Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Too Lacking

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“How is it possible? Why are my moves completely restrained by you?!”

Luo Tong wielded his staff, and his expression turned incomparably ugly.

He seriously could not figure it out. His staff technique had been ever-triumphant all along. But why could it not unleash any power at all when it arrived in front of Ye Yuan?

Actually, Luo Tong had detected something amiss long ago. But he was arrogant at heart and haughty in manner and completely unresigned, foolhardily persisting for four to five hundred rounds.

But he discovered now that Ye Yuan being able to restrain his staff art was absolutely not a coincidence!

“Even though the Heaven and Earth Staff Art is a high-grade Tier 9 martial technique, it doesn’t mean that it’s an invincible martial technique. Is it very strange to be subdued?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Impossible! Even if your strength is stronger than mine, it’s also not possible to completely subdue me! Unless you’re very familiar with the Heaven and Earth Staff Art! Who on earth are you?” Luo Tong pointed the staff and asked without any courtesy.

“You’re really forgetful. Didn’t I tell you earlier that I’m the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s Young Lord?”

“Humph! This Heaven and Earth Staff Art is Master’s highly-guarded secret. It’s completely impossible for outsiders to be so familiar with the staff art! If you don’t give me an account today, I’ll destroy your Crimson Afterglow Holy Land!” Luo Tong said with a cold snort.

When Chen Qi and the rest heard these words, their hearts pounded.

That old man’s strength was too powerful. Perhaps even the Holy Lord was not a match either at his prime, let alone talk about now.

He alone was sufficient to wipe out the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

But the moment these words came out, Ye Yuan’s expression instantly became cold.

Luo Tong was unsettled by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum and actually took a step back involuntarily.

That instant earlier, he actually felt like who he was facing was not a youngster but a most exalted king!

I … I was actually afraid! This brat is merely a Boundless Realm. I was actually unsettled by his aura! I’m a divine king’s disciple, how could I be intimidated by a back-water bumpkin?

Luo Tong was incomparably ashamed and indignant in his heart. Ever since he came out, he made a clean sweep all the way.

Today, facing a martial artist whose cultivation realm was lower than his, he was actually afraid!

This was what he could not accept!

“Exterminating people’s entire family at the slightest provocation, was this how Dong Feiyang taught you?”

Ye Yuan took a step forward in an imposing manner. Luo Tong forcefully composed himself, but no idea why, he actually took a step back again!

“You … How do you know Master’s name?” Luo Tong exclaimed in shock.

The White Valiant Region was a very remote small region. Its strength was very weak, and information was out of touch.

The people here might have heard before the title of Frenzied Staff Divine King, but it was simply impossible to know Dong Feiyang this name.

But this youth in front of him actually called it out flatly.

“Heh, want to know who I am, go back and ask Dong Feiyang and you’ll know! As for the words earlier, I’ll treat it as if I didn’t hear it. If Dong Feiyang heard it, he’d exterminate you, this unfilial disciple, without the slightest hesitation!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

Luo Tong’s expression changed, and he said, “Heh, a measly little Boundless Realm, you think you can scare me with a couple of words? Do you take me to be a three-year-old kid?”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Looks like Dong Feiyang is really declining with each passing day, to actually have taught such a rude and unreasonable disciple! If you feel that I’m scaring you, you can very well let this old man make a move and give it a try right now. I dare assure you that Dong Feiyang definitely won’t end your life with just a simple death!”

Ye Yuan was clearly not joking around with Luo Tong. His meaning was that it would not be that easy of a matter for Luo Tong to die even if he wanted to. It would be a torturous pain, wishing himself to be dead.

Chen Qin and the rest all had their hearts leap to their throats. They did not think that Ye Yuan was still so domineering facing a Dao Profound Realm expert whose depths could not be fathomed.

If he angered this old man, the entire Crimson Afterglow Holy Land would have to be buried together.

In front of a Dao Profound Realm, they did not even have hopes of escaping!

Luo Tong was taken in by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum and actually broke into a cold sweat.

He looked at Ye Yuan, wanting to see a hint of panic from Ye Yuan’s eyes. Yet, he was disappointed.

In Ye Yuan’s eyes had not the slightest hint of fear. Instead, it carried the thick disdain of a king.

Clearly, Ye Yuan really thought nothing of him and Grandpa Sun, and he was not playing a game of bluff.

To dare do so, Ye Yuan was either a fool or really had some reliance.

Could it be that there was really some relationship between Ye Yuan and Master?

All of a sudden, Luo Tong seemed to have thought of something, his expression changing dramatically.

This guy, wouldn’t be Master’s son, right?

The more Luo Tong thought, the more he felt that the likelihood of this was huge!

Master made him tour this area. Furthermore, the time was restricted. Could it be in order to create this encounter of fate?

Apart from teaching him, Master was even guiding this youth in front of him!

Otherwise, how to explain why Ye Yuan was familiar with the Heaven and Earth Staff Art to such a degree? Each move and stance of Luo Tong could not unleash its power in front of Ye Yuan!

“Could it be … you’re Master’s son?” Luo Tong asked weakly.

Ye Yuan froze, and then could not help laughing soon after as he said, “To think that you can come up with that! Don’t guess wildly anymore. Want to know who I am, go back and ask your master and you’ll know! Uh . .. your master … is he well currently?”

In Ye Yuan’s words carried extremely complicated emotions.

Luo Tong could not help being stupefied when he saw it. Ye Yuan asked these words like reminiscing about an old friend he had not seen for many years.

Just earlier, he clearly saw that splotch of a crystalline teardrop in Ye Yuan’s eye.

Although Ye Yuan controlled his emotions very well, he still saw it.

This was absolutely revealing one’s true sentiments. But Ye Yuan’s age … How was this possible?

Luo Tong was baffled right now and became even more suspicious about Ye Yuan’s identity.

But he was really somewhat afraid regarding Ye Yuan’s threat now.

“Master’s condition isn’t very good. He had restrictions placed on him by someone and is unable to crack it all along. He has been in closed-seclusion all the way these few years. It’s very hard for outsiders to meet him now,” Luo Tong answered.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, but he heaved a sigh again very quickly and transmitted his voice to Luo Tong, “You go back then. Want to know who I am, just ask your master, and you’ll know. When you see him, help give him my regards. If he wishes to come and see me, tell him not to come over. You tell him, when the right moment comes, I’ll go and find him.”

Some words naturally could not be said in front of so many people.

Although this Luo Tong was a little domineering, one could tell that Dong Feiyang should have pinned high hopes on him.

Otherwise, he also would not send a Third Level Dao Profound servant to bring him to travel around.

Therefore, this Luo Tong should be trustworthy.

Luo Tong had an uncertain look and asked, “You really know my Master? My Master’s old friends, I’ve seen most of them, but I have never heard of you before!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You, this brat, really won’t give up. You don’t need to probe me anymore either. I won’t tell you. Want to know, better go ask Dong Feiyang. Also, the essence of Heaven and Earth Staff Art lies in these words: heaven and earth. The moment the staff art is unleashed, you’re heaven and earth, lording over a stretch of heaven and earth! Your staff technique only acquired the form, but it has yet to obtain the meaning. It’s still way too lacking!”