Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Divine Inscription

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Another bolt of purple lightning arrived with a howl!

Ye Yuan mustered up all of his soul force to deal with the second bolt of soul tribulation.

“Puhwark …”

Ye Yuan was sent flying once more. His divine soul was already incredibly withered.

This soul tribulation’s power was too great. Even if Ye Yuan’s divine soul already had substantial growth, he was completely not its match too.

If another one or two more bolts slammed down, Ye Yuan might really have his soul disperse to the wind.

When everyone on the shore saw this scene, they all could not bear to look straight at it.

Such a genius, could it be that he was going to fall under this horrifying soul tribulation?

The tribulation clouds in the sky rolled over and were currently brewing the next round of terrifying soul tribulation.

Two bolts of soul tribulation made Ye Yuan’s divine soul sustain immensely severe injuries. Currently, he could not even accomplish standing up!

Crack! Crack!

Purple lightning rumbled down once more. Han Feng and the rest could distinctly sense that the power of the soul tribulation this time was even stronger than before!

The few people on the shore closed their eyes. Clearly, they did not feel that Ye Yuan could endure this bolt of soul tribulation.

Forget about them, even Ye Yuan himself did not believe that he could transcend this soul tribulation either. His sole reliance now was that black colored bead.

Right then, a voice sounded out in Ye Yuan’s mind.

“You idiot, why haven’t you quickly used the divine inscriptions?!”

It was Long Teng’s voice!

This old man already had not made a sound for very long. This time, he actually voice-transmitted to him out of the blue.

But what was divine inscription?

Ye Yuan suddenly had a flash of inspiration. A hard to express syllable emitted out of his mouth. It was precisely that divine character he had just comprehended not long ago!

“Mou …”

Right at this time, the soul tribulation arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

What amazed Ye Yuan was that the soul tribulation actually dissipated to nothing under this syllable!

At virtually the same time, that black colored bead actually shed some black powder. Ye Yuan’s divine soul instantly recovered as good as new!

“N-No way, right? Ye Yuan … He didn’t die! Ah, pooh, pooh, pooh, didn’t die is good! Didn’t die is good!” Yang Xiao rambled.

The scene which just took place seriously made people’s jaws hit the ground.

They already ascertained that Ye Yuan was unable to cross the next round of soul tribulation. Did not expect that when the soul tribulation arrived in front of Ye Yuan, it actually dissipated to nothing, as if it had never existed!

What was even more bizarre was that Ye Yuan’s current divine soul state was excellent, completely not like he sustained heavy wounds.

What on earth happened in that instant just now?

“What did he do just now? To actually annihilate the soul tribulation!” Zhang Tianyi said, not quite daring to believe it.

“Just now, an odd syllable seemed to have emitted out of Ye Yuan’s mouth. Aside from this, he didn’t seem to have done anything either. Could it be that the soul tribulation being annihilated was related to that odd syllable?” Nalan Hong said with a frown.

“Impossible! What kind of syllable is able to eradicate such terrifying soul tribulation power? What was that, to let his divine soul recover back to how it was?” Pei Kun said in disbelief.

Nalan Hong shook his head. Clearly, he was rather uncertain what it meant either.

He only faintly had some surmises. But Ye Yuan’s means, he could not figure them out at all.

“Just carry on watching. If it’s really because of that weird syllable, he’ll definitely still use it again in a while!” Nalan Hong said.

Ye Yuan himself was unbelievably shocked too. He did not expect that this syllable actually had such power, directly eradicating the soul tribulation!

Long Teng, this old fellow, seemed to be constantly paying close attention to him.

Cultivating the divine soul in the Vast Heaven Pagoda probably all landed in his sights.

This old man kept saying that he was sleeping, but he was perfectly aware of the happenings in the Vast Heaven Pagoda!

When Long Teng said finish that sentence earlier, he did not make any more sound, as if he entered into a slumber again.

No matter how Ye Yuan called, he did not respond.

Forget it. Right now, it’s still more pressing to deal with the soul tribulation. Won’t be late to find him again later, Ye Yuan thought to himself.

The might of the divine inscriptions far surpassed Ye Yuan’s imaginations.

No matter how powerful the soul tribulation was, when it arrived in front of him, it was immediately annihilated by one syllable!

After an hour, the tribulation clouds finally dissipated. After experiencing life and death, Ye Yuan finally transcended the soul tribulation.

Sensing his own divine soul a little, Ye Yuan was greatly taken aback!

His divine soul was clearly just initial-stage perfection Alchemy Ancestor. But in terms of power, it was probably not inferior to late-stage Alchemy Ancestor!

These divine inscriptions were indeed abnormally marvelous!

Ye Yuan thought that his research into the divine soul was already very thorough. But the appearance of the divine inscriptions utterly subverted his understanding.

What amazed Ye Yuan even more was that Long Teng actually knew that the golden characters were called divine inscriptions!

This guy seemed to be hiding many secrets!

Ji Zhengyang researched the golden characters for many years and did not even know that they were called divine inscriptions. This Long Teng actually knew!

Ye Yuan was blasted to the shore long ago by the soul tribulation. By the time he came back to his senses from the elation of breaking through, he suddenly sensed several odd gazes sizing him up.

“En? What’s going on? All looking at me like that for what?” Ye Yuan intentionally pretended to be puzzled.

“Ye Yuan, you this fellow, your methods really emerge in endless streams! Earlier, I even thought that you were dead for sure. I didn’t think that you actually pulled through at the final juncture!” Yang Xiao said.

“Huhu, just luck.” Towards this, Ye Yuan did not wish to say too much.

The divine inscriptions and reincarnation were the same. They were both secrets he concealed in his heart. It was impossible to talk about them to other people.

But Yang Xiao clearly did not have the intention of asking too much. The few of them were all extremely talented figures and were deeply aware of the logic that everyone had their own secrets.

It was just that they had a deeper understanding of Ye Yuan’s means.

“I interrupted everyone’s cultivation. I’m seriously sorry about that. This Ye has already finished breaking through. Let’s continue?” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi both nodded their heads, entering the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool with a leap.

But after these two people entered, the expressions on their faces became anguished too. Very clearly, they could not persevere for a long time either. If there were no accidents, they should stop at the third level.

Ye Yuan did not say another word too, jumping in directly.

Ye Yuan entered the second level region but discovered that the pool water here was already completely ineffective to him.

Looks like breaking through to the Boundless Realm previously and stimulating the power of dragon blood once more, regardless whether was it essence energy or the fleshy body, they all had a substantial increase. Hence, this second level region is already no use to me, Ye Yuan pondered to himself.

Ye Yuan stepped into the third level immediately without any hesitation and discovered that the third level was not very useful to him either. Hence, Ye Yuan directly entered the fourth level!

Seeing this scene, the three people on the shore stared dumbfoundedly with their mouths agape again.

“Is this guy … treating the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool as a normal pool? To actually walk to the fourth level straight away!” Pei Kun said speechlessly.

He used all of his power and only walked to the second level. He did not expect that after Ye Yuan finished transcending the tribulation, he directly walked to the fourth level. This was too demoralizing.

“Haha, Ye Yuan’s potential is probably far beyond this! Like I said, with his talent, how can he possibly stop at the second level?” Yang Xiao laughed loudly and looked at Pei Kun deridingly.

Pei Kun’s expression was black as he darted Yang Xiao a fierce glare.