fuss.

But visibly moved expressions appeared on the faces of the others. Clearly, they all felt very surprised by this surge of essence energy undulation.

Everyone was unable to contain the excitement in their hearts and walked towards the direction the essence energy came from.

Before long, a pool 1000 feet in circumference appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The pool water took on a dark red color. The essence energy undulation coming from the pool water made the hearts of these holy sons and quasi-holy sons all palpitate.

The essence energy undulation coming from the pool water was too intense, intense to the extent it made people fearful.

“Gulp! This is the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool? I were always unconvinced by the ancestors. But only after arriving here myself do I know how hard it is to enter the second level!” Nalan Hong said solemnly.

( Box novel.c om )   These holy sons were all people arrogant at heart and haughty in manner and always felt that them entering the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, they definitely could walk to the third level.

But sensing the essence energy undulations of this pool water in front of him, Nalan Hong knew that he was too naive.

To be able to enter the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, which one of them was not a prodigious talent?

But the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s rank dropped again and again. This showed that benefits from the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was not easy to be grasped.

“Nalan Hong, don’t waste anymore time! We only have five day’s time. If you’re not entering, I’m going in!”

Yang Xiao did not have that many qualms, jumping into the pool water immediately with a leap.

However, Yang Xiao appeared casual, but he clearly did not dare to jump too far either, only jumping out a distance of around 50 feet.

The expressions of the rest on the shore all became stern, staring fixedly at Yang Xiao.

Yang Xiao originally still had a careless appearance. But the moment he touched the water, everyone distinctly sensed his body turned stiff as if his entire person was frozen.

Following which, Yang Xiao’s body started trembling vigorously. The expression on his face seemed as if he was being tormented.

The expressions of the others all became apprehensive. About Yang Xiao’s ability, they were all aware of it. He entered the pool 50 feet out and was actually in such agony. It could be seen that this lucky chance was not so easy to obtain.

Nalan Hong and Pei Kun exchanged a glance. The two people seemed to have reached some sort of tacit agreement and actually leaped at the same time, but arrived 60 feet out into the pool water.

“Ye Yuan, aren’t you going down to test the waters?” Zhang Tianyi suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You guys head down first. This pool water seemed to be quite impressive. My cultivation realm is a little low. I need to do some preparations first.”

Zhang Tianyi shot Ye Yuan a glance and leaped too, jumping into the pool water.

Afterward, Han Feng clasped his hands at Ye Yuan and leaped down as well.

Ye Yuan’s expression was calm, but he was not calm at all in his heart.

Approaching this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, Ye Yuan actually sensed that a mysterious power was calling him in the depths of the pool water!

Ye Yuan was sensing this mysterious power, so he was not in a hurry to enter the water.

But he felt for a long time and also did not sense just what on earth this mysterious power was.

While at this time, the first one to enter the water, Yang Xiao, started to break through!

He only soaked for a short while in this pool water and actually directly broke through the bottleneck, letting him advance ranks successfully!

This pool water contained powerful energy. It could really be said to produce an immediate effect.

Another 10 minutes later, Nalan Hong and Pei Kun actually both advanced ranks!

Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi were not willing to fall behind too, likewise breaking through realms very quickly.

“Hahaha, really awesome! In a flip of a hand, it’s actually comparable to several years of my bitter cultivation! This Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool is indeed well-deserving of its reputation!” Yang Xiao chortled with laughter.

The others did not speak, but their faces were all unbelievably excited.

Clearly, the prowess of this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool far surpassed their imaginations.

Ye Yuan discovered that it seemed like he could not feel out this mysterious power no matter what and simply jumped into the pool water directly.

( Box novel.c om )     The moment he entered the water, a bone-piercing chill instantly enveloped his entire body, freezing all the nerves in his entire body until he became paralyzed and actually made him unable to move a muscle.

“I clearly couldn’t feel the water temperature by the shore. I didn’t expect that entering the water, it would actually be this bone-piercingly cold,” Ye Yuan said in surprise.

But Ye Yuan’s physical body was incomparably powerful. After experiencing the initial paralysis, he adapted very quickly.

At this time, every pore on his body was as if it opened up through soaking in the pool water, feeling indescribable comfort.

Powerful essence energy tunneled into his body from every pore, letting his cultivation realm rise rapidly.

Ye Yuan also absorbed the massive quantities of essence energy in the pool water without holding back at all and started to consolidate his cultivation realm, in order to make preparations for breaking through to Boundless Realm.

One step, two steps, three steps …

Ye Yuan walked forward step by step. Each step forward, the essence energy in the pool water would intensify a little more.

The tempering of the pool water was not just targeting his essence energy. It actually had a substantial strengthening effect on his physical body too.

Ye Yuan enjoyed the tempering of the pool water to his heart’s content and also got increasingly closer to Boundless Realm.

In a blink, one day and night passed.

The expressions on the few geniuses’ faces became progressively more contorted as well.

And one day’s time passed. Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi each only walked forward a distance of 20 feet, stopping at the 70 feet mark.

The three Heaven Enlightenment Realm holy sons actually advanced shoulder to shoulder, stopping at the 90 feet mark!

One had to know that the current generation Holy Lord, Tu You, merely entered the second level.

This time, three of them actually all achieved this goal!


All of a sudden, Pei Kun let out a pained cry and actually leaped right out of the water, returning to the shore!

On the bank, Pei Kun’s expression was very ugly.

He never would have thought that the first one to be eliminated was actually him.

Sweeping a glance over, Yang Xiao and Nalan Hong were basically at the same distance. Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng were also at the same distance.

Looking over towards Ye Yuan again, it made him rather surprised.

Ye Yuan actually still remained at the 50 feet distance at this time.

The Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi who were defeated at Ye Yuan’s hand both walked out 70 feet in distance. Ye Yuan actually just walked out a distance of 50 feet?

Right then, Han Feng suddenly lifted his head and gave a long cry, and actually took another step forward!

It was this step that let him cross into the second level, breaking through to the 80 feet distance!

Pei Kun’s expression change. He clearly did not expect that a Boundless Realm martial artist could actually reach the second level.


Pei Kun was unresigned to failure and actually leaped, entering into the pool water once more.

This time, he progressed very smoothly, walking straight to the 90 feet area.

But right then, an extremely anguished expression surfaced on Pei Kun’s face. He finally could not endure it and retreated back to the shore once more.


Pei Kun slammed a fist onto the ground and said unresignedly, “Could it be that my, Pei Kun’s, potential, merely ends here?!”