Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 81

Chapter 81


“Come on! The General Affair Department’s head student, Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, and that genius Earth rank student who’s recently in the limelight, Ye Yuan, started fighting. There’s going to be a great show to watch!”

“Ye Yuan? Isn’t he only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm? Senior Apprentice Brother Lin was already at the half-step Spirit Condensation Realm a long time ago. How could Ye Yuan possibly be his match?”

“Are you stupid? Didn’t Ye Yuan enter a closed-door seclusion a few days ago? He exited seclusion and is already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!”

“W-what? Closed-seclusion for a few days and Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm? That fellow is seriously a freak! But even if he’s at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, he couldn’t possibly be Senior Apprentice Brother Lin’s match, right?”

“Who knows? I also just heard from other people. There seems to be some great enmity between the two of them, which provoked Ye Yuan so much so that he wants to kill Senior Apprentice Brother Lin even knowing the academy’s rule!”

“There’s such a thing? Come! Let’s quickly go look!”

The news of Ye Yuan and Lin Tiancheng’s deathmatch quickly spread throughout the entire Dan Wu Academy. Two students debated over it for a while in a corner of the academy and then they rushed over to watch the show.

But their discussion reached another person’s ear. Wan Yuan just happened to be nearby, and when he heard these two people’s conversation, a hint of a cold smile flashed across his face.

He did not think that Lin Tiancheng was so daring, to actually directly provoke Ye Yuan to violate the academy’s rules!

Now, no matter whether it was Ye Yuan who killed Lin Tiancheng or Lin Tiancheng who killed Ye Yuan, he could sit there and enjoy the fisherman’s gains!

Previously, he let Liu Ruoshui goaded Lin Tiancheng on, and that fellow really fell for it.

Lin Tiancheng was narrow-minded. Just by sowing discord slightly, he became jealous and hated Ye Yuan.

Wan Yuan was still having a headache these two days as Ye Yuan’s improvement became increasingly faster. Not only was he reaching Wan Yuan on the Martial Path, he completely crushed him on the Alchemy Path.

Who would have thought that Lin Tiancheng directly provoked Ye Yuan?

After listening to the two people’s conversation, Wan Yuan was excited but was also shocked.

Ye Yuan went into seclusion and was at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm after coming out!

He could pass through the Black Rank Advancement test at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Didn’t that mean that Ye Yuan could already completely crush him with his current strength?

Just a month plus!

A month plus, and Ye Yuan and his position had totally flipped over.

A month ago, he could easily crush Ye Yuan. A month later, Ye Yuan was already an existence that he looked up to.

Preposterous! Just what the hell happened?!

Wan Yuan was so aggrieved. Nothing made someone sadder than being stepped underfoot by somebody they looked down upon.

Bringing along this grievance, Wan Yuan also headed over.

He really wanted to watch the sight of Ye Yuan being killed by Lin Tiancheng or Ye Yuan killing Lin Tiancheng, and then being sentenced to death by the academy.

. . . . . .

Lin Tiancheng’s Seven-Star Steps was already trained to the small success stage. It was just a little bit faster than Ye Yuan’s Instant Flash!

Currently, Ye Yuan was already forced into a perilous situation by him. If he were careless and got hit, then there would probably be no chance for victory!

The Thunderous Fist belonged to the lightning attribute martial techniques category. It similarly leaned towards attack power and even had a numbing effect.

The moment he got hit, Ye Yuan would basically no longer have the strength to retaliate!

In terms of speed, Ye Yuan could not shake off Lin Tiancheng. In terms of attack, Ye Yuan had already lost the initiative now.

He was currently in an extremely defensive situation.

“Haha!Run! Keep running! I love this sort of cat catching mice game the most! Overconfident punk, I thought you were very powerful. So you only have this bit of ability?” Lin Tiancheng laughed wildly as he chased Ye Yuan.

Lin Tiancheng seemed like he had the strength to spare!

Ye Yuan appeared once more, and Lin Tiancheng appeared beside him at almost the same instant. The Thunderous Fist directly struck Ye Yuan’s chest!

However this time around, Ye Yuan unexpectedly did not run away. He raised his right hand like lightning, and essence energy in his palm spread out.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Four Layer Wave!


One fist clashed with one palm, and the two people clashed and flew backward.

Lin Tiancheng’s body only flew backward almost seven meters, but Ye Yuan flew for ten meters!

Very clearly, Ye Yuan had the lower-hand in this clash.

Lin Tiancheng stabilized his body and laughed coldly as he said, “So, you actually mastered the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Four Layer Wave. No wonder you dare to be so arrogant! However, this Stacking Waves Layered Palm can only deal with Essence Qi Realms. To handle me . . . you have a long way to go! Right now, do you feel like your hands are going numb, and your essence energy isn’t circulating properly?Hahaha. . .”

As he spoke, Lin Tiancheng laughed wildly without stopping.

Just now, Ye Yuan was still talking rampantly about the heart of a powerhouse. But now, he was suppressed by him. This made him very gleeful!

Lin Tiancheng admitted that Ye Yuan was a genius. But so what if he was a genius? Did he not still lose to him?

This feeling of crushing geniuses was simply satisfying!

Ye Yuan’s right hand became a little numb, and the circulation of essence energy also became somewhat stagnant.

This Thunderous Fist indeed had a well-deserved reputation. It was actually on par with the Four Layer Wave.

Of course, Lin Tiancheng still had to give credit to his cultivation realm to be able to rely on the Thunderous Fist to draw with Ye Yuan. Half-step Spirit Condensation Realm was no joke. It was almost a major cultivation realm higher than Ye Yuan!

In the past, it had always been Ye Yuan who used speed to crush his opponent. He did not expect that he would be completely suppressed by Lin Tiancheng in terms of speed today!

Without the advantage in speed, he had no way of attacking with his full power. Lin Tiancheng would not give him the chance to strike.

The situation was very unfavorable!

Ye Yuan secretly revolved his essence energy to purge the lightning attribute essence energy entwined in his palm in order to relieve his numbed state.

How could Lin Tiancheng give him this opportunity?

“Trying to relieve the numbness? Are you treating me as a three-year-old kid? Die!”

Right at this moment, Lin Tiancheng moved again!

The Seven Star Steps was executed, and he crossed the several meters distance, arriving in front of Ye Yuan.


Another exchange and the two people separated once more.

This time around, Lin Tiancheng only retreated around six meters, while Ye Yuan backed over a dozen meters!

It was apparent that after being affected by the numbness in his right hand, Ye Yuan’s disadvantage grew even greater.

Lin Tiancheng did not plan on giving Ye Yuan the chance to catch his breath. After adjusting his breathing, his Thunderous Fist struck out once more.

Just like that, one heavy punch after another, Lin Tiancheng’s advantage grew even greater!

. . . . . .

“Sigh.Ye Yuan’s improvement is quick, but he overestimated himself. I also know that Lin Tiancheng. He is, after all, a half-step Spirit Condensation Realm and known as the strongest student in the Earth rank. Ye Yuan wants to challenge him at only Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm? Isn’t this just asking for it?”

In a pavilion, Zuo Bugui was complaining.

Standing by his side was Long Tang. He was naturally also alerted to such a major event.

“I think Ye Yuan isn’t such a reckless person. He might have some cards to play.” Long Tang frowned as he watched the battle far away.

However, Zuo Bugui did not agree, and he said, “What other cards could he have left? I admit that he’s truly a top genius that only appears once every 50 years. He even surpasses you and me, and he actually mastered the Four Layer Wave. But even his Four Layer Wave can’t handle Lin Tiancheng. What other moves could he have left? Such a pity! Too bad!”

Long Tang’s brows furrowed even tighter. His view was the same as Zuo Bugui. He really could not tell what other resort Ye Yuan possibly had.

Regardless whether it was speed or attack, he was completely suppressed. A defeat was set!

However, he did not know why, but he just felt that Ye Yuan had other cards he had not yet shown.