Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 805

Chapter 805 A Canal Is Formed When Water Comes

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“Ah! Hurts to death! Hurts to death! I feel like my entire body is about to explode!”

Yang Xiao gave a series of miserable screams and directly jumped out of the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, coming to the shore, standing shoulder to shoulder with Pei Kun.

Pei Kun’s expression was very ugly by the side.

Yang Xiao walked out 130 feet at the end; he was much stronger than Pei Kun.

They, these holy sons, were all very clear that the further they walked indicated the greater the potential.

Which also showed that Yang Xiao’s potential was much greater compared to him, Pei Kun.

To be able to walk to the second level area, no matter how useless, he could reach Dao Profound Realm strength too.

( Box novel.c om )    “Sigh, I say, Pei Kun, don’t pull a long face anymore. At any rate, you reached the second level area too. Didn’t I just walk out a couple more feet than you? Speaking of which, didn’t expect that the three of us entering this time, we all entered the second level area. Truly remarkable!” Yang Xiao still had a cheeky appearance.

“Humph! Saying it lightly! Did you see or not? Even those two Boundless Realm brats walked further than me! When did I, Pei Kun, ever end up in such a sorry state?” Pei Kun was still very unhappy.

Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng had long entered the second level region already and actually walked even further than Pei Kun.

Indeed, this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool could bring tremendous benefits to these geniuses. But it would also thoroughly expose their own potential.

Originally, these geniuses only competed secretly. No one yielded to any one. But with this, their potential had nowhere to hide!

Pei Kun being the first one to be eliminated, he clearly could not cross this hurdle in his heart.

“Sigh, what are you thinking so much for? Can’t you still tell that no matter how merrily we jump around, the most talented one is definitely Ye Yuan! I reckon that before long, he’ll surpass you and I. Since that’s the case, what are you still worrying so much for?”

Maybe it was due to personality, Yang Xiao was much more open-minded than Pei Kun.

“Heh, surpass us? You take a look yourself. Just where has he only walked up to now? In my view, he has exhausted his potential fully and won’t have any major developments in the future!” Pei Kun said with a cold snort.

Although Ye Yuan was brought by his younger brother, Pei Kun’s current mindset was somewhat disrupted.

He wished that these few people would be eliminated by the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool one by one right away. Only in that way could he find some comfort.

Yang Xiao still had not noticed this after getting back on land. Only hearing Pei Kun say so at this time did he discover that Ye Yuan actually only walked to 70 feet distance and could not even compare to Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng.

“En? What’s happening? Shouldn’t be! This guy is so freakish; how can he possibly only walk to just 70 feet?” Yang Xiao was quite puzzled as well as he said.

“This fellow probably used some methods which over-drafted potential. Hence, that’s why he can be so freakish at a young age. But the moment he entered this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, his true form was revealed. In my view, he will just have Boundless Realm cultivation at the maximum in this lifetime,” Pei Kun said.

Yang Xiao’s eye glinted. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

Right then, Pei Kun’s expression changed, and he said, “Nalan Hong entered the third level region!”

Yang Xiao was startled inwardly. Looking over, indeed, he saw that Nalan Hong already broke through 210 feet out!

“Haha, the Nalan Family are indeed all freaks! No idea up to where Nalan Chu that fellow can walk to if he came in here,” Yang Xiao said with a laugh.

“Humph! That fool actually gave up the opportunity to enter the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool. Wait until he returns to the family clan, his intestines will probably turn green with regret,” Pei Kun said disdainfully.

“Sigh, it’s indeed quite lamentable for Nalan Chu. I didn’t expect that he just left, and the holy land announced an increase in slots right after. But Nalan Hong could actually enter the third level region. This is impressive!” Yang Xiao felt pity for Nalan Chu too.

But Pei Kun kept his mouth shut. He also did not expect that Nalan Hong actually had such great potential.

Two hours later, Yang Xiao’s mind suddenly jolted.

“En? Ye Yuan entered the second level region!”

The moment he entered the second level region, Ye Yuan suddenly felt the pressure double.

That violent strength tunneled into his body brazenly without any scruples at all, tearing at his body.

But Ye Yuan’s body was long incomparable to the past through the dragon blood’s remolding.

( Box novel.c om )    Allowing those violent energies to impact his meridians freely, he still did not move a muscle.

Those energies entering Ye Yuan’s body, a portion was refined by the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and entered the essence energy sea. Another portion was absorbed by his body, strengthening his physical body.

Ye Yuan’s physical body became increasingly stronger too, virtually reaching middle-stage Tier 6!

The reason why Ye Yuan stood still and did not advance was that he discovered that the pool water’s remolding of his body had not completely stopped yet.

If he entered the second level right away, it was a bit too much of a waste.

Just now, Ye Yuan discovered that the first level’s pool water was already completely ineffective to him. That was why he stepped into the second level.

Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea became increasingly full. His cultivation realm already approached increasingly closer to Boundless Realm under the pool water’s continuous impact.

Ye Yuan did not care about which step the others walked to either. He just walked forward step by step himself. Each step was taken very solidly.

Furthermore, he could sense that his body was far from reaching its limits. Hence, he was not in a rush.

Just like this, another day’s time passed.


Nalan Hong finally could not persist on either and retreated to the shore.

But Nalan Hong did not feel dejected. Instead, he was faintly very thrilled.

Charging to the third level region in one go, Nalan Hong obtained tremendous benefits. Moreover, him being able to walk to the third level region also surpassed quite a few generations of holy lords.

In the future, his accomplishments would surely be even higher than the holy lord!

“Quickly look! Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi both entered the third level region already! What kind of freaks were chosen from the Quasi-Holy Son selection competition this time?!” Yang Xiao exclaimed in shock.

Nalan Hong was startled and hurriedly looked over. Indeed, he saw that Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng’s figures were already at the third level region.

“Holy Lord His Excellency has great foresight. Looks like … Our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land is going to rise up anew!” Nalan Hong did not have the intention of being envious and admired Tu You’s decision instead.

It was just that he did not know that the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was currently facing its greatest crisis since establishment!

Once Tu You’s lifespan ran out, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would probably be reduced to a second-rate power immediately, and be swallowed up by other holy lands.

Tu You dwelt in deep seclusion these few years and rarely came out. He only said that he was in a retreat to assault the Second Level Dao Profound; this was the news he spread out on purpose. At the same time, he would never show his face in front of outsiders.

Apart from a few trusted elders, no one knew that he already reached the extent of the oil running out and the lamp expiring already.

Right at this time, the winds and clouds in the sky suddenly changed. Patches of dark clouds converged over here. The horrifying pressure made people feel very stifled, unable to even catch their breath!

“En? Not good! Ye Yuan is going to transcend tribulation!” Nalan Hong’s expression changed as he said.

While at this time, Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng were only a hundred over feet distance away from him. The moment Ye Yuan transcended the tribulation, they would definitely be swept into it.

Zhang Tianyi and Han Feng were startled awake by this abnormality too, carrying extremely unwilling expressions as they retreated back to the shore.