Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Domineering Succession

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Even though Ye Yuan’s physical body was daunting, to talk about defeating Nalan Hong, it would probably still needed to take some effort.

But he did not expect that Nalan Hong actually directly admitted defeat.

“The sword breaking is akin to the person breaking! There’s no need to compete anymore!” Nalan Hong said depressingly.

The sensational great battle that everyone had high hopes of actually lowered the curtains in this one round, making everyone’s jaws hit the ground.

Ye Yuan snapped a profound artifact with one punch. Everyone no longer doubted his strength!

Ye Yuan inheriting this position of the young lord was reputation following merit!

A Boundless Realm martial artist could cross a major cultivation realm to defeat the head of the Seven Holy Sons. What else could be called into question?

“Young Lord is mighty!”

“Young Lord is mighty!”

“Long live Young Lord Ye Yuan!

In the crowd, ardent shouting gradually erupted. In the end, it actually integrated as one!

Very clearly, Ye Yuan used his strength to conquer all the people present.

If there were still people harboring suspicions about Ye Yuan succeeding the position of young lord previously, everyone was giving unswerving support towards this decision of Holy Lord’s at this time.

In the end, this was a world where the strong reigned supreme!

Ye Yuan’s potential was put there. Given time, Ye Yuan would become an existence more powerful than the Holy Lord.

Only this kind of powerhouse could lead the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land to head towards being powerful.

The Holy Land’s decline, as well as Tu You’s endless seclusions, already gradually made everyone lose faith in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. Quite a number of people had started panicking.

This sort of feeling was not only present among the ten great elders, but it was also already like a plague, propagating in everyone’s hearts.

They were terrified inwardly, being scared that maybe someday, they would become destitute and homeless.

Once this kind of fear erupts, it would cause the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land to fall apart into pieces.

But through this battle, Ye Yuan injected everyone with a cardiac tonic!

They all took Ye Yuan’s talent into their sights. As long as he grew up, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would radiate in splendor in the White Valiant Region anew!

Without any doubt, Ye Yuan already won everyone’s support!

At this time, the ten great elders who originally harbored suspicions in their hearts lowered their banners and muffled the drums too, tacitly acknowledging the fact of Ye Yuan succeeding as young lord.

Even Wu Siyuan shut his mouth up sensibly too.

But the feelings of excitement on Chen Qin’s face could not be concealed at all.

He never would have thought that Ye Yuan’s strength would actually be daunting to such an extent.

Looks like the Holy Lord’s eyes were indeed keen!

Ye Yuan did a hand gesture to make everyone quiet down. Very quickly, the entire plaza became silent.

“I know that everybody is harboring suspicions in their hearts about the Holy Lord’s seclusion. But everyone, please think about it, if something really happened to the holy lord, who sent us into the Crimson Afterglow Valley? Why did he dare to increase the slots to enter the Crimson Afterglow Valley as well? Holy Lord’s condition is much better than you all can imagine! Everybody’s not thinking it over. How can the Second Level Dao Profound Realm be that easy to break through? Through so many years of seclusion, the Holy Lord, he has already had some gains. That’s why he chose to enter closed-seclusion without hesitation! After all, to the Holy Land, his strength is the benchmark to determine the Holy Land’s position! Right or not, everyone?” Ye Yuan spoke with confidence and composure.

“Yeah, why am I so stupid? Didn’t even think of this!”

“Holy Lord secluding for many years, isn’t it still in order to take the Holy Land into consideration? We actually doubted him. We really shouldn’t have!”

“Young Lord, we support you!”

The human heart was a very abstruse thing. Sometimes, it was very easy to be bewitched.

What they needed was only a psychological assurance.

Under Ye Yuan’s deliberate guidance, he first conquered the minds of a portion of the people, and the discussions between them infected others very quickly too.

Of course, this sort of guidance was established on the basis of Ye Yuan’s powerful strength.

He used his strength to make his words become convincing, that was why people chose to believe him.

To be able to select such a daunting young lord, how could the Holy Lord’s condition possibly be poor?

“The Holy Lord is in closed-seclusion to assault the Second Level Dao Profound and neglected the management of the Holy Land’s matters. That’s how it made everybody give rise to some thoughts that shouldn’t be there! Therefore, that’s why he selected a young lord to reassure the hearts of people and preside over the overall situation! This Ye is incompetent and received Holy Lord’s care unduly to take on this huge responsibility. I hope that everybody can offer your kind support!”

Ye Yuan’s words were logical and well-grounded, sounding perfectly reasonable and fair, which dispelled the suspicions in everyone’s hearts even more.

Cries of bravo sounded up beneath the stage. Each and everyone all expressed support towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan continued, “Since everyone chooses to believe this Ye, then this Ye won’t decline to shoulder the responsibility, taking on this position of young lord! But this Ye will say the nasty stuff first. If there’s still anyone who dares to intentionally spread lies and vilify the Holy Lord, I, Ye Yuan, will be the first one to not forgive him! This Ye’s methods, I believe everyone has not witnessed before yet. If anybody wishes to have a look at this Ye’s methods, feel free to come and give it a try!”

While talking, Ye Yuan’s gaze carelessly swept towards Wu Siyuan, the warning overtones unreserved.

Right then, a series of screams suddenly sounded out in the crowd.

A black-colored flood dragon soared into the air and circled around in the sky! It was precisely Blackwind!

At this time, Blackwind displayed his original body, and his body was actually a thousand feet long! It could be said to blot out the sky and cover the sun!

A powerful dragon pressure smothered the entire plaza, making people’s hearts palpitate.


Apart from Chen Qin, those Phaseless Realm elders were all akin to facing a great enemy, and even thought that there were demonic beasts invading the holy land.

A flood dragon at the great circle of Phaseless Realm could virtually be said to be invincible in the same realm.

These Phaseless Realm elders below added up probably was not his match either.

“Everyone, there’s no need to panic. This black flood dragon is my servant. In the future, he will be the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s guardian divine beast!” Ye Yuan said with a clear voice.

Hearing this, the panic on everybody’s faces instantly became dumbfoundedness!

Was there a mistake?

A Boundless Realm martial artist actually took in a Tier 8 demonic beast as a servant?

Especially Wu Siyuan, the expression on his face was ugly to the extreme. At the same time, he was also secretly somewhat rejoicing a little in his heart.

Luckily, Ye Yuan won today. If Ye Yuan lost, the first one to die would probably be him, Wu Siyuan.

With a divine beast descendant at the great circle of Tier 8 as a servant, Ye Yuan could totally do whatever he wanted in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land!

Even Chen Qin, First Elder, was not this black flood dragon’s match either!

Blackwind’s appearance dispelled the last traces of everyone’s doubts.

With such a powerful supporter, who else dared to call into question his authority, this Young Lord?

“Blackwind, there is a deep pool in front of the holy hall. In the future, you’ll inhabit that place!” Ye Yuan instructed Blackwind.

“Yes, Master!” Blackwind spoke human language.

Finished talking, Blackwind turned into a black line, plunging into the deep pool in front of the holy hall directly.

At this time, the gazes that everyone looked at Ye Yuan with underwent a transformation once more.

Even though the position of the young lord was powerful, Ye Yuan’s strength was too low when all was said and done. The way many people saw it, the one presiding over matters was still First Elder.

But with Blackwind, Ye Yuan himself had the strength to govern the entire Holy Land!

Right then, First Elder Chen Qin and the other two holy hall elders suddenly got up and knelt down towards Ye Yuan and said, “Young Lord Ye, please lead the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land to flourish anew!”

Even First Elder submitted. What else could the rest still say?

Right away, everyone, including the ten great elders all knelt down. A swarm of momentous and tidal-like voices sounded out in the plaza: “Young Lord Ye, please lead the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land to flourish anew!”