Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Horrifying Soul Tribulation

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“This fellow’s strength is comparable to peak Boundless Realm. If we were to transcend tribulation inside, we’d definitely be smitten to death!” Zhang Tianyi said extremely unwillingly.

He sensed that he had not reached the limits yet and should still be able to push forward some more.

But Ye Yuan suddenly transcending tribulation thoroughly screwed up his tempo.

“Actually, we should have long expected it. With Brother Ye’s strength, entering this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, how can he possibly not break through to Boundless Realm? It somewhat exceeded my expectations that he is only breaking through now,” Han Feng said.

If interrupted, then he was interrupted. Han Feng did not mind very much.

Entering the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool this time, his harvest was extremely huge. He was almost breaking through to the Ninth Level Boundless already.

Furthermore, he could sense that the pool water’s transformation on his body was extremely great. In the future, cultivation would yield twice the results with half the effort.

Suddenly loosening up to six quotas this time was truly picking up a treasure to him.

“What’s Ye Yuan doing? Is it possible that … this guy wants to oppose heavenly tribulation?” Nalan Hong exclaimed in shock.

A mighty dragon aura billowed to the skies. Ye Yuan slowly raised his palm. This was clearly going to exhibit a powerful martial technique.

By the side, the few geniuses were all dumbstruck with astonishment when they saw this scene.

Each and every one of them rated themselves as geniuses. Towards heavenly tribulation, they were generally not overly concerned but were not wildly arrogant to the degree of opposing heavenly tribulation yet.

Watching Ye Yuan’s stance, he did not place heavenly tribulation in his sights at all!

With Ye Yuan’s present strength, transcending the 5-in-9 heavenly tribulation was without the least bit of pressure at all, even if it was the major heavenly tribulation of breaking through a major cultivation realm.


A Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm soared high into the air, flying straight for the tribulation clouds that had yet to form!

A massive green dragon 1 charged straight for the skies, pressing forward with an indomitable will!

Under everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, the tribulation clouds were dissipated by the power of this palm.

“Holy sh*t! Just what kind of freak is this guy? The might of one palm is actually so horrifyingly powerful! Could it be that he had yet to use all of his strength in the competition?” Yang Xiao cried out weirdly.

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was not the slightest bit inferior to that fifth-stage supreme true intent, Rending the Sky, as well!!

A martial technique like Rending the Sky, being able to comprehend one already need to express thanks to heaven and earth. He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually still had a card up his sleeve.

But this was Yang Xiao misunderstanding Ye Yuan. Actually, during the competition, the power of Rending the Sky was indeed above the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

But soaking in the pool water these two days, the power of Ye Yuan’s fleshy body strengthened by more than several times!

Ye Yuan discovered that the power within this pool water, the majority was used to temper the fleshy body. The increase in essence energy instead was a little slow in comparison.

The dragon race’s martial techniques did not entirely look at dragon wave’s degree of comprehension. It similarly looked at the strength of the physical body. This was the same logic as a martial artist’s essence energy and supreme true intent.

Right now, Ye Yuan’s physical body was multiple times stronger. The might of Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm naturally strengthened a great deal too.

The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm that Yang Xiao saw was precisely the version after strengthening.

A 5-in-9 heavenly tribulation, the tribulation clouds were not so easily scattered away.

Very soon, the tribulation clouds in the air gathered once more. Very clearly, it was more than before this time.

But Ye Yuan did not seem to pay attention at all. Raising his hand, it was another Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, directly blasting apart the firmament.

In this pool water, Ye Yuan felt like he returned to the embrace of his mother’s womb, in a nascent state with limitless strength!

The third time, fourth time, fifth time …

Ye Yuan did not care about the tribulation clouds in the sky at all, firing palm after palm over above the sky.

Five sets of tribulation clouds were actually thoroughly dissipated by Ye Yuan without condensing successfully yet!

The five people on the shore were long dumbfounded with shock.

Turns out that heavenly tribulation could still be transcended like this!

No lightning falling, this heavenly tribulation … Could it still be called heavenly tribulation?

The current Ye Yuan stood calmly on the water surface, akin to a war god.

“This … It’s done?” Yang Xiao looked at the surroundings and asked, rather baffled.

Nalan Hong’s expression was grim as he shook his head and said, “You look at Ye Yuan’s appearance akin to facing a great enemy. I think … it shouldn’t be over yet, right?”

Yang Xiao was startled and discovered that Ye Yuan indeed had an appearance akin to facing a great enemy.

But for Middle Three Realms martial artists, 5-in-9 heavenly tribulation was already the limit. Could it be that there was still a more formidable heavenly tribulation?

Right then, the tribulation clouds originally dissipated by Ye Yuan actually condensed and formed once more!

“How is this possible? Ye Yuan is transcending the Boundless Realm’s heavenly tribulation here. How can a 6-in-9 heavenly tribulation possibly appear?” Yang Xiao nearly jumped up.

This situation before his eyes seriously somewhat subverted his understanding.

But Pei Kun said with a cold snort, “Idiot! Look closely! How is this a 6-in-9 heavenly tribulation? This is clearly soul tribulation!”

“Uh, soul tribulation? Uhh … Seems like it really is! However … the power of this soul tribulation is so powerful!” Yang Xiao still had a guileless appearance.

The others were all silent. That thick layer of tribulation clouds in the sky made their divine souls all tremble.

The might of this soul tribulation was clearly much more powerful than they imagined!

“Looks like comprehending the golden characters can obtain immense benefits, but it has side effects too. The power of this soul tribulation is way stronger compared to that time in my previous life!” Ye Yuan smiled bitterly in his heart.

Transcending soul tribulation! If one did not have adequate measures, it was very hard to transcend.

Soul tribulations arrived at the divine soul directly and did not have any obstacle at all. It was unlike lightning tribulation; martial artists could rely on essence energy and the physical body to guard the heart channels.

As long as the heart channels were not severed, the martial artist was considered to have transcended.

But soul tribulations disregarded the physical body, attacking the divine soul directly. It was equivalent to a divine soul attack, completely unavoidable.

With Ye Yuan’s measures, when he withstood the soul-lightning dual tribulations back then, he nearly perished; his Dao almost dissipated.

And what played a critical role in it was the soul tribulation!

It was just that the soul tribulation this time was much stronger compared to that time.

A purple bolt of lightning fell down with a loud crash. Lightning was partially hidden and partially visible and actually shuttled back and forth the void!

Heavenly Soul Shield!

Ye Yuan cried out lightly. Soul force suddenly erupted, forming an invisible barrier in front of him!


Ye Yuan’s body was directly sent flying out. He was spewing out a mouthful of fresh blood while in the air.

Seeing this scene, the faces of everyone on the bank suddenly changed.

Although the might of this soul tribulation was kind of expected early on, seeing Ye Yuan being directly bombarded heavy injuries, they did not expect it either.

These few people were all aware that Ye Yuan was not only a martial artist, but he was also an alchemist. His attainments in the divine soul were very high.

It could be seen from this how terrifying this soul tribulation was!

Zhang Tianyi’s expression was solemn as he said, “That divine soul mystic art of Ye Yuan’s earlier, with my strength, I can’t shake it a single bit at all. But the soul tribulation actually blasted it to pieces! The power of this soul tribulation is too terrifying! If it were me, my soul would probably have dissipated already under that blow earlier. Really don’t know what on earth Ye Yuan did, to actually provoke such a powerful soul tribulation! The magnitude of this soul tribulation is not what Boundless Realms can withstand at all!”

Everyone’s expression changed again!

Even Zhang Tianyi this soul martial artist could not withstand a single hit from the soul tribulation. It could be seen how terrifying the power of this soul tribulation was.

“Ye Yuan is probably … in danger this time!” Zhang Tianyi said with a slightly grim expression.