Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 815

Chapter 815 Absolute Strength

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Among the Seven Holy Sons, the strongest one at present was naturally Nalan Hong.

And this time, Ye Yuan’s opponent was precisely Nalan Hong!

Actually, Nalan Hong did not have any complaints regarding Ye Yuan inheriting the position of young lord.

Ye Yuan’s talent was placed there. Even if he was not his match right now, surpassing him did not need much time either.

Even if Ye Yuan did not enter the seventh level region in the end, he at least entered the sixth level region too. Ye Yuan was way stronger than him, Nalan Hong.

This kind of genius, he could not hold a candle to him.

But when Nalan Xin told him this matter, Nalan Hong agreed without any hesitation.

Honestly speaking, he was very curious about Ye Yuan’s present strength as well!

Missing this opportunity, he might not have the chance to fight with Ye Yuan in the future.

One was because of identity, another was because of strength.

Nalan Hong heard that Ye Yuan was already Fourth Level Boundless now. With such a great improvement in a short one month’s time, surpassing him likely would not take much time either.

But this battle still stirred up a great uproar in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Boundless Realm battling Heaven Enlightenment!

Virtually a certain defeat scenario!

Everyone did not know how Ye Yuan had the confidence to beat a genius martial artist like Nalan Hong!

It was true that Ye Yuan’s talent was great. But looking down on all heroes under the heaven was his mistake.

At this time, at the Holy Land’s plaza, a large, dense crowd of people surrounded.

The entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was practically empty in the streets. Everyone came to observe this showdown between the new and old, two generations of geniuses.

Ye Yuan said personally that as long as he lost this battle, he would give up the position of young lord!

This battle affected the hearts of everyone in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

“Boundless Realm challenging Heaven Enlightenment Realm. This is simply jesting! This isn’t a disparity of a major cultivation realm, but a disparity between the Middle Three Realms and Upper Three Realms! Can there be people capable of crossing this wide chasm?”

“Don’t be silly, you! This match isn’t Ye Yuan challenging Nalan Hong, but Nalan Hong challenging Ye Yuan! But Ye Yuan is over a major cultivation realm worse than Nalan Hong. How can he possibly win?”

“Ye Yuan is indeed a peerless genius. But even if his supreme true intent is comprehended to the fifth-stage, it’s not possible to win Nalan Hong either, right?”

“Really don’t know how Ye Yuan thinks, to actually agree to such a challenge. If he’s defeated, where will Holy Lord’s face be placed?”

The small groups in the crowd were all discussing fervently.

However, the public opinion was practically one-sided, feeling that Nalan Hong would obtain victory.

Not that they did not believe Ye Yuan’s talent, but the gap between Ye Yuan and Nalan Hong was too great!

If Ye Yuan had Ninth Level Boundless strength, they would definitely feel that Ye Yuan would win.

But Fourth Level Boundless verses Fifth Level Heaven Enlightenment, there … was nothing good to compete!

No matter how great the talent, it was also impossible to cross such a great disparity.

On the grandstand, the three great holy hall elders and the ten great families’ elders were all in attendance! This kind of standard could be said to be the highest benchmark apart from the holy lord. The degree of importance they attached to this battle could be seen.

At this time, Chen Qin’s expression was very ugly.

Other people thought that Ye Yuan wanted to be this young lord a lot, but he knew that Ye Yuan did not care at all. He did not agree even when holy lord personally invited.

Could it be that this brat deliberately said those kinds of words so as to better shirk off this position of young lord?

If it was really like this, Holy Lord’s painstaking effort was wasted in vain!

On the arena, Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back. But facing the powerful Nalan Hong, he was not the least bit afraid.

Everybody could not understand just where Ye Yuan’s confidence was coming from.

“Where’s your sword? Could it be that you want to fight with me bare-handedly?”

Ye Yuan did not draw his sword up until now. Nalan Hong was very uncertain.

He had seen before Ye Yuan’s fifth-stage sword intent and naturally knew that what Ye Yuan was strongest at was sword intent.

But looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance, it seemed like he did not have the intention of drawing his sword.

He was at any rate the leader of the Seven Holy Sons. Wasn’t it underestimating people too much like this?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Using a sword, you’re not my match. So I won’t use the sword.”

Nalan Hong’s eyebrows jumped. He was greatly astonished in his heart.

He even thought that Ye Yuan not drawing his sword was in order to intentionally humiliate him. But he did not expect that Ye Yuan actually took the initiative to admit that using a sword, Nalan Hong was not his match.

Could it be that fifth-stage supreme true intent was not yet Ye Yuan’s limits? Could it be that this guy still had more powerful means?

How was this possible?

Could it be divine soul mystic arts?

That was even less likely! Ye Yuan’s soul force was at best just Alchemy Ancestor Realm too. Under the situation where he was prepared to some extent, it would not pose any threat to him at all.

Seeing Nalan Hong’s expression, Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You don’t need to try to guess. You’ll know right away! Then … let’s begin!”

Nalan Hong revealed a solemn expression and nodded his head.

The more Ye Yuan was calm like so, the greater the ominous premonition in Nalan Hong’s heart!

“Humph! Pretending to be profound! At the Quasi-Holy Son competition, his means were all studied thoroughly. What other tricks could he still have that can cross the gap between Upper Three Realms and Middle Three Realms?” Wu Siyuan said disdainfully.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan moved!

The moment Ye Yuan moved, Nalan Hong’s expression changed drastically, immediately mustering all the essence energy in his body, and bracing up an essence energy shield!

Because he did not have leftover time to carry out other responses at all!

Without the slightest essence energy’s undulation, Ye Yuan’s figure rumbled towards him like a cannonball!

Turns out that Ye Yuan’s reliance was actually his physical body!


A crisp sound. Ye Yuan’s fist smashed onto Nalan Hong’s sword, without the least bit of flashiness!

One punch, the crowd were all flabbergasted!

Nalan Hong, this Heaven Enlightenment Realm expert, was actually smashed flying by Ye Yuan immediately!

And the longsword in his hand snapped with a clank!

“W-What the hell! The longsword in Nalan Hong’s hand is a high-grade profound artifact. Ye Yuan actually only relied on the fleshy body and snapped a high-grade profound artifact?”

“Just what in the world did this guy experience in the Crimson Afterglow Valley? During the Quasi-Holy Son competition, his physical body was absolutely not so strong!”

“Too scary! The magnitude of his physical body is probably already comparable to Heaven Enlightenment Realm, right? No wonder he dares to challenge Nalan Hong. Turns out that this is his true trump card!”

This punch of Ye Yuan’s was too outrageous. It actually forcefully broke the longsword in Nalan Hong’s hand.

Such a spectacle was too astounding!

And this was the result after Ye Yuan was tormented by the primeval dragon bone for over 20 days!

His physical body was even tougher than a high-grade profound artifact!

The originally trash-like body actually caught up from behind, even surpassing the essence energy cultivation realm!

From start to end, Ye Yuan did not even utilize a shred of essence energy. Just by relying on the explosive power of his fleshy body, his speed and strength were already on par with Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts.

Adding in the strength of a true dragon, Ye Yuan leaping realms to challenge Nalan Hong was actually as a matter of course!

“Are you ready? I’m coming!”

Although this punch snapped the longsword, Nalan Hong was completely unscathed. But regarding triumphing over Nalan Hong, Ye Yuan was brimming with confidence.

“Wait a minute! I concede!”

Ye Yuan was just about to move when Nalan Hong actually admitted defeat directly. =