Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Primeval Dragon Bone

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“Primeval dragon bone? What is that?”

Ye Yuan understood a little about the demon race’s matters. But his understanding was clearly not as thorough as the human race.

Especially the dragon race, this kind of proud clan. It hid many secrets unknown to people even more so.

Long Teng did not speak and just said coolly, “Follow me.”

The two people and one flood dragon dove to the bottom of the pool. On a stone platform at the bottom of the pool, a glittering and translucent bone was placed. It should be the primeval dragon bone from Long Teng’s mouth.

Seeing this chunk of primeval dragon bone, Ye Yuan was slightly shocked inwardly as well.

The dragon race pressure coming from the dragon bone was incomparably powerful. It was actually even several times more intense compared to his own pressure!

And the pool water around the dragon bone actually took on a pitch-black color.

“In this pool, the water has the effect of cleansing the marrow. It’s all because of this primeval dragon bone! Just some energy overflowing from the dragon bone made all the water in this pool turn into a treasure trove. This little snake could continuously advance ranks because he was cultivating nearby as well, and was about to transform from a flood dragon into a dragon,” Long Teng said.

Only then did Ye Yuan come to a realization. Turns out that the source of this Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was actually a dragon bone!

This pool water was likely close to a hundred thousand feet deep. A measly little dragon bone was able to transform all the water in the pool into a heaven and earth natural treasure. The energy contained in the dragon bone itself could be seen at a glance!

No wonder Long Teng said that he found a treasure. Turns out that he knew long ago.

“Senior, in your present state, it’s probably very hard to deal with Blackwind, right? Why was he actually so fearful when he saw you?” Ye Yuan suddenly asked.

Long Teng seemed to have long expected for Ye Yuan to have this query and said with a smile, “The strictness of the demon race rankings far exceeds your imagination. Strength doesn’t represent everything. For this little snake to want to deal with me, being a hundred times stronger is more like it.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes went wide as he said, “A hundred times?”

This Blackwind’s strength was already at the great circle of Phaseless Realm. Another hundred times stronger, how would that do?

“Even though this little snake succeeded in evolving and his true dragon bloodline thickened a little as well, but even if he really transformed from a flood dragon into a dragon, it’s merely just the lowest class among the dragon race. The genuine clan of true dragons is likewise rigidly stratified. Unless he has another heaven-defying lucky chance and can break through to the Deity Realm, otherwise, he can forever only listen to higher-class dragon race’s orders,” Long Teng said.

The demon race had always been bloodline as the highest. This point was not hard to understand.

But Ye Yuan did not think that similarly of the true dragon clan, the disparity in ranking was actually so great.

Ye Yuan suddenly recalled something and asked, “Blackwind seemed to have called you something previously … Throne?’

Long Teng nodded his head and said, “In the dragon race, the ones possessing the purest bloodlines are hailed as the Royals. But in the same era, dragons who possess a Royal bloodline are extremely, extremely few. It can be said that the Royals are the genuine true dragon progenies! In the Divine Dao Era, as long as the Royals don’t perish, they will all be able to achieve the Deity Realm in the end!”

Ye Yuan drew a cold breath. He did not think that the dragon race still had such formidable existences.

Certain chance to enter Deity Realm! How much providence did this require from heaven?!

“So, in other words, Senior, you are a Royal?”

Long Teng said proudly, “This seat was known as the dragon race’s number one genius back then. I’m naturally a Royal!”

“Uh … then that drop of blood essence you gave me?”

“That is a Royal’s blood essence too! However, the foundation of this physical body of yours is too poor. That drop of blood essence wasn’t enough to let you evolve to a Royal. A Royal’s true dragon bloodline is much purer than you imagine!” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan’s face revealed a disappointed expression. Regarding this kind of bloodline that could unequivocally enter the Deity Realm, Ye Yuan still quite yearned for it.

Even if now was unable to achieve Deity Realm, the might of this sort of bloodline went without saying.

What Ye Yuan needed now was strength!

Seeing the disappointed look on Ye Yuan’s face, Long Teng smiled and said, “You don’t have to be disappointed either. That drop of blood essence not doing the trick doesn’t mean that this dragon bone won’t work.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Senior, just what is the background of this dragon bone?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, this should be a true dragon bone from the Primeval Era. Furthermore, it’s even the bone remains of a Deity Realm powerhouse!”

Long Teng clearly did not know the origins of this dragon bone either. But this did not hinder his conjectures about this dragon bone.

Ye Yuan turned pale with fright and said, “Primeval Era! Doesn’t that mean that it has already been a million years since then?”

The history of the Divine Realm had no verifiable records. But according to the division of eras, one million years ago from today was the Primeval Era. And this time of period where the Divine Dao dwindled to zero within a million years was known as the Ancient Era.

Long Teng said that this dragon bone was a true dragon bone from the primeval era. Then it naturally had over a million years of history.

Truly have no way of imagining that a piece of dragon bone could preserve for a million years and not decay. How formidable was the strength of the owner of this dragon bone when he was alive?

“Heh, you, this brat, know quite a bit. That’s right, this dragon bone is indeed an object from a million years ago! But because that era was too far back, the Divine Dao aura on this dragon bone already dissipated to nothing. Therefore, you can also forget about prying into any Divine Dao secrets from it. But with this piece of primeval dragon bone, it can be greatly surmised that your bloodline has the chance to evolve to a Royal bloodline.”

Long Teng looked at Ye Yuan with a smile that was not a smile, seemingly seeing through something.

Ye Yuan’s heart went cold. This old fellow was shrewd and crafty as if he realized a little something.

Each and every one of his actions was all under his surveillance. He probably guessed some things long ago.

Except that it looks like Long Teng did not seem to have any ill-intent towards him.

However, since the other party did not expose it, Ye Yuan might as well carry on pretending to be muddle-headed.

Ye Yuan pondered and said, “This dragon bone should be a priceless treasure to Senior as well, right? Why is Senior giving it to me?”

Long Teng chortled with laughter and said, “I, this bunch of old bones, have long lost the qualifications to seek out Deity Realm already. Refining another 10 pieces of dragon bones like this is a waste too. Might as well benefit you, this brat.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, seemingly guessing Long Teng’s intentions of doing so.

Without any doubt, this Long Teng was deliberately grooming him. But what purpose he had for doing so, Ye Yuan had no way of knowing.

Seems like under this sort of situation now, Ye Yuan had no other choice as well. Even if it was to quench his thirst with poison, Ye Yuan had to drink it too!

From the intel obtained from Zhao Qian there, Ji Canglan might have reached Ten Great Divine Kings strength already. This information was akin to a massive mountain crushing on Ye Yuan’s heart.

What he needed now was strength!

The allure of a Royal bloodline to Ye Yuan was tremendous!

“Then thank you very much, Senior! Ye Yuan still has a query. The divine inscriptions that Senior talked about before, what on earth is it? What relation does it have with the Deity Realm?”

Now that it came to this, Ye Yuan was already very certain that these divine inscriptions were absolutely things which belonged to a Deity Realm powerhouse.

It was just that how to use this thing, Ye Yuan was still at a loss.

Since Long Teng could shout out divine inscription with certainty, he presumably still had some understanding of it.

“Divine inscriptions are the dragon race’s secret. You’re not of the dragon race yet. I can’t tell you. After you thoroughly refine this piece of dragon bone and achieve a Royal bloodline, I’ll tell you the matters about the divine inscriptions another time,” Long Teng said nonchalantly.