Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 813

Chapter 813 White Light Leaves

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Tu You was currently waiting to cast a spell to forcefully open the grand array when all of a sudden, the earth shook, and the mountains moved!

Tu You and Chen Qin’s expression both changed drastically!

“This … What’s going on? The grand array that Forefather set up actually … actually collapsed!” Tu You was battered out of his senses.

This grand array was the barrier to conceal the Crimson Afterglow Valley. It was precisely with the grand array that the Crimson Afterglow Valley could stand tall for so many years.

But now, this grand array actually utterly collapsed before their very eyes!

Lake water, verdant mountains, green grass, everything before their eyes became illusionary. Finally, the Crimson Afterglow Valley recovered its original appearance. The Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was completely exposed to the world.

“This … What to do about this?” Chen Qin said in a panic.

A man dressed in white clothing slowly walked out from the valley. Behind him actually followed a black-colored flood dragon!

When Tu You saw this scene, his expression could not help changing.

This black flood dragon was actually at the great circle of the Phaseless Realm Realm!

“It’s Ye Yuan!” Chen Qin suddenly cried out.

Tu You’s expression fell. He naturally knew that it was Ye Yuan. But why would a black flood dragon be following behind Ye Yuan?

The situation was unclear. Tu You did not dare to rashly step forward to greet either.

If he were at his prime, he naturally would not care about the black flood dragon. But in his present state, to really face off against the black flood dragon, who would emerge victoriously was really hard to say.

Ye Yuan slowly walked closer and clasped his hands at the two with a smile and said, “Holy Lord, First Elder! Long time no see. I’ve made the two of you worry.”

Tu You nodded his head and looked at the black flood dragon behind Ye Yuan rather vigilantly.

Ye Yuan understood and said with a smile, “You two don’t need to be alarmed. Blackwind is my newly acquired servant. He won’t be detrimental to the Holy Land. It’s just that the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool … will probably be unable to be used anymore in the future.”

“What did you say?!” Chen Qin was shocked once more in his heart.

The Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool was where the foundation of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land lay. Now, Ye Yuan actually said that it could not be used anymore!

This was undoubtedly akin to a bolt out of the blue for the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Tu You heaved a sigh and said, “This grand array uses the energy in the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool as the foundation. Now that the grand array is utterly wrecked, the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool clearly met with an upheaval too. In the future, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land will probably have to run its own course.”

When Chen Qin heard that, his expression became extremely ugly too.

Regarding this sort of situation, Ye Yuan was quite remorseful as well.

This grand array was set up extremely ingeniously. The level of the person who set up the formation was probably not at all inferior to him either.

But this array formation used the energy in the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool as the foundation, while the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool used the primeval dragon bone as the foundation. Now that the primeval dragon bone had a small portion refined by him, it already fused into his body, which was equivalent to destroying the grand array’s foundation. Hence, that was why it would result in this scene before their eyes happening.

At the critical moment previously, his father’s, Ji Zhengyang’s, sincere advice before he passed away surfaced in his head. Recalling that smile of his father which was filled with hope, Ye Yuan forcefully reined in the thought of ending himself.

That was the hope for him to live on well. This hope was like the evening drum and morning bell in a monastery, letting Ye Yuan find the courage to live on!

Just as Long Teng said, after Ye Yuan made it through this hurdle, he actually just pulled through a few days afterward just like that.

After around 20 days, Ye Yuan finally refined the primeval dragon bone preliminarily. This also resulted in the grand array’s collapse.

After refining the primeval dragon bone, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm already rose to the Fourth Level Boundless. The strength of his physical body went up another level, strength comparable to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm!

This trip to the Crimson Afterglow Valley could be said to have tremendous harvests to Ye Yuan.

It was just that the price was destroying the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s foundation.

“You … In a month’s time, not only did you break through to Boundless Realm, you even broke through four minor boundaries consecutively, reaching the Fourth Level Boundless Realm!” Tu You suddenly discovered Ye Yuan’s transformation and exclaimed in shock.

Chen Qin’s emotional fluctuation earlier was huge and did not notice Ye Yuan’s transformation either. Taking a look at this time, it was indeed so!

Even if he entered the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, this kind of improvement speed was also a little too terrifying, right?

“This was all thanks to the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool. It’s just that sadly … it seems like the energy I absorbed was a little excessive. That’s how it resulted in …” Ye Yuan said, rather embarrassed.

Tu You waved his hand and said rather excitedly, “If my conjectures are correct, you should have entered the seventh level region, right?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head, but he thought to himself helplessly: More than just the seventh level region, I even excavated the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool’s foundation.

But Tu You did not know the reason why and said excitedly, “My Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, only Forefather alone reached the seventh level region to this day too! As long as you can break through to Ninth Level Dao Profound, it can protect my Crimson Afterglow Holy Land close to ten thousand years of prosperity. What does losing a Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool count as? Since you’ve already come out from the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool, I wonder if you agree to my request previously or not?”

Tu You looked at Ye Yuan rather hopefully. Previously, Ye Yuan kept on refusing to relent. But now, Tu You raked up the past matter.

Ye Yuan cried out sly old fox inwardly, but he said helplessly, “Now that it came to this, is there still leeway for me to refuse?”

Ye Yuan was not that sort of person who wiped their mouths clean after eating, tearing down the bridge after crossing the river. He obtained tremendous benefits in the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool and even ruined the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s foundation.

If he still did not promise Tu You, he would not even be able to live with himself.

Tu You was dead certain about this point as well, that was why he brought up the past matter.

He also knew that if not for the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool being utterly useless now, Ye Yuan probably would not promise him at all.

But now, it was very hard for Ye Yuan to refuse no matter what.

Of course, if Ye Yuan really refused, this kind of person was undeserving of him to groom as well.

Hearing that, Tu You was overjoyed as he said, “Good! From today onwards, you’re the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord! The Crimson Afterglow Holy Land will do everything in its power to help you to break through to Dao Profound as soon as possible!”

Half a month later, Tu You issued a decree, announcing to the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land, appointing Ye Yuan as the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord!

Nine Quasi-Holy Sons entered the holy hall together with the Seven Holy Sons, to assist Ye Yuan’s rule with all their power!

The various major families had to obey Ye Yuan’s orders and comply with Ye Yuan’s dispatchment!

This decree stirred up a mighty uproar in the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord, according to custom, was always selecting the strongest one out of the Seven Holy Sons, and then making an announcement after the person broke through to Phaseless Realm.

But this time, the Holy Lord actually behaved contrary to his normal self and directly appointed Ye Yuan who was only Boundless Realm as the Young Lord!

Although there were First Elder and the various holy hall elders’ support, this appointment still aroused quite a bit of opposition voices.

Towards this sort of opposing voices, Ye Yuan did not care a whit. He was currently vexing over another matter right now.

Since he promised to become the Holy Land’s Young Lord, Ye Yuan naturally would not carry on living in Ancient Opulence City.

He ordered people to fetch Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan and the rest to the Holy Land but did not expect that they actually brought over a piece of news.

White Light actually left!

Fortunately, White Light left a message for Ye Yuan before departing.

But the message White Light left behind only had a few words: We’ll meet again another day! I’m going to the Demon Region!