Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Utter Deciphered

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The others still did not feel anything, but these old man and youth’s expressions changed drastically when they heard that.

“How do you know the Heaven and Earth Staff Art?” the youth said with a shocked look.

“Huhu, it’s just a set of staff technique. What’s odd about knowing it?” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“A set of staff technique? Only? Heh heh, really shameless boasting! You aren’t thinking that you’re impressive for recognizing the Heaven and Earth Staff Art, right? Just a measly little Boundless Realm, and your tone isn’t small!” the youth said with a cold laugh.

Very clearly, he was very displeased with Ye Yuan’s attitude.

This Heaven and Earth Staff Art was the consummate skill his master became famed for. The power was unparalleled.

In Ye Yuan’s voice was actually filled with belittlement. How could he be pleased?

Ye Yuan said indifferently when he heard this, “I naturally don’t think that I’m very impressive, but I also don’t feel that a set of staff technique is very amazing.”

“Insolent thing! Do you know what kind of person imparted Young Master Tong this set of staff technique?”

That one sentence utterly enraged Grandpa Sun.

An appalling pressure undulated out, making everyone’s hair stand on its end.

“Dao Profound Realm! Indeed an emperor-level powerhouse! Just what background are these old man and youth?”

“Such a powerful martial artist has never been seen before in the White Valiant Region. Could it be that they came from other regions?”

“Why do I feel that this old man’s pressure seems to be even stronger than the Holy Lord’s?”

The might of this old man before their eyes greatly surpassed everyone’s expectations!

In front of this old man, they actually could not muster up the slightest desire to resist!

They even had a feeling that this old man was even stronger than the Holy Lord.

Dao Profound Realm was extremely mysterious. After advancing to Dao Profound Realm, it was like entering another world for martial artists. It was completely different from previous cultivation realms.

Don’t look at how the White Valiant Region had so many genius martial artists; those able to break through to Dao Profound Realm were only that meager few people!

The difficulty of breaking through to Dao Profound Realm was even harder than adding up all of the realms prior to it!

Therefore, the moment this old man became furious, it was as if heaven and earth changed colors because of it.

Ye Yuan’s sword intent slowly opened up, as if adding a protective screen for himself. No matter how powerful Grandpa Sun’s pressure was, it was unable to change his countenance the least bit too.

Perhaps Ye Yuan would be finished off in a single blow in front of Grandpa Sun, but using fifth-stage supreme true intent to withstand this kind of pressure was sufficient.

Sensing Ye Yuan’s sword intent, the youth’s expression changed due to it.

“Fifth-stage supreme sword intent! I really didn’t think that in a remote and backward place like this, there’s actually still such a monster! Looks like I’ve underestimated you! However, if this is your capital for being arrogant, I’m afraid that it’s still not enough!” the youth said in great surprise.

“Humph! So what if fifth-stage supreme true intent? To dare insult the Heaven and Earth Staff Art, let this old servant kill him for Young Master!” Grandpa Sun’s killing intent was bared.

“Wait a minute! This boy’s age is similar to mine, but the true intent boundary he comprehended is actually even higher than mine; he is worthy for this Young Master to make a move! He actually dares to look down on the Heaven and Earth Staff Art. So let this Young Master kill him with this staff technique. It’s also considered a worthy death!”

As he said, the youth swung the staff. A powerful staff intent immediately gushed out.

“Boy, you have the qualifications to know this young master’s name. Remember, this young master is called Luo Tong!”

Luo Tong did not say another word, directly treating the staff as a whip, striking down at the top of Ye Yuan’s skull.

This blow had overwhelming power, and the speed was abnormally fast. In a blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s reaction was extremely fast too, directly drawing out the Starmoon Sword. His wrist shook, and the longsword trembled, and it actually swung away Luo Tong’s staff directly!

“Terrific boy, have some capability! Eat this Young Master’s staff again! Total Annihilation!”

This move was similarly incomparably powerful. But it was actually like Ye Yuan saw through Luo Tong’s staff technique in advance. The Starmoon Sword was waiting there long ago, sweeping the staff away easily again.

“Life and Death by a Thread!”

“No Restrictions!”

“Heavenly Steed Soaring the Skies!”

Luo Tong’s staff technique was uninhibited, and its power was extremely grand, making everyone’s hearts palpitate with fear and anxiety.

No wonder this Luo Tong could sweep across all of the White Valiant Region’s geniuses. His strength was completely not on the same level as the White Valiant Region’s geniuses.

Under his staff shadows, one virtually could not see leeway for Ye Yuan to retaliate.

The hearts of each and every one in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land leaped to their throats, all breaking into a sweat with fright for their young lord.

Looking at this situation currently, he totally did not use all his power dealing with Nalan Hong earlier.

If it was these moves in front of them, Nalan Hong probably could not even block a single move!

For Young Lord to be able to persist until now was already extremely impressive.

But at this time, Grandpa Sun’s expression was becoming increasingly ugly by the side.

He was a Dao Profound Realm martial artist. His perception was entirely not what ordinary people could compare to.

Luo Tong looked like he took the upper-hand completely, but actually, he was at a disadvantageous position all along!

If not for Ye Yuan being a major cultivation realm lower than Luo Tong, Luo Tong would have already lost long ago at this moment.

This Ye Yuan seemed to be extremely familiar with the Heaven and Earth Staff Art. Every move and stance of Luo Tong’s was seen through by Ye Yuan!

Each of Ye Yuan’s attacks was extremely skillfully executed. It did not even expend much essence energy. But his points of attack were all the weak points in Luo Tong’s staff art each time, making Luo Tong extremely bitter.

If Ye Yuan’s essence energy was sufficient, he could even defeat Luo Tong in one move!

“This … How is this possible? The Heaven and Earth Staff Art is a Tier 9 martial technique. Master relied on it to cultivate to the Divine King Realm. Its power is peerlessly formidable! Young Master Tong has already obtained Master’s true inheritance. Even if he doesn’t reach his level, it’s also impossible to be utterly deciphered by a Boundless Realm, right?”

Grandpa Sun was incomparably shocked in his heart. He was totally unable to imagine that a divine king level staff art was actually cracked thoroughly like this without an unscathed patch of skin!

Just what was the background of this youth in front of him?

No wonder he recognized the Heaven and Earth Staff Art with one glance. Looks like he was extremely familiar with this set of staff technique. He was even perfectly aware of the staff art’s flaws.

“Just what is going on here? That youth clearly takes the absolute upper-hand, but he just can’t defeat Young Lord!”

“Pooh! What’s your meaning here? Could it be that you hope for Young Lord Ye to be defeated at other people’s hands?”

“How can that be? I only feel that it’s strange! Seems like Young Lord Ye has been using essence energy to battle all along up until now and didn’t employ the power of his fleshy body at all! If he utilizes the strength of his fleshy body, it shouldn’t be this sort of situation!”

“Uh, with you saying it like this, it’s really somewhat odd! But speaking of which, who can see through Young Lord Ye?”

In a twinkle, four to five hundred rounds passed. The more they fought, the stranger everyone felt. Their concern towards Ye Yuan became increasingly lesser too.

From the very beginning, Luo Tong took the absolute upper-hand. But after four to five hundred rounds, he still had not defeated Ye Yuan. There must be some fishiness in it.


Another crisp sound transmitted over. The two figures finally separated.

Luo Tong gripped the staff tightly, panting heavily for air, and was actually somewhat out of breath. Clearly, the essence energy expenditure was immense.

In contrast, Ye Yuan stood there calmly, like he was completely fine.