Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Soul Martial Divine King

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“Elder Sister is so nice to me. I obviously can’t make it hard on Elder Sister, isn’t that so?” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

Cai Yue rolled her eyes at Ye Yuan and spat, “Heartless little fellow! Driving Elder Sister to her death at the drop of a hat and still say that it’s for Elder Sister’s good!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Didn’t I come to find Elder Sister for help because I couldn’t do anything about it?”

“Humph! Say then, just which alchemist you want to help you to refine pills. Elder Sister isn’t very knowledgeable about medicinal pills and can’t tell what kind of medicinal pill you want to refine with these spirit medicines of yours,” Cai Yue said.

Tier 9 medicinal pills were extremely complex. On the list Ye Yuan made, just the core ingredients were as many as nine types, let alone the supplementary materials!

Furthermore, Tier 9 pill formulas were mostly all cherished dearly. There were extremely few mutual collaborations between alchemists to make up what the other lacked.

Therefore, it was very hard for situations where everyone knew the pill formulas like those low-level medicinal pills to happen.

Of course, being an alchemist had a benefit, that was that those finding him to refine pills must provide their own pill formula. As time passed, high-level alchemists would accumulate many pill formulas.

Therefore, to Alchemy Emperors, alchemists with higher success rates and better quality would obtain more Tier 9 pill formulas too.

Because everyone all liked to go find him to refine medicinal pills.

As for Ye Yuan, the Tier 9 pill formulas he knew was naturally a whole bunch.

Apart from those martial artists who came to find him to refine medicinal pills, he even self-created many unique pill formulas that the outside world did not know at all.

Therefore, one or two formulas for Tier 5 medicinal pills, Ye Yuan did not mind at all.

What he gave the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company were two types of the Tier 5 pill formulas which he had improved.

Using Tier 5 pill formulas to exchange for Tier 9 spirit medicines sounded like a fantasy tale. But Ye Yuan’s pill formulas could bring incalculable profits for the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company.

This point, could not be exchanged for no matter how many Tier 9 spirit medicines.

Therefore, the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company’s headquarters would definitely agree to this exchange.

“Zhong Zizhen!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“Puuuu …” Cai Yue was currently drinking a mouthful of tea. Upon hearing this name, she spat it all out.

“Soul Martial Divine King, Zhong Zizhen!” Cai Yue cried out in shock.

“That’s right, it’s him!” Ye Yuan nodded and said.

“No, on what basis would the Soul Martial Divine King refine medicinal pills for you? Forget about you, even if Lord Head Chairman went to find him, he would not give this face either!” Cai Yue broke down and said.

Soul Martial Divine King, Zhong Zizhen, the only soul martial artist among the Ten Great Divine Kings!

One could say that he, this person, was the pinnacle of soul martial artists!

Soul martial artists were originally extremely mysterious existences, and Zhong Zizhen cultivated to the realm of the pinnacle of soul martial artists.

What made people even more envious was that Zhong Zizhen was even a peak Alchemy Emperor, and his alchemy’s might was unfathomable.

To make a figure like this refine pills, was Ye Yuan kidding?

Did he, the Soul Martial Divine King, lack your bit of remuneration?

You’re making him refine pills as and when you like, who do you think you are?!

Ye Yuan said, “You help me bring a sentence to him. He’ll naturally agree to help me refine the medicinal pill.”

Cai Yue did not speak, looking at Ye Yuan like she had seen a ghost. Suddenly, she touched Ye Yuan’s head like she was crazy, then touched her own head.

“Not having a fever, sp why do you keep talking nonsense? Do you think that the Ten Great Divine Kings are your family’s little doggy, you make him come and he comes, make him go and he goes?”

To martial artists, the Ten Great Divine Kings were invincible existences. No one dared to provoke at all.

This bunch of characters who stood at the apex of the Divine Realm, who dared to become conceited and gesture at them on what to do?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Elder Sister just have to pass the message.”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s calm look, Cai Yue could not help guessing. Could it be that Ye Yuan could really strike up a relationship with the Soul Martial Divine King?

But how was this possible?

“Alright then, say it. But I dare not guarantee that the chamber of commerce 1will agree to your request!” Cai Yue said.

Provoking the Ten Great Divine Kings was something that each faction was unwilling to do. The Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company was naturally no exception either.

Not only was each and every one of the Ten Great Divine Kings’ strength perversely formidable, their temperaments each had their quirks too; very hard to grasp.

Any unhappiness and that was an apocalyptic calamity.

“Relax, the chamber of commerce will agree.” Ye Yuan said.

The chamber of commerce was just passing on information. There was no loss to the chamber of commerce. These two kinds of Tier 5 pill formulas, Ye Yuan only gave half. The remainder half, they would naturally be given only after the matter was completed.

Ye Yuan believed that the chamber of commerce would not be able to withstand the temptation of these two kinds of Tier 5 medicinal pills at all.

Cai Yue looked Ye Yuan with glinting eyes and discovered that she could see through this youth less and less.

“What kind of message to pass on?” Cai Yue said curiously.

“Returning to hang it on the tree before the grave 2 , knowing one’s heart eternally. Tell him these words, he’ll naturally refine the pill!” Ye Yuan said.

“Returning to hang it on the tree before the grave, knowing one’s heart eternally?” Cai Yue ruminated for a long time and did not understand what these words meant either.

The matter was agreed upon, so Ye Yuan naturally did not stay as well, planning to get up and leave.

“Young Lord Ye, you have to come and take a look at Elder Sister in the future often! Don’t let Elder Sister long for you!” Cai Yue said bashfully.

But the current Cai Yue was clearly not that relaxed like at first. People with discerning eyes could tell with one look that Cai Yue actually felt even more pressure when facing Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Elder Sister rest assured. Ye Yuan will naturally drop by when I’m free. However, this Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique of Elder Sister, indulging in carnal desires is just quenching thirst with poison. Elder Sister has to take it easy!”

A smile was still hanging on Cai Yue’s face earlier, but at this time, her expression changed drastically and she said stammeringly, “H-How did you know that I’m of the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Elder Sister’s deeds, I’ve still heard before a little. If not for the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique, how can you possible jinx your husbands to death one after another? Unless you require the strong yang qi in their bodies.”

Cai Yue was thoroughly defeated and said with a bitter smile, “Do you think that Elder Sister wants it? But the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique is a renown terminal physique, what other ways do I have?”

“Heh, there are no absolutes in the world! Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique might not be a terminal ailment either!” Ye Yuan said.

Those possessing this Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique were all females, and their date of birth and eight characters of horoscope were all yin. They lacked yang qi in their bodies congenitally.

This was also a type of spirit physique, but an extremely dangerous kind of spirit physique.

People in possession of this sort of spirit physique were completely unaware of their own spirit physique in their early years.

But after the first time they engaged in coitus, the spirit physique would abruptly erupt, requiring to absorb the yang qi of a man continuously to live.

Before long, the man’s yang qi would be absorbed entirely, and they would naturally die.

Hence, that was why Cai Yue would jinx several husbands to death.

At first, she felt that it was odd too. But later, only after asking the chamber of commerce’s high-level alchemists, did she know that it was because she was of the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique.

But this action of absorbing men’s yang qi was like quenching thirst with poison.

The yin qi within Cai Yue’s body would get increasingly heavier and eventually die.

Cai Yue being so bewitching was actually something that could not be helped either.

But hearing Ye Yuan’s words, it was like Cai Yue grasped a final piece of life-saving straw!

“Young Lord Ye, y-you have a solution?” Cai Yue said agitatedly.

One’s personal affairs, one would be aware. Cai Yue knew that she had one foot in the grave already.

But now, Ye Yuan gave her hope.