Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Overwhelming Pain To The Extent Of Wishing For Death

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Ye Yuan thought all along that these divine inscriptions his father obtained were unique. But he did not expect that the dragon race actually had knowledge of these divine inscriptions long ago.

Looks like these divine inscriptions were also a highly classified level secret in the dragon clan.

Hearing the meaning in Long Teng’s words, it was evident that only a true dragon Royal had the qualifications to know.

Since Long Teng said such words, it was naturally not right for Ye Yuan to ask again.

Matters regarding Deity Realm, regardless of anyone in any race, they would all be extremely cautious.

This sort of secret definitely would not be brought out to share with others.

For Long Teng to be able to promise to tell him was clearly making an exception already. Otherwise, how could he possibly loosen up his lip for him, a human?

“Refining this dragon bone is not the work of a single day. Moreover, the process is extremely painful. You have to be mentally prepared,” Long Teng said.

The corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth twitched, and he asked, “H-How painful is it?”

Ye Yuan had a foreboding premonition. When tempering the fleshy body in the pool water previously, it was already agonizingly painful.

And this pool water was just a tiny bit of energy leaked out of the dragon bone. Therefore, the agony of refining the dragon bone itself would definitely be more terrifying than before.

“Compared to your tempering in the pool water previously, it’s definitely a hundred times more painful! If you can’t withstand it, there’s even the possibility of committing suicide because of the torment! Therefore, before refining, you have to think clearly,” as Long Teng said, he sized up Ye Yuan’s expression.

Ye Yuan’s heart palpitated. That sort of agony previously already made people wished for death. If it was a hundred times more painful, then what kind of sensation was that?

Ye Yuan’s scalp tingled, and he unwittingly became somewhat fearful towards this primeval dragon bone.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s appearance, Long Teng said with a smile, “What? Scared?”

Ye Yuan said with a bitter smile, “Isn’t Senior a little immature to be using this kind of goading technique to deal with me? Refining must definitely be done. But I need to adjust my mindset a little.”

Ye Yuan’s yearned for power to the extreme. It was not possible to give up such a fine opportunity.

Furthermore, Long Teng said that after he achieved royal bloodline, he would even tell him the information about the divine inscriptions.

“Huhu, I have confidence in you. This primeval dragon bone is extremely hard to come by and is indeed a dragon race supreme treasure. Refining the dragon bone is actually just fusing this dragon bone into your skeleton. After refining, not only can you achieve royal bloodline, it can even make the power of your dragon race martial techniques double! At that time, your physical body will be indestructible! This little snake’s bloodline is impure and completely can’t withstand the dragon pressure in this dragon bone. Otherwise, how can this thing benefit you?” Long Teng said smilingly.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he unwittingly started to look forward to it secretly.

Obtaining the dragon bone, Ye Yuan returned to the water surface and started meditating.

After half a day, Ye Yuan’s state of mind entered a state of a dried-up well without ripples, and he began refining the dragon bone!

Yet, only upon refinement did Ye Yuan realized that the hundred times more painful that Long Teng mentioned was still a little light. Saying that it was a thousand times was, in fact, not overboard.

That feeling of pain penetrating to the deepest area of the heart really made him better off dead!


Ye Yuan rolled on the ground from the pain and even used his fists to slam fiercely on the ground.

In the end, he actually directly used his own head and banged against a rock!


With a single knock, debris flew everywhere, scattering all over the ground.

Ye Yuan even thought that Long Teng said it rather exaggeratedly previously. No matter how painful, could it hurt until he committed suicide?

But now, he really wanted to directly end his own life!

The bones all over Ye Yuan’s body was rattling and creaking as if it was going to splinter into pieces straight away. This was truly hurting deep to the marrow!

This sort of agony, it was completely unimaginable by ordinary people.

Seeing Ye Yuan like this, the Blackwind by the side was somewhat uneasy. He could not resist asking Long Teng, “Lord Throne, can Master … pull through?”

Long Teng’s expression fell slightly too as he said, “If it were others, I wouldn’t advise him to refine the dragon bone at all. But Ye Yuan, I’m still very confident in him. As for whether or not he can push through … it’ll be up to him. The first refinement of this primeval dragon bone is the most painful; it is simply unable to imagine. Pulling through, the skies will be vast with brilliant prospects. If can’t tide over …”

Long Teng clearly did not have absolute confidence when saying this too.


Ye Yuan flew towards the sky, but with the essence energy cut off, he fell directly out of the sky, hurtling down with a dull crash.

With this, Ye Yuan was much quieter.

His entire person curled up on the ground, quivering.

Ye Yuan clenched his teeth tightly, emitting grinding sounds.

Many times, he fainted from the pain but woke up from the agony again.

Repeating like this over and over, his consciousness gradually became fuzzy.

How could the current Ye Yuan still have leftover strength to deploy whatever Heart Like Monolith. What was supporting him was just a conviction!

That was the conviction for revenge!

Now that Blackwind acknowledged Ye Yuan as master, he was deeply affected by his anguish as if he was experiencing it himself.

He wanted to go over and support Ye Yuan many times but was stopped by Long Teng.

“Going over to help him now is harming him!” Long Teng’s expression was grim, and he only nonchalantly left behind this sentence.

To the current Ye Yuan, every minute, every second, was endless.

In a blink, a day’s time passed. But to Ye Yuan, it was like a lifetime had passed.

His body was still continuously twitching on the ground, the joints of his fingers kneading with cracking sounds, making people extremely pained when they saw.

Two days, three days … five days!

When it reached the fifth day, Long Teng suddenly stared with wide eyes, the gaze looking at Ye Yuan revealed a pained look.

Ye Yuan was still huddled up on the ground, but his right hand reached out quiveringly, and actually slowly pressed down towards the top of his head!

“Master, don’t!” Blackwind howled and was going to stop Ye Yuan was committing suicide!

Yet, before his figure moved, he was forcefully stopped by Long Teng.

Long Teng’s expression was as dark as water as he said, “This is his most difficult hurdle. Toughing it out, he’ll receive endless benefits! Now, it will depend on how strong his willpower is!”

Long Teng stared fixedly at Ye Yuan’s palm, shouting non-stop in his head: Ye Yuan, you mustn’t give up!

“Holy Lord, right now … one month’s time is almost up!” Chen Qin said with a complicated expression.

A month’s time was up. Yet, the Crimson Afterglow Valley still had no activities. Ye Yuan still did not come out.

This signified that Tu You was going to expend the last of his lifespan to open up the grand array.

This grand array had five days of debilitated period every 300 years. Opening up the grand array at this time was the easiest.

The five days of debilitated period had already passed now. For Tu You to forcefully open up the grand array, the price expended would be much greater.

In his present condition, whether he could open up the grand array or not was still another matter altogether.

But regardless whether it could open or not, he was certain to die!

However, Tu You’s expression appeared rather calm. He said with a smile, “Looks like heaven wills it so! Ye Yuan’s talent is sufficient to support my Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s future! Using this not much lifespan of mine to exchange for his safe return, worth it!”

“Holy Lord!” Chen Qin’s tears coursed down his old face.

Tu You patted his shoulder smilingly and said, “All good things must come to an end! After I die, you have to assist Ye Yuan well. Let him grow up as quickly as possible!”

Chen Qin nodded his head with tears in his eyes.