Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Accepting Challenge

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The Demon Region was not a territory with only a single region.

The Divine Realm had a thousand regions. While the Demon Region occupied roughly one-fifth.

The remainder four-fifth consisted of regions for humans.

Of course, human regions had quite a number of demon race experts too. But to the dragon clan and the white tiger clan, this sort of clans, they basically could not be seen in human territory.

Ye Yuan reckoned that White Light might have awakened some inheritances memories and had compelling difficulties, that was why he would leave without saying goodbye.

Being informed that White Light left, Ye Yuan could not help feeling somewhat lost.

This goodbye, no idea what year and what day could they meet again either.

Ye Yuan was quite worried for White Light too. After all, he was only at Tier 6 right now. Wandering around the Divine Realm was still a little too dangerous.

From the White Valiant Region to the Demon Region, in between this had to cut across many major regions. The storms involved naturally went without saying.

It was just that White Light already left. Even if Ye Yuan went to find, it was not possible to find him either.

The Divine Realm was too big!

Furthermore, the demon race was very averse towards humans. If Ye Yuan went over with his current strength, he would not even be enough to fill the crevices between their teeth.

The White Tiger Region had quite a number of Divine King powerhouses.

At the same time he announced Ye Yuan becoming the Young Lord, Tu You also declared pompously to enter terminal seclusion, planning to break through to the Second Level Dao Profound!

Of course, all this was just in order to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

With Tu You’s present condition, forget about assaulting Second Level Dao Profound, passing away in meditation a day later would have to thank heaven and earth.

But Tu You’s meaning was already planning on handing over the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land entirely to Ye Yuan.

Without the least bit of surprise, the first time Ye Yuan convened the Elders Council to discuss matters, he met with a strong rebound.

The Elders Council was formed by the holy hall’s elders and ordinary elders. These elders were all Phaseless Realm experts without exception.

There were three holy hall elders, while ordinary elders had ten, respectively representing the Holy Land’s ten great families.

“First Elder, according to the Holy Land’s rules, before appointing a young lord, the Holy Lord has to go through the Elders Council’s approval for it to be carried out. This time, after Holy Lord issued the decree, he directly chose to enter closed-seclusion. We didn’t even get to meet him! Could it be that the Holy Lord is planning on kicking us ten great families all out of the Holy Land?” an ordinary elder said.

“Even if Ye Yuan obtained first place in the Quasi-Holy Son competition, rashly letting him inherit the position of young lord directly, is it too hasty?”

“Ye Yuan is merely just at the Boundless Realm. His strength is way worse compared to the Seven Holy Sons. On what basis to take this position of young lord?” The one talking this time was the Wu Family’s elder, named Wu Siyuan.

These ten great families’ strength were all very formidable. It could be said to occupy half of the Holy Land’s landscape.

Moreover, the Holy Hall’s disciples, there were probably over half that came from these ten great families. Therefore, their positions in the Holy Land were extremely high.

Of course, no matter how high the position, as long as these families could not produce a Dao Profound Realm, it was to no avail as well.

The disparity between Dao Profound Realm and Phaseless Realm was like cloud and mud. Not entering Dao Profound, even if their forces were any greater, they were just paper tigers too.

It was as easy as turning over the palm for the Holy Lord to want to exterminate these families.

Therefore, in a Rank Nine Holy Land, the Holy Lord was a paramount divinity.

First Elder snorted coldly when he heard that and said, “Could it be that each and every one of you wishes to rebel? The Holy Land’s Elders Council has to listen to the Holy Lord’s wishes for everything! Since the Holy Lord already made the decision, do you guys dare to disobey?”

But when Wu Siyuan heard that, he said, “First Elder, these words are wrong. Holy Lord’s wishes, we naturally dare not object. But this Ye Yuan inheriting the position of the young lord, is it truly Holy Lord’s intentions? You count for yourself, how many years has it been since we, these ten old fellows, haven’t seen the Holy Lord?”

Ever since Tu You had a great loss in longevity, most of his time was in closed-seclusion and not exiting, so as to reduce the depletion of longevity.

Those able to see him was also just First Elder.

Even the other two of the holy hall elders rarely saw him.

After so many years, the ten great elders had long had suspicions about whether or not Tu You was still in good health.

Although the decree this time was on a grand and spectacular scale, the ten great families had some doubts about the authenticity of this decree.

Especially since the Wu Family was very opposed to Ye Yuan. Once Ye Yuan became the young lord, it would definitely be very unfavorable to the Wu Family.

Therefore, Wu Siyuan being opposed to Ye Yuan was naturally within reason too.

Furthermore, the Ten Great Families were actually competing in the dark too these few years, all for the sake of the ascendancy problem of the next Holy Lord.

If their family’s disciple became the Young Lord, it would naturally be when one man attains Dao, his fowls and dogs ascend to heaven too, with the entire family benefiting along with this as well.

Therefore, the quotas to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley this time, the competition between the Holy Sons were very fierce too. But in the end, it was Nalan Hong, Yang Xiao, and Pei Kun, the three people who were a notch above.

The strength differences between the Seven Holy Sons were not big. Most were around Fourth Level to Fifth Level Heaven Enlightenment. And these three people’s strengths were clearly a level higher.

Speaking of which, even though the Wu Family’s strength was formidable, there was really no member of the Wu Family among the Seven Holy Sons.

Originally, Wu Jianton had the greatest hope of catching up from behind. Who could have thought that the Quasi-Holy Son competition this time, he was beaten black and blue in defeat?

“Wu Siyuan, your meaning is that this Chen is forcing the emperor to do my bidding so as to command the dukes and princes? Have you thought about the consequences of saying this?” Chen Qin said with a cold smile.

Wu Siyuan’s expression changed, but he still said unyieldingly, “First Elder, I didn’t mean that! You’re making slanderous charges here! Our ten great families are steadfast and loyal to the Holy Land. But Holy Lord not meeting us for so many years, it can’t be avoided that we have some notion, right? And the decree this time is issued bafflingly. I seriously can’t figure out what right a puny little Divine Traversing Realm has to take on the position of Young Lord!”

“Just based on Ye Yuan entering into the seventh level region in the Desolate Ancient Drip Essence Pool! Could it be that this reason is still not enough?” Chen Qin said with a cold snort.

At this time, the Nalan Family’s elder, Nalan Xin opened his mouth to speak too: “First Elder, my Nalan Family is staunch and steadfast to the Holy Lord. I believe that everyone knows that. It’s just that Holy Lord’s current condition, we’re indeed all very concerned. To talk about entering a retreat to assault Second Level Dao Profound, this seclusion time is truly a bit too long. Ye Yuan inheriting the position of young lord, by right, we shouldn’t question. But I heard Hong-er say that when they came out, Ye Yuan was only at the sixth level region. As for whether he entered the seventh level region or not, we have no way of knowing either.”

With Nalan Xin saying this, First Elder’s face immediately became completely black.

Looks like Holy Lord not showing face for several decades, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was already jittery.

Nalan Xin’s words, no one would call into question. Because they were indeed loyal and faithful to the Holy Land. Just the Phaseless Realm Nalan Family clan members who died for the Holy Land were as many as over a dozen.

Looks like these ten great elders had long become suspicious towards him.

Letting Ye Yuan inherit the position of young lord this time, the ten great elders finally erupted.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan who kept silent and did not speak all along finally opened his mouth: “Elders’ skepticism towards me is nothing more than thinking that Ye Yuan’s strength is shallow and is insufficient to inherit the position of young lord. Since that’s the case, Ye Yuan is willing to accept the challenge of anyone among the Seven Holy Sons! If Ye Yuan loses, this position of young lord, not serving as one is fine too!”