Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Striking Where It Hurts

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At the Profound Wind Holy Land, in the White Valiant Region.

An elderly man and a youth stood in the air, right overhead the Holy Land.

The youth carried a long wooden staff on his back, standing with his hands behind his back, his expression lofty.

“Young Master Tong, this place is the White Valiant Region’s boundary-line,” the elder said.

“En, this White Valiant Region is average in strength; virtually all of them here are Rank Nine Holy Lands. There’s no challenge for me at all!” the youth said in annoyance.

“In this one year, Young Master Tong’s strength made remarkable progress. Heaven and Earth Staff Art had been mastered 50% of in terms of level and skill. Given time, Young Master Tong will definitely be able to reach Master’s standard,” the elder said. 1

“Master said that the path of staff techniques doesn’t have shortcuts. There is only non-stop battle after battle. But in this one year, I really didn’t encounter many adversaries! Grandpa Sun, why not forget about this White Valiant Region. Let’s go to Rank Eight Holy Lands?”

“As per Master’s instructions, Young Master Tong still has half a year’s time before you can challenge Rank Eight Holy Lands’ geniuses. This old man dare not make the decision arbitrarily,” the old man said fearfully.

The youth pursed his mouth and said unhappily, “So troublesome! Recently, my staff technique is advancing slower and slower. I can’t find opponents in Rank Nine Holy Lands at all. What need is there still to carry on accumulating? Forget it, forget it. I also know that it’s hard on Grandpa Sun. I’ll just follow Master’s plan!”

When the youth saw the elderly man’s difficult look, he ultimately still did not continue being willful.

The old man smiled warmly. Only now did he set his mind at ease.

After half a day, there were wailing cries at the Profound Wind Holy Land.

“What kind of lousy Holy Land! The Young Lord’s strength is actually so weak! This kind of place can also be called a Holy Land? Sigh, Master’s rule is really troublesome. How many more of this kind of rookies do I have to fight with still?!” the youth put away the staff and said disdainfully.

The old man said with a smile, “Huhu, how many people can have Young Master Tong’s level of talent? Even Master praised Young Master Tong too, saying that when he was around your age, his accomplishments weren’t even as high as yours.”

The youth waved his hand and said, “Downright boring. Let’s go, Grandpa Sun, we still have to hurry onto the next Holy Land!”

Under the watchful eyes of the people, the one old man and one youth slowly left.

In the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s holy hall, Ye Yuan sat at the head-seat, while the Wu Family’s elder, Wu Siyuan, sat at a lower position.

“Young Lord Ye, previously, it was all Jiantong who didn’t know any better. A great man rarely stoops to pettiness. Don’t be angry with him anymore. I’ve already grounded him for a year, making him stay at home to cultivate in seclusion honestly. He isn’t permitted to go out and stir up trouble anymore!” Wu Siyuan said with an obsequious smile.

The expression on Wu Siyuan’s face even carried fawning, behaving completely different from before.

Ye Yuan maintained composure and said, “Elder Wu finding this Young Lord, I wonder what matter is it for?”

Wu Siyuan continued smiling flatteringly as he said, “Young Lord Ye is indeed a young genius, to actually be a rarely-seen alchemy-martial dual genius! Not only is Young Lord’s martial arts superb, I didn’t expect that you also have heaven-defying means in alchemy! Wu Siyuan feels that the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land is absolutely able to soar to the skies with one bound under young lord’s leadership! My Wu Family also firmly endorses Young Lord Ye!”

Ye Yuan chuckled inwardly. This fellow going round and round, wasn’t it still hoping for him to help refine medicinal pills for him?

Wu Jiantong had also reached the crucial period to break through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. A transcendent-grade Spirit Enlightening Pill was of utmost importance to him.

Ever since Ye Yuan inherited the position of the young lord, the Nalan Family and the Pei Family, these two great families, were the first to express support, making many shows of representations towards Ye Yuan openly and covertly.

But the Wu Family and several families on familiar terms did not have any movements for a long time.

Eight great families uniting together was generally not a force that could be ignored. They were waiting, waiting for Ye Yuan to take the initiative to go find them.

Furthermore, this period of time, these few families’ disciples in the holy hall were not very obedient either. The teams were very hard to lead.

Ye Yuan had Blackwind and First Elder, this kind of experts as supporters. It naturally would not do for the Wu Family, these few major families, to be forceful. Therefore, they changed to gentle.

Actually, Ye Yuan could understand their mentality too. Not that they were disloyal to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. They only wish to strive for greater benefits.

Them doing so was in order to let Ye Yuan know their importance and attach importance to them from there.

But what kind of person was Ye Yuan? How could he possibly submit obediently?

These few days, Ye Yuan refined quite a number of medicinal pills for the Nalan Family and the Pei Family who threw their lots with him. Furthermore, the moment he made his move, it was all transcendent-grade medicinal pills!

Before Alchemy Ancestor and Alchemy Saint, there was similarly the crossing from Middle Three Realms to Upper Three Realms. After breaking through, soul force had a qualitative leap.

Ye Yuan was currently a middle-rank Alchemy Ancestor, but his soul force was already comparable to an Alchemy Ancestor at the great circle of perfection.

It was just that such soul force still could not let him cross this enormous step to leap realms and refine Tier 7 medicinal pills.

But Ye Yuan felt that continuing to develop like this, when his divine soul broke through to high-rank Alchemy Ancestor, he absolutely would be able to refine Tier 7 medicinal pills!

At the thought of this, Ye Yuan was faintly quite excited too.

This sort of heaven-defying soul force was absolutely only one of a kind in the Divine Realm!

These few days, Ye Yuan helped these two major families’ Boundless Realm geniuses refine quite a few extremely hard to refine Tier 6 medicinal pills. With this, Wu Siyuan could not sit still anymore as well.

With Wu Jiantong’s talent, he would definitely be able to reach the Seven Holy Sons’ height in the future.

Therefore, the more solid his foundation, the further he could walk in the future as well.

Very clearly, the Wu Family wished to heavily groom Wu Jiantong.

As luck would have it, Wu Jiantong offended Ye Yuan badly. Wu Siyuan was also adopting a wait-and-see attitude now and similarly offended Ye Yuan considerably.

Under such circumstances, how could Ye Yuan possibly take action to help them refine medicinal pills?

“Elder Wu, I think that you might have some misunderstanding? I, this Young Lord, was appointed by the Holy Lord. You don’t pledge loyalty to me, but you swear fealty to the Holy Lord! I, Ye Yuan, don’t seem to need you to make your stance clear,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“H-Haha, Young Lord Ye must be jesting. The young lords have always inherited the position of the Holy Lord all along. Swearing fealty to Young Lord and swearing fealty to the Holy Lord, there isn’t any difference.” Wu Siyuan thickened his skin and said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Saying it like this isn’t wrong either. En, alright then, I’m aware of Elder Wu’s loyalty already. I still have a lot of things to do here and won’t see Elder Wu off.”

Wu Siyuan panicked and hurriedly said, “Don’t go yet, Young Lord Ye! This old man … this old man apologizes to you!”

“Oh? Why does Elder Wu need to apologize to this young lord?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“This old man shouldn’t have lost my mind and attempted to knead young lord! This old man shouldn’t have incited the various elders and attempted to change the laws. This old man … old man … sigh! I beg Young Lord Ye to raise your hand high in mercy and help Jiantong refine a transcendent-grade medicinal pill!” With this, Elder Wu yielded utterly.

A Transcendent-grade Spirit Enlightening Pill was too important. It was able to lay down an extremely solid foundation for the cultivation of the Upper Three Realms, letting the Upper Three Realms’ cultivation be even smoother!

This sort of medicinal pill was hard to get even with a mountain of gold.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Alchemy Path was not highly developed. Nobody could refine this kind of medicinal pill at all. Even the two major trading firms’ high-level alchemists completely could not refine it either.

If Wu Siyuan did not throw out this old face, Wu Jiantong would be pulled far apart from the Ten Great Families’ same generation martial artists!

At that time, forget about any Seven Holy Sons, even the Wu Family’s position within the Ten Great Families might not be able to be preserved too.

Striking where it hurts, this move of Ye Yuan’s was seriously too ruthless!