Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 810

Chapter 810 A Little Snake

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With this, Ye Yuan finally probed out this black flood dragon’s strength.

It was indeed the Phaseless Realm!

Furthermore, looking at it, it was actually at the high-level Phaseless Realm!

This level of strength, Ye Yuan was not even enough to fill the crevices between his teeth!

If it was the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, Ye Yuan could still think of ways to deal with it. But the Phaseless Realm, Ye Yuan was at a complete loss on what to do.

Earlier, if not for Ye Yuan reacting fast to the situation, the black flood dragon could annihilate him with a wave of a hand.

Even so, it was also a certain death situation right now!

“No wonder you want to covet this dragon’s treasure. I didn’t expect that a puny little human actually possesses such unadulterated dragon pressure! But it makes this dragon jealous! Brat, after this dragon eats you and refines all of your flesh and blood, it should be able to help me break through the fetters!”

Being struck by Ye Yuan, the black flood dragon was not the least bit angry. From his words, one could instead faintly detect a hint of agitation.

Even though the black flood dragon did not take human form, with his Phaseless Realm strength, his intellect was not the slightest bit inferior to humans. He was even smarter than most martial artists.

Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm move earlier, the dragon pressure was pure to the extreme. It was countless times purer than the dragon race bloodline in his body!

Then, Ye Yuan very likely refined true dragon bloodline. That was how he came to possess such a pure bloodline.

As long as he devoured Ye Yuan’s fleshy body and blood, he naturally had ways to refine out blood essence!

At that time, his impure true dragon bloodline would evolve by a large margin. Breaking through the fetters to transform from a flood dragon into a dragon would be close at hand!

An intense sense of danger hit Ye Yuan’s heart. He urged his essence energy to the max, wanting to escape the black flood dragon’s pursuit.

But it was all futile.

The black flood dragon in the water was originally like fish in the water. His speed was much faster compared to Ye Yuan’s.

In just a blink of an eye, the black flood dragon caught up to Ye Yuan.

“Boy, become a meal in this dragon’s belly!”

The black flood dragon gave a cold laugh and actually opened up his oversized jaws, wanting to grind Ye Yuan up in one bite!

Ye Yuan clenched his jaws tightly and was currently awaiting mutual destruction, but he felt an even more terrifying dragon pressure envelope the entire bottom of the pool in an instant.

A black silhouette suddenly blocked in front of Ye Yuan. The black flood dragon’s figure stopped abruptly and actually did not advance in fear!

“Senior Long Teng!” Ye Yuan said with joy.

Long Teng did not turn his head and just said faintly, “A little snake dares to proclaim as a dragon in vain too. Truly audacious gall! Don’t you know how severe the crime of pretending to be my dragon race is?”

What made Ye Yuan astonished was that the black flood dragon actually trembled facing Long Teng.

Long Teng was clearly a clone right now. His strength might not even be a match for this black flood dragon. But this black dragon was actually in fear. Truly inconceivable.

“L-Lord Throne! This lowly subject knows his mistake! I beg Your Excellency to spare this lowly subject!”

The black flood dragon’s unbearable arrogance from before actually vanished into thin air at this time. Facing Long Teng, the black flood dragon was actually like a rat that saw a cat.

Ye Yuan could not help clicking his tongue in wonder when he saw. His dragon pressure was extremely pure as well. Why was this black flood dragon not afraid of him but was scared of Long Teng?

Long Teng’s pinnacle period strength was indeed very terrifying. But right now, this sort of strength, seems like there was nothing for people to be afraid of, right?

If the two people really fought, who would emerge victorious was still an unknown.

Long Teng said coolly, “Capital punishment can be spared, but it’s hard to escape punishment! From today onwards, you’ll serve Ye Yuan as your master, all the way until Ye Yuan takes the initiative to set you free. Are you willing?”

Nothing could be perceived from the black flood dragon’s face. But Ye Yuan clearly sensed his difficult emotions.

Indeed, the black flood dragon opened his mouth and said, “This … Lord Throne, how can our dragon race serve a human and for him to be our master?”

Long Teng said disdainfully when he heard that, “Dragon race? A little snake dares to proclaim to be of the dragon race in vain too? Disregarding that you haven’t transformed from a flood dragon to a dragon yet, even if you really successfully transformed into a dragon, it’s also the lowest level dragon race bloodline. You dare to proclaim to be of the dragon race?”

Long Teng’s words were utterly discourteous. Ye Yuan was stricken with terror hearing it at the side, fearful of him enraging this black flood dragon.

But the black flood dragon was unexpectedly obedient facing Long Teng.

It was just that this matter of serving him as master, he seemed to keep on hesitating.

Long Teng felt rather annoyed and waved his hand and said, “Within five breaths, if you still don’t make a decision, I’ll make a move to destroy your several thousand years of cultivation! Five, four, three …”

Right as Long Teng counted to three, the black flood dragon finally could not endure it and opened his mouth and said, “Lord Throne, this lowly subject … this lowly subject agrees to it!”

The more Ye Yuan listened, the more bewildered he got. A clone of Long Teng’s could actually intimidate a late-stage Phaseless Realm black flood dragon?

Could it be that this black flood dragon was a simpleton?

“En, consider yourself sensible! The two of you enter a contract then. If you dare to play tricks, you should know the outcome!” Long Teng said coolly.

The black flood dragon hurriedly said, “This lowly subject dare not!”

Ye Yuan had a baffled look when he saw the situation.

Just now, it was still life and death hanging by a thread. Did not think that in a twinkle, he took in a Phaseless Realm black flood dragon as a servant.

With this black flood dragon, as long as he did not run into Dao Profound Realm powerhouses, with how vast this Divine Realm was, wouldn’t he be able to travel plenty of areas?

Under Long Teng’s supervision, Ye Yuan and the black flood dragon entered a soul bond. This black flood dragon’s life and death were governed in Ye Yuan’s hands.

“Blackwind pays respect to master!”

The black flood dragon finally lowered his high head in front of Ye Yuan.

Blackwind was this black flood dragon’s name.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “En. You don’t need to feel wronged either. Following me, there will naturally be benefits for you in the future.”

Taking in the black flood dragon, Ye Yuan was finally aware of his strength too. Blackwind was at the great circle of the Phaseless Realm!

But no matter how formidable Blackwind was, he was merely at the Phaseless Realm. As long as Ye Yuan recovered to his peak, even letting Blackwind reach Divine King Realm was not impossible either.

To Ye Yuan, as long as there were sufficient heaven and earth spirit medicines, he could even train a group of Divine King powerhouse!

Of course, creating divine kings was completely different from other cultivation realms.

Refining Tier 9 and above medicinal pills, each heaven and earth spirit medicine required was all too rare. They were all things which could come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

Even the former Medicine King Hall and Alchemist Association, these level of super major factions, could not put together a few sets either.

Blackwind was Ye Yuan’s servant now. Towards Ye Yuan’s words, he naturally did not dare to disagree. But regarding the authenticity of Ye Yuan’s words, he clearly still harbored doubts.

But Ye Yuan could not be inclined to explain anything either. In the future, he would naturally know Ye Yuan’s strength.

After saying all these, Ye Yuan finally found time to find Long Teng to clear the doubts in his heart.

Long Teng seemed to know what Ye Yuan wanted to ask and said smilingly, “This black flood dragon was originally just a little snake. The dragon race bloodline it contained was extremely scarce. But this fellow’s luck is extremely heaven-defying, to actually find a primeval dragon bone at the bottom of this pool. That’s how he got today’s achievements.”

Ye Yuan could not help being amazed when he heard that. His gaze when looking at Blackwind became somewhat astounded.

Ye Yuan knew a little about the characteristics of the demon race’s bloodlines. To be able to cultivate and become a flood dragon from a little snake with a faint bloodline, then almost cultivate to become a true dragon from a flood dragon, Blackwind’s fortunes indeed deserved to be called heaven-defying.

The chances of this sort of thing happening were way too small.