Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Remolded Anew

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On the third day, Han Feng and Zhang Tianyi could not persist any longer, withdrawing out of the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool.

Right now, in the pool, there was only Ye Yuan alone left.

And the present Ye Yuan already walked to the fifth level region!

“Truly a terrifying fellow. He already walked to the fifth level, but he is completely indifferent!” Zhang Tianyi said with vicissitudes of emotion.

Regardless whether was it talent or strength, he lost completely to Ye Yuan.

Even if he was any prouder, facing Ye Yuan’s terrifying talent, he had no choice but to lower his high head too.

The truth was placed right in front. It was not up to him to deny.

The five people saw that Ye Yuan still did not have the intention of withdrawing and could only consolidate the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s gains by the side and observe Ye Yuan’s progress at the same time.

Actually, they could already leave the Crimson Afterglow Valley now. But not seeing which step Ye Yuan walked to, they were still not reconciled to it.

In a blink, two days passed. Ye Yuan already arrived at the sixth level region and still did not have the intention of stopping.

However, it already reached the time to exit the valley. If they still did not exit the valley, they would be sealed off in the Crimson Afterglow Valley for 300 year’s time!

“Brother Ye, the hour has arrived! We’ve got to exit the valley!” Han Feng shouted to Ye Yuan.

“You all go out first. I’m still continuing,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

This Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s remolding of his body was very apparent. A short five day’s time, his strength already soared by a wide margin.

Making him go out now, how could Ye Yuan be willing?

“Brother Ye, First Elder said before, if we don’t leave within five days, we’ll be trapped to death here!” Han Feng said anxiously.

Ye Yuan had the grace of teaching to him. He could not bear to see Ye Yuan be trapped to death here.

However, Ye Yuan no longer replied him.

“Time to go! He’s willing to stay here, just let him remain here! If you guys are not going, I’m leaving first!”

Pei Kun was the first one to be eliminated and had long lost interest in this place. If not for the sake of seeing where Ye Yuan could walk to, he would have left long ago.

Outside the mountain valley had a light screen. Pei Kun leaped and vanished into the light screen.

Nalan Hong looked at Ye Yuan’s back view, shook his head, and left too.

“This guy really makes people unable to see through!”

Yang Xiao muttered to himself and chose to leave as well. Zhang Tianyi followed closely behind.

“Han Feng, still not going? The passageway is going to close!” Zhang Tianyi shouted to Han Feng.

At this time, the light screen outside the mountain valley was already flickering, likely to die out at any time. If he still did not leave, he was really going to be trapped here.

Han Feng gave a disappointed sigh and finally still turned around and left.

Not long after Han Feng left, the light screen seemingly lost its final support too, vanishing from sight.

Ye Yuan paid no attention to this and still cultivating himself by following his usual way of doing things.

Five people’s silhouettes scurried out from the lake water. The lake water that was parted became one as well, turning into its initial-most appearance.

First Elder looked at Pei Kun and the rest full of smiles. But his expression changed drastically very quickly!

“Where’s Ye Yuan?” Chen Qin’s expression was frighteningly dark.

“Ye Yuan was unwilling to part with the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s power and refused to come out till the end. We could only come out first,” Pei Kun said helplessly.

“What?! You’re saying that Ye Yuan is trapped in the Crimson Afterglow Valley?”

Although he had long expected it in his heart, hearing Pei Kun say it out personally, he was still akin to be struck by lightning.

Ye Yuan was the successor that Holy Lord personally designated. Now, he was actually trapped in the Crimson Afterglow Valley. This blunder was too over-the-top.

Han Feng also said helplessly, “I urged Brother Ye before too, but he still refused to come out. Perhaps … he has some means to be able to come out himself.”

“Nonsense! This grand array is one-directional and can only be activated outside the valley! Forget that he only has this bit of strength, even if the Holy Lord were trapped inside, he wouldn’t be able to return either!” Chen Qin lost composure and said.

“This … What to do about this then?”

The moment Han Feng heard, he kind of panicked too. He did not wish for Ye Yuan to be trapped inside for 300 years.

Chen Qin waved his hand, appearing quite irritated. “You guys return to the holy land yourselves. I’ll calm down a bit here and think what to do!”

The five people did not dare to disobey and could only leave this mountain valley.

After the five people left, a figure slowly appeared. It was precisely Tu You.

“Holy Lord, this … What to do about this?” First Elder’s words were actually exactly the same as Han Feng’s.

Very clearly, First Elder lost a sense of propriety too.

Tu You was not as concerned as imagined and instead, said, “Since he isn’t willing to come out, presumably, he might really have some measures. We’ll wait here for a month. After a month, if he still hasn’t come out, this Emperor will forcefully activate the grand array and let him come out!”

First Elder’s expression changed as he said, “How can this do?! If Holy Lord forcefully opens up the grand array again, the remaining lifespan …”

Tu You said with a smile, “We are already at this present situation. This Emperor has long come to accept it already. The only thing I can’t let go of is the holy land. I promised Ye Yuan before to send him in a second time. If he can’t come out, I naturally have to keep my promise. If my death can exchange for his wholehearted dedication to the holy land, it’s worth it too.”

First Elder heaved a sigh. The self-reproaching expression on his face was laid bare in its entirety.

He suddenly recalled a matter, slapped his thigh, and said, “Oh my, panicked earlier and forgot to ask those few brats which level region Ye Yuan made it to!”

Tu You said with a smile, “To be able to stay a full five day’s time in the pool water, he at least entered the sixth level region too! Not asking is fine too. Maybe when he comes out, he can give us a pleasant surprise.”

After staying in the sixth level region fully, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm already successfully broke through to Second Level Boundless!

At this time, if he took another step forward, he would enter the central region of the pool water, which was also the seventh level region!


The moment he entered the seventh level region, Ye Yuan felt every cell in his body seethe over. He felt that his entire body was burning!

This sensation of being set on fire all over his body instantly made his entire person starts convulsing.

Ye Yuan could even feel that his skeleton was rattling!

The pool water in this seventh level region was simply freakishly powerful!

But Ye Yuan knew that as long as he endured through this agony, it would be immensely beneficial to his cultivation henceforth!

The Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s remolding of the martial artist’s body was an all-round process!

At this time, the meridians in Ye Yuan’s entire body were already scoured many times over by the pool water!

His current cultivation speed was as much as several times than before!

Ye Yuan’s fleshy body’s cultivation endowments were very poor. If there wasn’t his previous life’s alchemy knowledge, it was impossible for him to reach this step today.

In the past, it was all through the aid of medicinal pills that Ye Yuan could break through successively.

All the way until Ye Yuan obtained true dragon’s blood, that it transformed the natural endowments of his physical body.

But this time, Ye Yuan’s physical body obtained an overhauling transformation again on its original foundation!

Right now, Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed was also not at all inferior to some rarely-seen spirit physiques.

Even if he did not consume medicinal pills, Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed would not be any bit slower compared to others either!