Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Heaven And Earth Staff Art

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“Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique, it is after all caused by the yin qi within the body being overly excessive. Wanting to reach yin-yang harmony, one naturally needs yang qi. A small amount of yang qi is simply unable to relieve the yin qi in your body and will instead induce the propagation of even more yin qi. With so many years, your spirit physique has already reached the limits. Elder Sister is right at a youthful age, wouldn’t passing like this be pitiable?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Not that Ye Yuan was mocking Cai Yue. Her age was naturally much older than Ye Yuan’s, but among martial artists, she had merely just reached middle-age too.

In fact, it really was not considered very old.

Cai Yue said with a bitter smile, “Young Lord Ye, this lowly one is at most considered a middle-aged woman who is still attractive, how am I right at a youthful age? But letting this lowly one pass on right now, I’m extremely unwilling. If Young Lord Ye really has ways to save me, this lowly one is willing to do anything for you!”

As she said, Cai Yue prostrated herself in worship.

Ye Yuan hurriedly helped her up and said, “Elder Sister is also considered to have looked after this Young Lord. That day, if not for Elder Sister, I wouldn’t have obtained the Starmoon Sword either. This favor, it naturally has to be returned.”

Cai Yue naturally did not know the Starmoon Sword’s significance to Ye Yuan.

She lent Ye Yuan one billion earth essence crystals on account of the gold token, but to Ye Yuan, it had extraordinary meaning.

Cai Yue was just about to speak but was stopped by Ye Yuan with a hand gesture. Ye Yuan said, “This method to resolve it isn’t considered much to me either. No harm in teaching Elder Sister. The Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique is a congenital terminal physique. There is only one way if you want to resolve it, that is birthing yang from extreme yin! Elder Sister can find a land of extreme yin and absorb the extreme yin qi in it with all your power. After 9 by 9, 81 days, the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique will be eliminated on its own.”

Cai Yue was stunned: “C-Can this work?”

What the Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique feared most was yin qi. But Ye Yuan made her hunt for a land of extreme yin. This made her somewhat doubtful.

Lands of extreme yin were extremely dangerous places to normal people, let alone her, this Heavenly Yin Terminal Meridian Physique.

Cai Yue was even worried that she would croak right after entering the land of extreme yin.

Ye Yuan naturally saw through Cai Yue’s suspicions, but said with a smile, “If Elder Sister trusts this Young Lord, you can feel free to give it a try. If you don’t believe, just take it as if this Young Lord never said it.”

As he said, Ye Yuan left immediately.

That was all he had. How Cai Yue chose, it was her own matter.

According to Ye Yuan’s estimation, Cai Yue could still struggle for at most a year.

Just leaving the Heaven’s Destiny Trading Company, he saw Yang Xiao running over in urgent haste.

“Young Lord, not good! No idea where this old man and also a youth came from, saying they want to challenge our holy land’s young geniuses! Pei Kun went up and was knocked down by that youth in a single staff blow. Right now, Nalan Hong is currently in the heat of battle with him, and looks like he’s going to lose soon!” Yang Xiao said.

Ye Yuan was stunned, but then he asked, “Then why are you completely fine?”

Yang Xiao said with a mocking smile, “That … That youth was too formidable, I knew I wasn’t a match at first sight! Wait, no, I have a more important mission, that is to come and inform you!”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “You this fellow, really shameless! Go on, lead the way!”

When Ye Yuan rushed there, a large group of people already surrounded the plaza. The holy hall elders and the ten great elders were actually all present.

Chen Qin saw that Ye Yuan arrived and said in a solemn voice, “This youth has such formidable strength. It’s a complete drubbing against Nalan Chu! Also, that old man, his strength is unfathomable. I can’t see through at all.”

Ye Yuan did not even look and said, “No need to guess, that old man is definitely Dao Profound Realm without a doubt. Furthermore, his realm isn’t low! If not for so, how can Blackwind possibly not even dare to show his face?”

If that old man’s strength was not powerful, Blackwind should have come out long ago at this point.

Right now, Blackwind did not even dare to show his face. Very clearly, he already sensed this old man’s might.

Ye Yuan looked over towards the youth and Nalan Hong who were entangled in battle, his expression could not help changing.


Right at that very moment, that youth struck Nalan Hong with a staff blow, directly smacking him down from the air.

“S-So strong! This youth’s age is at most about the same as Young Lord’s, but his strength overwhelms Nalan Hong!”

“His staff technique has probably already reached the fourth-stage of supreme true intent, right?”

“Such terrifying talent, he’s likely not at all inferior compared to Young Lord either! Where on earth did a freak like this pop out from?”

The youth’s strength made everyone suck in a cold breath. An existence like Nalan Hong was actually completely suppressed.

The youth put away the staff and said disdainfully, “You really can’t take a beating. Little Lord, I, haven’t even exerted my full power yet and you got beaten down! This White Valiant Region’s young geniuses are really too garbage! Hey, Grandpa Sun, this is the last one, right? Can we change places already or not? There’s still half a year’s time. Fighting with opponents like this is really so boring!”

“Huhu, Young Master Tong’s staff technique has improved a level further. If Master knows that young master’s improvement is so quick, he’d definitely be very happy!” Grandpa Sun said with an amiable smile.

“Tsk, Master he clearly looks down on me, insisting on making me come to such a remote place, finding whatever genius martial artists to train. A lousy place like the White Valiant Region, what geniuses are there? I think they are more like a bunch of nitwits! Just now this one could still take some beating. You look at those whatever Young Lords we encountered previously, all smacked down by me with one staff blow. Truly good-for-nothing,” the youth said disdainfully.

The two people chatted as if no one else was present, having utterly no respect for everyone.

Han Feng, Zhang Tianyi, these young geniuses, each and every one of their faces revealed expressions of extreme unwillingness to submit, dared to feel indignant, but dared not to speak.

This Young Master Tong was too strong, even Nalan Hong was defeated. They were not his match at all.

Furthermore, Young Master Tong’s words made each and every one of them incredibly terrified.

Hearing the meaning in these words, they had already challenged many Holy Lands in succession. And the young lords of those Holy Lands were actually all defeated at his hands!

Along the way, just how many Young Lords fell under his staff?

That youth suddenly swept towards the crowd and asked again, “Is there still anyone stronger? Little Lord, I, became somewhat spirited from fighting, hands are a little itchy! Oh, right, your Young Lord doesn’t seem to have come out yet. Where is he?”

Everyone’s faces changed, but no one spoke. Clearly, they were not willing to reveal Ye Yuan’s whereabouts.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan slowly arrived in front of the youth and said with a smile, “I’ll do it!”

The youth shot Ye Yuan a glance and said disdainfully, “Boundless Realm? Are you here to be funny? When Little Lord, I, strike down with a staff blow, your little life will be gone!”

“I’m the Young Lord,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“You? The Young Lord?” The youth finally looked Ye Yuan in the eye and discovered that Ye Yuan was more or less his age.

The youth swept another glance over the expressions on everyone’s faces and knew that Ye Yuan was not lying. He was really the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord!

A Boundless Realm becoming the Young Lord, are you kidding?

The youth could not resist taking a look at Ye Yuan again and suddenly burst into laughter and said, “Even a Boundless Realm can become the Young Lord, your Holy Land is really interesting. However … I won’t pull any punches! If I use too much power … heh heh.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No need to hold back. Let me have a good look at the power of the Heaven and Earth Staff Art!”