Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Encountering Danger At The Bottom Of The Pool

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Three days elapsed in a flash!

During these three days, Ye Yuan was enduring torture every second.

This sort of anguish virtually made him faint away several times.

If it were others, they would probably have failed to endure it and retreated back to the shore long ago. But Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and endured it!

The torment of immolation finally gradually subsided on the third day. Ye Yuan floated on the water surface quietly and already did not have a trace of strength.

No idea how long passed either, before he recovered some strength.


Ye Yuan came to the shore and released all of the true dragon strength in his entire body with all his might!

An inconceivable scene occurred. Below Ye Yuan’s neck, dark green dragon scales actually faintly emerged on his entire body!

This physical body tempering truly makes people wish that they were dead! But enduring through this hurdle will be of extremely great help to my cultivation in the future! Right now, just this fleshy body strength of mine already reached peak Boundless Realm. Coupling with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, dealing with First Level Heaven Enlightenment martial artists is absolutely no issue!Ye Yuan pondered to himself.

The disparity in strength between the Boundless Realm and the Heaven Enlightenment Realm was extremely great. The disparity between the Middle Three Realms and Upper Three Realms was extremely hard to cross.

At present, Ye Yuan’s spirit rank dragon wave already comprehended to peak initial-stage spirit rank. Only by coupling with a powerful physical body could it cross this immense threshold.

But speaking of which, ever since after Ye Yuan cultivated dragon wave to spirit rank, the rate of progress slowed considerably all at once.

Spirit rank dragon wave was extremely hard to break through. Ye Yuan fumbled for a long time and also just barely managed to reach peak initial-stage spirit rank.

But what made Ye Yuan glad was that even if this spirit rank dragon wave only advanced a tiny bit, the increase in the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s power was rather considerable.

Presently, the power of Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was already way stronger compared to before.

Taking a look at the dragon scales all over his body, Ye Yuan could not help smiling bitterly. “If I carry on cultivating, I won’t become a real dragon, right? Then wouldn’t I, a dignified human, turn into the dragon race? En? This sort of feeling appeared again. This feeling … seems to be in the direction of the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool. Could it be that there’s something at the bottom of this pool?”

“Boy, you struck rich! There is a dragon race supreme treasure at the bottom of this pool! Hurry up and go down to bring it up!”

Right at this time, Long Teng’s voice sounded out once more.

“Senior, you finally came out! Can I please invite Senior to inform just what on earth divine inscriptions are?”

Regarding the dragon race supreme treasure at the bottom of the pool, Ye Yuan was not in a hurry. Finally managed to nab Long Teng, his first reaction was to ask about the divine inscription matters first.

However, after Long Teng said one sentence, there was no sound again.

Ye Yuan gnashed his teeth hatefully in his heart. This fellow was clearly intentionally avoiding him!

But speaking of which, even though Ye Yuan was already the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s owner now, he actually could not even find where Long Teng was located at!

This guy was definitely hiding many secrets on him.

But regarding Long Teng, Ye Yuan really could not do anything to him.

Ye Yuan was very clear that even when he was at his prime, he might likely not be this old guy’s match either.

By observing a part, one can infer the full picture. Ye Yuan reckoned that this Long Teng’s pinnacle period strength was likely not beneath the Ten Great Divine Kings!

Helpless, Ye Yuan could only go to the bottom of the pool first to investigate properly.

At this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, Ye Yuan walked to the core-most seventh level region. The pool water did not have much repulsion to him either anymore.

Ye Yuan went in with a dive, sinking down to the bottom of the pool.

Not long after sinking down, Ye Yuan felt a tremendous pressure transmit over, supporting his entire body from under towards the surface of the water. He could not sink down at all.

Ye Yuan was very familiar with this pressure. It was precisely the pressure of the dragon race!

Ye Yuan could not help being secretly alarmed. This Long Teng’s perception was truly sharp!

He himself only faintly sensed that something was beckoning him at the bottom of this pool, but was entirely unable to determine what it was.

But Long Teng could actually sense that it was a dragon race supreme treasure in the Vast Heaven Pagoda!

One had to know that he had already sunk down a distance of several thousand feet now, before sensing this dragon race pressure.

This dragon race pressure was rather powerful. If Ye Yuan did not temper his physical body in this pool water, it would likely be very hard to endure it.

Right away, Ye Yuan did not dare to slight it either, immediately releasing true dragon power once more to withstand this pressure.

Indeed, after releasing true dragon power, the pressure on Ye Yuan’s body eased up, and he continued sinking down towards the bottom of the pool.

“This Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool is actually so deep! I’ve already dived down several tens of thousands of feet deep and actually haven’t reached the bottom yet!” Ye Yuan could not help being alarmed inwardly.

He had already dove down for close to two hours and actually had not reached the bottom yet. The depth of this pool water could be imagined.

Furthermore, the further down to the bottom of the pool, the more powerful that dragon race pressure!

If not for Ye Yuan refining true dragon blood essence, it was completely impossible to swim so deep.

Right at this time, two streaks of gloomy light came from below. Ye Yuan’s heart stirred, thinking that it should be almost reaching the bottom of the pool.

Could it be that the location of this gloomy light was the whereabouts of the treasure?

Ye Yuan did not lower his guard. Generally, places that had treasures were all dangerous places.

The more precious the treasure, the greater the danger accompanying it.

Previously, Long Teng said that it was a dragon race supreme treasure. Ye Yuan did not know what kind of treasure it was either. But it looks as if it was probably not some ordinary item.

Those two streaks of shiny green gloomy light became increasingly clearer, like two beams of lantern light, shooting up from the bottom of the pool.

The bottom of the pool was pitch-black; unable to see one’s fingers when stretching out one’s hand. But after Ye Yuan’s body went through the remolding, his visual prowess was extremely good too.

At the same time, Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Monolith Realm, grasping everything in the surroundings.

Seeing as he was about to sink to the bottom of the pool, Ye Yuan finally saw clearly what those two beams of gloomy light were!

All the pores on his entire body opened up. A sense of immense danger welled up in his heart.

How was this some lantern light? It was a black flood dragon entrenched at the bottom of the pool!

Ye Yuan saw distinctly that this black flood dragon’s head actually already gave birth to dragon horns. This was clearly the omen of about to turn into a dragon!

This black flood dragon was going to transform into becoming a genuine true dragon very soon!

This black flood dragon seemed to have long known that somebody was going to come down and actually restrained its aura. Ye Yuan only discovered it with the power of his naked eye by moving close in front too.

At this time, Ye Yuan was merely around a thousand feet or so away from this black flood dragon.

Although Ye Yuan was unable to perceive this black flood dragon’s cultivation, to be able to transform from a flood dragon into a dragon, it was at the minimum Phaseless Realm strength too!

Phaseless Realm martial artists were not what the present Ye Yuan could resist.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan turned around and fled!

“Ignorant human, to actually dare pry into this dragon’s treasure! Where are you running to?!”

This black flood dragon actually spoke human language. His body shot out from the bottom of the pool like a cannonball, heading straight for Ye Yuan!

This underwater was the black flood dragon’s domain in the end. The advantage of Ye Yuan’s speed could not be brought out at all. In a blink of an eye, the black flood dragon was going to catch up to Ye Yuan.

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

Ye Yuan was currently escaping when he suddenly turned around and gave a palm. This palm was already the limits of his strength.


The black flood dragon was struck until his figure stopped. But he was completely unscathed.