Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Purchasing Spirit Medicines

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Ye Yuan ultimately still accepted Wu Siyuan’s apology and helped Wu Jiantong refine a transcendent-grade Spirit Enlightening Pill!

Even the Wu Family could not hold on anymore, how could the other seven families still hang in there?

Hence, each and every one of them fell over each other to express loyalty to Ye Yuan.

Tidying up the Ten Great Families, the Elders Council was considered utterly under Ye Yuan’s control.

With Ye Yuan’s alchemy means, there were plenty of times when the Ten Great Families had to beg him. In the future, if they wanted to have any funny ideas, they naturally had to weigh it over.

Taking care of the Elders Council, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s danger was finally considered to have been preliminarily cleared.

First Elder Chen Qin broke into a cold sweat in fear too, throwing himself down at Ye Yuan’s feet in admiration.

If not for Ye Yuan, the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land was probably going to fall into a huge crisis.

Once the internal affairs were chaotic, the other Holy Lands in the White Valiant Region would likely see through flaws. At that time, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would be in danger.

On this day, Ye Yuan came to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company alone.

In a secret chamber, the moment Cai Yue saw Ye Yuan, her entire person pushed against Ye Yuan’s bosom.

“Young Lord Ye, you’re making your way up in the world now and forgot this lowly one! This lowly one missed you to death these days!”

That seductively bewitching power truly reached the bones, making people lose their minds in ecstasy.

Listening to these words, you clearly knew that she seducing you, but you just could not control yourself.

Ye Yuan touched Cai Yue’s inviting shoulders, but he pushed her down onto a seat, while he himself sat down on another seat.

“Elder Sister Cai Yue, don’t use this move on me anymore. It’s useless. This time, coming to find Elder Sister Cai Yue, is wanting to request Elder Sister Cai Yue for a favor,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Cai Yue looked at Ye Yuan with a look of hidden bitterness and said, “Elder Sister is whole-heartedly sincere, but you treat it as ill-intent! Forget it, forget it. Whatever instructions Young Lord Ye has, just go ahead and say it. Even if not looking on account of the gold token, looking on account of Young Lord Ye’s handsome face, Elder Sister won’t dare to not do either!”

Ye Yuan becoming the Young Lord, one billion earth essence crystals was naturally no object. He had long ordered people to come over to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company to settle it already.

But ever since after the auction last time, this was Ye Yuan’s first time coming to the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.

Towards Cai Yue’s sort of ultimate seduction, Ye Yuan enjoyed it very much, but he would not fall for it.

After all things were said and done, didn’t Cai Yue just wanted to feel Ye Yuan out?

To say that Cai Yue really had any thoughts towards him, Ye Yuan would not believe even if he was beaten to death either.

Cai Yue was naturally very depressed in her heart. Regarding her techniques of seduction, anyone would swallow the bait. But this brat in front of her just did not look her straight in the eye.

“I want several kinds of Tier 9 spirit medicines, this is the list. Additionally, I also want to invite a person to take action and help me refine a kind of Tier 9 medicinal pill,” Ye Yuan said.

Cai Yue was startled inwardly. She did not expect that Ye Yuan would ask for a Tier 9 medicinal pill right right at the start.

But Cai Yue was still somewhat doubtful. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company had Alchemy Emperor experts, just invite them to take action. Why invite another person alternatively to take action?

“Elder Sister doesn’t need to guess. This medicinal pill, ordinary people can’t refine it. It has to be that person taking action,” Ye Yuan clearly saw through what Cai Yue thought in her heart and said with a smile.

Cai Yue smiled sweetly and said, “Young Lord Ye has such a keen mind, to even know what Elder Sister is thinking about! Cai Yue is sincere towards Young Lord from the bottom of my heart. Is it possible that Young Lord Ye dislikes that Cai Yue is no longer chaste?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “How could it be? Elder Sister is so alluring, which man wouldn’t be moved?”

“Then why does Young Lord Ye not even look Elder Sister in the eye?”

Ye Yuan smiled but did not speak, not following up.

Cai Yue took a shot at Ye Yuan, took over the list from Ye Yuan’s hands with a smile on her face, and said smilingly, “You, this young man, are really born with a heart that can see through all illusions! Even some old fellows probably don’t have your keen mind too! Alright then, Elder Sister will take a look what just what Tier 9 medicinal pill you want to refine. I’m telling you, Tier 9 spirit medicines are all very expensive …”

As Cai Yue was talking, she examined the inventory list at the same time. Talking halfway, the seductively charming look on her face faded entirely, and what replaced it was an astonished expression.

“Immortal Plume Peach, Ground Spirit Turtle Shell … This … these spirit medicines you want, are you sure that the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land can afford it?” Cai Yue turned pale with fright and said.

The spirit medicines Ye Yuan wanted, each kind were all heaven and earth rare treasures. The price was ridiculously expensive. Furthermore, some even had the demand, but no supply!

Ye Yuan buying these spirit medicines was sufficient to bankrupt the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land!

Hence, that was why Cai Yue would be so shocked when she saw this list.

Dao Profound Realm powerhouses were extremely wealthy, especially Dao Profound powerhouses who founded holy lands. They would be a hundred times wealthier compared to ordinary Dao Profound Realms!

But even so, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land could not shoulder the price of these spirit medicines either.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Elder Sister, calm down. I didn’t say that this money will be at the expense of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.”

Cai Yue was stunned. “Is Young Lord Ye joking with Elder Sister? If not the Holy Land paying, could it be you paying? Don’t forget, you couldn’t even take out a billion earth essence crystals.”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Does Elder Sister know why your Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company would give me a gold token?”

Cai Yue was stunned again, shook her head, and said, “This is the trading company’s secret. My level is insufficient, so …”

Cai Yue clearly inquired about this intel before, but with her rank, she did not have the qualifications to know at all.

To a Rank One Holy Land, her status, this Phaseless Realm, was too low.

The higher-ups only said to make her satisfy all of Ye Yuan’s requests to the best of her ability. The rest, Cai Yue was completely clueless.

Ye Yuan smiled as he passed a jade slip over to Cai Yue, saying, “Since Elder Sister doesn’t know, then it’s not convenient for me to say much. Elder Sister, hand this jade slip and the list along with it to the trading company, the people above will naturally agree.”

Cai Yue received the jade slip dubiously and was instinctively going to use divine sense to check it out, but Ye Yuan warned, “I placed a restriction in the jade slip. Elder Sister better not investigate it. Otherwise, if it were known by upstairs, even if there isn’t any danger to your life, you’d probably receive severe punishment too! These two items, Elder Sister must send over through a top-level channel.”

Cai Yue was startled inwardly and hurriedly withdrew her divine sense.

Ye Yuan had always been very courteous when talking with her. Furthermore, he was bright and cheerful, an appearance of harmless to man and beast.

But Cai Yue knew, a youth able to make headquarters issue a gold token, absolutely would not be that simple.

If other youngsters warned Cai Yue like this, she would definitely brush it over with a laugh.

But Ye Yuan saying so, she had no choice but to be cautious!

Cai Yue was deeply aware that this youth was a legend. Since he uttered these words, it was absolutely not exaggerating things to raise the alarm.

Furthermore, objects able to trade in for so many rare spirit medicines were naturally very precious!

But the more she thought so, the more Cai Yue wanted to know the contents inside this jade slip. She found it very hard to imagine that a tiny little jade slip could make the headquarters issue a gold token!

“Young Lord Ye, don’t say it so terrifyingly! You scared Elder Sister’s little heart badly. Fine, don’t look then, what’s the big deal?” Cai Yue grumbled begrudgingly.

An expression which enthralled people to death without doing anything could be seen on Cai Yue’s face, but it was also a complicated expression filled with curiosity.